Muslims condemn French call to rid the Koran of its nasty bits

Muslims condemn French call to rid the Koran of its nasty bits May 7, 2018

The head of the Great Mosque of Bordeaux, Tareq Obrou, above, is one of a number of Muslim leaders who have expressed outrage over an  ‘almost blasphemous’ letter signed by by 300 public figures who want ‘hateful’ verses in the Koran struck out.
According to this report, the letter, titled Manifesto against the new anti-Semitism, has been described as:

Vile, racist, contemptible, Islamophobic and provocative

Signatories to the controversial letter, including former President Nicolas Sarkozy, equated Islam with “anti-Semitism” and demanded that “Muslim authorities… strike with obsolescence” verses calling for:

The murder and punishment of Jews, Christians, and non-believers.

They further warned against “Islamist radicalisation” and “a surreptitious ethnic purge” allegedly targeting the Jewish community in the Paris region.
Tareq Obrou hit out at the letter, pointing out that:

Attributing anti-Semitism to Islam almost constitutes blasphemy, as two-thirds of the Qur’an’s prophets are Jewish. This makes no sense. The Qur’an does not call for murder, it calls for fighting back against hostile people.
This is the same misinterpretation made by a number of ignorant Muslims, delinquents who pick and choose texts depriving them of their historical context.

But Oubrou said last year that:

We have to rethink Islamic doctrines in light of our times. One of the reasons for the violence is that some people are interpreting these medieval canons literally. So we have to take Islam out of the context of ancient Arab-Muslim civilizations and adapt it to a modern, globalised, secular society, like France.

Oubrou received death threats from radicals who don’t agree with him, but he refused the French government’s offer of protection.
Oubrou is also a signatory to a response column, which was written by nearly 30 French imams and published in Le Monde. It condemns terrorism and anti-Semitism, and further discards the conflations made by the now scandalous “new anti-Semitism” manifesto.
The column said:

We call on our other fellow citizens, particularly intellectuals and politicians, to be more discerning. Because these criminal practices claimed to be in the name of Islam could in effect confirm clichés already burned into people’s minds.

It further added:

Some have already seen (in this manifesto) a long awaited opportunity to incriminate an entire religion. They no longer hesitate to publicly propagate, including in the media, that the Qur’an itself calls for murder. This pernicious idea is incredibly violent.

Chief cleric at the Great Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, above, also reacted to the manifesto by underlining:

The unjust and delirious accusations of anti-Semitism leveled against French citizens of Muslim faith and against Islam … presents the risk of pitting religious communities against one another.

Also writing this week about the gap between the manifesto and the religious and sociological realities of Islam, France’s Jewish essayist and journalist Claude Askolovitch described the text as:

Chilling, for the truth from which it emerges as well as the lies it induces. The manifesto’s injunction disconcerts by its simplicity. There is no pope in Islam, nor a council that could transform a centralised religion … Finally, one does not reform by besieging believers.

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  • Mo Bilefone

    So why, if islam is so sweetly innocent, is islam at the very root of a very great deal of the trouble in the world? Muslims even kill each other for being the wrong kind.

  • Angela_K

    Here we go again, any criticism of Islam is racist and Islamophobic, two words over-used to shut down debate.
    They should leave all the nasty stuff in the Koran, it may – and this is a big may – turn some away from this cult, just as reading the Bible with a critical mind makes people atheist.

  • L.Long

    France is wasting their time! Even if they could get the muslins, xtians & jews to remove the bat-shit crazy bigoted hate filled BS, the book o’BS would still exist in their original hate filled form in other locations. And a preacher has to do is say the original books are in XXX and they will be ordered from there! Be better to very publicly condemn ALL abrahamic religions are hate filled BS!
    And anyone who thinks that all three are not equally evil has not paid attention to history, or their own mythic tales.

  • Jerry

    Cut out the nasty bits of the koran and there is not much left. It has been done with the bible and the remainder was just a few tattered shreds. These books, and the Torah, are primitive iron age tomes of propaganda that deserve nothing but contempt and ridicule in the 21st century.

  • David Fleming

    If this is done, the bloodthirsty passages of the Torah and the Bible need to be excised as well.

  • Robster

    Trash the lot, replace them with those nice Golden Books or something from Disney.

  • 1859

    I have a book with the title ‘The Bible Designed To Be Read As Literature’ – edited and arranged by Ernest Sutherland Bates and published by Heinemann. However, nowhere can I find a date of publication, but judging from the cover and the amount of browning and smell of the paper, I would guess it saw the light in the 1920’s or 30’s.
    Modernise the three ‘holy’ books? When you stand back and remember how many innocent people must have been slaughtered in the last 2000 years because of ‘holy’ books, I think a good case can certainly be made for burning them.

  • Brian Jordan

    The Bible Designed To Be Read As Literature
    Heineman edition (no pub date) available in a single volume at 1236pp weighing 1.6kg from Abebooks.
    – must contain some very tall stories!
    Folio Society 1997 edtion nearly £200 via Amazon – for the very keen! For the less keen, the single vol is only 6 quid!

  • remigius
  • John the Drunkard

    ‘Vile, racist, contemptible…’
    Sums up the Koran pretty succinctly. But it holds true for the New Testament and the Tanakh too.
    Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, secularists are all under threat from rival ‘holy books.’
    It IS unreasonable to expect Muslims to police their liturgy. Where would you stop?

  • Vanity Unfair

    Do not in any way attempt to remove the contentious, the contradictory or the controversial passages from any of these religious books. Doing so might well produce works that entrap more people if they do not see the many indisputably false or incendiary references that are already there. On the contrary, it would be more helpful if students were to be given the whole story and not the edited highlights that only show the religion in a favourable way. Above all, start any reading with a phrase such as, “That was then”in order to show that it has an historical setting and might not be true eternally and, perhaps, follow it with other passages claiming the opposite. Show that they are man-made (sorry, ladies, that is nearly always the case) and not divine.And put the Quran in chronological order to point out that newer revelations usually just happened to justify one particular person’s latest behaviour.
    Remember that such editorial tinkering could just as easily be applied to other texts in order to remove passages that might be thought of as unsavoury by a modern audience. May I be permitted some examples?
    Anti-Semitism: The Merchant of Venice
    Misogyny: The Taming of the Shrew (and lots more, obviously)
    Fake news: Richard III
    Honour killing: Othello
    Child marriage: Romeo and Juliet
    Anti-Wiccanism: Macbeth
    Paedophagy: Titus Andronicus
    To name but three, David Garrick, Nahum Tate and, most famously, Thomas Bowdler all tried to improve Shakespeare by leaving out the gory, unhappy or, self-declared, irrelevant bits but the (often reconstructed) original still comes back in triumph.
    Censoring religious books will make the uncensored more popular.

  • Maggie

    France is really keen to make Islam palatable to non-Muslims. We can easily guess why.

  • I can’t guess why, Maggie. Could you enlighten me, please?