Crazy evangelist who sparked cinema panic plays victim card

Crazy evangelist who sparked cinema panic plays victim card May 6, 2018

Pastor Michael Webber, who caused people to panic when he stood up to preach in a California cinema recently, wants people to know that he’s not mad, laments the fact that when he gets up to gabble about God people curse and throw things at him – and that being charged with a misdemeanor was ‘a mistake’.
In an interview with the Christian Post the Truth & Triumph Ministries pastor said:

There are laws being passed in California that hinder Christians from preaching the word of God, in its truth, right now. The common thread I hear from people who disagreed with what I did is that it wasn’t the right ‘time and place’ to stand up and preach.
Christians need to realize that if we don’t stand up now, there won’t be ANY ‘times or places’ left. There was a period of time in America where standing up to preach the Gospel would have been met with applause. But even in past times when I’ve preached, the message has been met with cursing, objects being thrown, and so on …
Many people have said to leave the preaching for the pulpit. But, for one thing, the freedom of the pulpit is being infringed upon as we speak. And for another, not everyone attends church on Sunday. But every person should hear the Gospel of God’s love as expressed through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

And playing the injured party, the poor dear said he’s upset by international coverage of the incident, which resulted in several people being hurt.

The media has painted me as a mad man. One publication called me a ‘raving lunatic’ (New York Post). Another called me ‘the preaching terrorist’ (Progressive Secular Humanist blog on Patheos).  And seeing as NO media outlet (except this one) has sought to accurately report what I said, even Christians believe I was shouting death threats to the crowd.
One person reported that I kept repeating ‘repent or die’ over and over. That simply isn’t true. I’ve received threatening and vitriolic messages on every social media platform I am a part of. As well as on our ministry email page. But I don’t hold it against them. Seeing as what was reported was so mistaken, it’s no wonder people are upset.

Regarding his arrest, the “not a raving lunatic”, “not a preaching terrorist” said:

As soon as they [the police] determined I was not a threat, they treated me kindly and professionally. That being said, because there is no evidence that I was intending to harm or disturb people, I believe the charge against me is a mistake.

The rest of the interview comprises crybaby Webber babbling on at length about the necessity of public preaching. Here a flavour:

Where sin abounds, His grace will always abound that much more. But if the Church remains quiet, in large part, another message will be preached from the platforms of fear and self-centeredness, and hate.
The Bible says there are ‘multitudes in the valley of decision’. We have to preach the Gospel at any cost. If Heaven is not decided upon, Hell is defaulted upon. God may not call you to stand up in a theater. But He has called you to stand. Stand at your neighbor’s door, or before a stranger you’ve just met. To be ready to bring them the Good News.

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