Police issue arrest warrant for crazy 'green zombie' preacher

Police issue arrest warrant for crazy 'green zombie' preacher June 21, 2018

Back in 2016 William ‘Bill’ Whatcott, inset, a Canadian evangelist notorious for his anti-LGBTQ activism, infiltrated a Toronto Gay Pride event together with a bunch of cohorts dressed as green zombies. They handed out information packs about the ‘physical and spiritual dangers’ of homosexuality.
What happened next, according to this report, rather surprised the imbecile: a nationwide warrant was issued for his arrest. He said in a message posted on Free North America:

It appears I am facing an indictable charge for ‘Public Incitement of Hatred’. The ‘crime?’ My ministry bringing the Gospel and the truth about homosexuality to Toronto’s … pride parade in 2016.

Whatcott’s lawyer, Charles Lugosi, said his client intends to turn himself in to police in Calgary on Friday. He is accused of distributing 3,000 pamphlets that contained contained what Toronto police call “hateful” content.

Half-a-dozen Christians led by activist William Whatcott paid the $100 fee to parade organisers to register the ‘Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association’ so that they could move more easily along the parade route to deliver their message.
In an interview, Whatcott – who described himself in previous court proceedings as a “Christian activist” who formerly “engaged in same-sex sexual activity” – said he does not believe he did anything criminal. He said his distribution of pamphlets should be considered fair criticism of a public event.

I have little enough confidence in the justice system. The judge might look at it, know it’s wrong and convict me anyways. I think that can happen in our courts. I gave out medical information. I made theological arguments that I don’t think homosexuality is a good idea … I don’t believe I committed a criminal offence.

Lugosi, said his client intends to co-operate with police but will challenge the allegation.

Usually, a Canada-wide warrant is issued with somebody alleged to have committed a very serious crime, like murder. Normally, with something like this, it’s never done. It’s abnormal.

Pride Toronto Executive Director Olivia Nuamah said it’s a “positive” step that an arrest has been made.

LGBTQ hate crime has gone up significantly this year. Just in general, the arrest and prosecution rates are incredibly low … It’s important that the rates of both arrest and prosecutions go up significantly.

After the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade, Whatcott was the subject of a $104-million class-action lawsuit alleging hate speech directed at the LGBTQ community. In a March 2017 ruling from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the judge dismissed the class-action suit but said that the people who it the suit could pursue individual civil lawsuits against Whatcott.
Jeremy Dias, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, said police need to do more to discourage anti-LGBTQ activists from disrupting Pride festivities. Dias, who attended the 2016 parade, said the pamphlets were “reprehensible.”

We really need police services to take these actions more seriously. If you’re breaking the law and conducting hate speech, then that’s a problem … It should be prosecuted, period. No questions asked.

George Smitherman, who was the first openly gay member of the Ontario cabinet, says in this report that he’s glad to see Toronto police bringing charges against Whatcott.

It sounds like what I would characterise as a great step in further exposing this hate-spewer for what he truly is.

Smitherman, who is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Whatcott for distributing literature at the 2016 parade, says he was disgusted by the flyers when he saw them.
The flyers Whatcott and others distributed contained a photo of anal warts and a man covered in AIDS-related lesions, claiming that the “gay zombies” were concerned for the health of homosexuals. The flyers said:

Natural law is clear, homosexuality is incompatible with human nature. Disease, death and confusion are the sad and sordid realities of the homosexual lifestyle.

Whatcott said:

I can see where it would piss off some thin-skinned homosexuals, but it was definitely no call to genocide or violence.

Whatcott has engaged in public anti-LGBTQ demonstrations across Canada for decades. In 2013, he lost a Supreme Court appeal of a Saskatchewan human rights tribunal verdict against him for distributing similar flyers.

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  • barriejohn

    The clear evidence contained in this package shows Canada’s new sexual ethic is contrary to natural law and no good will come of it.
    I’d love to see that “clear evidence”!
    I don’t suppose that Mr Whatnot might possibly be still struggling with feelings of same-sex attraction? Just wondering there, as it could explain a lot.

  • Rob Andrews

    Christians seem to be dedicated to stopping people from having fun. I mean if I can’t enjoy life why should anybody be able to! Just jealous.

  • Robster

    Look at these twits! Almost as silly looking as their clergies. As poorly behaved too.

  • Dioigi

    unless this man was advocating criminal act, such as murdering gays, he was expressing freedom of speech. He has a perfect right to his beliefs so long as he causes no harm or tries to get others to harm people. This world is going nuts freedom of speech is exactly what it says, not the right to stop somebody saying something you do not like. that is for religiots.

  • barriejohn

    Dioigi: It all depends what the leaflets were saying, and it’s not so clear-cut when referring to, say, race or sexuality. People don’t “have the opinion” that they should be black, or Croatian, or gay; it’s something over which they have no control whatsoever, and inflammatory material can and does lead to violence. I wish I could say “Everyone has the right to say what they like”, but it’s just not possible. I do agree, however, with your basic premise that people’s arguments are, in many cases, being shut down for the wrong reasons, and that’s doing great harm to the drive for human rights protections.

  • L.Long

    My response to the dimwits T-shirt…Who cares as sin is as real as your fairy tale psychopath!! I will never agree that there is ‘hate speech’ or that it is a crime, until all religious preachers are arrested; otherwise you are just picking & choosing. I don’t mind hate speech as it points out the aholes and even better the aholes that are listening as they are the violent ones.

  • Emanuele Ciriachi

    This arrest warrant is, in my opinion, persecutory in nature – I have not seen any credible evidence of him spreading “hate” – merely expressing his freedom of speech about homosexuality.
    He is entitled to his opinion – what has Canada become when someone can be arrested because he offended people with his opinions?

  • Angela_K

    @Emanuele Ciriachi. Persecutory, utter nonsense, it is the first word the religious shout when they are caught spreading disinformation and/or incitement to hate speech. Free speech comes with responsibility and Whatcott is lacking in this respect.

  • barriejohn

    There’s a lot more about Whatcott on Wikipedia:
    He’s a very nasty piece of work, and I’d love to know who funds his nefarious activities!

  • Lurker111

    Whatcott is a prick, but I don’t think what he and his slime-mold of idiots did was an arrestable offense. I really don’t think the Canadian court system wants to move in this direction.

  • barriejohn

    I’ve been trying to find out precisely what his flyers said, and there is SOME information here:

  • Emanuele Ciriachi

    @Angela_K I reserve my judgement until I have seen the flyers in question, although I highly doubt Mr Whatcott has gone all out in a “kill all gays” rampage in them.
    And yes, freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from the consequences of your speech, but a distinction should be made between being offended and taking offence: if he wrote that he considers same-sex actions are sinful, disgusting, immoral etc. etc. he should certainly be free to say that; it’s not the same thing as offending _someone_ for their sexual orientation. “Hate speech” is a very,very vague term.
    Full disclosure: I am a Catholic Christian and a social conservative.

  • Peter Sykes

    …brought this to mind:
    “We must have free speech, otherwise how do we tell who the aresoles are?” – bumper sticker

  • John the Drunkard

    ‘My ministry bringing the Gospel and the truth about homosexuality’
    Which Gospel might that be? The four that made the cut for the New Testament don’t contain a single word about homosexuality.
    Homosexuality…so important to Christianity that Jesus forgot to mention it.

  • Angela_K

    @Emanuele Ciriachi See Barriejohn’s link above. Comparing us to paedophiles is very much like hate speech, somewhat ironic when the catholic cult in particular is a hotbed of child abuse.
    “I am a Catholic Christian and a social conservative” Oh dear, hopefully one day you’ll grow up out it.

  • Emanuele Ciriachi

    the pamphlet that was condemned is not the same that was distributed during the “pride” parade. And yes, I agree that implicating that _all_ homosexuals are paedophiles – if this was the case – is both wrong and directly offensive in a way that could be considered libellous.
    Also, I’m sorry but I could not really hear your last sentence – you must be too high up the clouds of self-righteousness for your voice to reach us mere mortals 🙂
    I found the original text of the leaflets on Free North America’s forum, you can check it here if interested:
    I don’t see anything that insults people directly.

  • Dioigi

    John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty explains exactly why free speech has to remain expressly to ensure peoples rights.
    Who will decide who is to be censured and who will decide if they are right. You cannot give someone freedom by curtailing someone another s freedom.

  • barriejohn

    You cannot give someone freedom by curtailing someone another s freedom.
    That doesn’t help guide us through the quaqmire of conflicting rights one little bit. Each side will argue that THEIR rights should be protected, and the rights of the other side curtailed. Free speech should only be restricted for limited reasons – libel, slander, harassment, incitement to violence, etc., but even they are seldom as clear cut as they seem!

  • Angela_K

    I see Whatcott has been charged. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/06/23/police-charge-anti-gay-activist-bill-whatcott-over-homophobic-leaflets-distributed-at-toronto-pride/
    BTW. The link posted by the catholic apologist above is to a far-right, neo-fascist christian web-site.

  • barriejohn

    Angela_K: Yes – “homosexual shame parades”. It’s a load of fascist propaganda, but I couldn’t read the leaflet anyway. Strange that these upstanding people can’t get their message across without the use of subterfuge and deception, but then this idea that anything is justified in promoting the cause is, again, typical of totalitarianism.