Priest who slapped 'a little Christian' is forced to retire

Priest who slapped 'a little Christian' is forced to retire June 25, 2018

Father Jacques Lacroix, 89, who was caught on video last week slapping the face of a fractious two-year-old he’d just baptised, has been forced into retirement.
According to this report, Jean-Yves Nahmias, the Catholic bishop of Meaux, said he had:

Taken measures so that the priest is suspended from all baptism and marriage celebrations.

The bishop said Lacroix would only be allowed to celebrate mass in the future if he had secured prior permission, adding that the priest had been guilty of:

A loss of coolness that can be explained but not excused.

The bishop added:

This gesture is all the more regrettable because the baptism is meant to be a happy moment, but tiredness and great age clearly played a part.

In the video, which has been seen by over 111,000 people on YouTube, the priest is heard to say:

I’m going to put water on the forehead, and after I’ll embrace the little man, because he will have become a little Christian.

When the “little Christian” made clear he was having none of this bollocks and began crying, Lacroix delivered a vicious slap to the child’s face.

In the video a man thought to be the child’s father is seen attempting to take him away – only for the priest to grip the boy by his neck.
Those gathered in the church can be heard to tell the cleric: “Don’t hit the child,” and: “Sir, we do not hit him,” but he is seemingly unapologetic.
The mother pleads with the priest to let go, but he continues to grip the boy by the head.
The father is then able to wrestle the baby away and into his arms, as another woman attending the service also intervenes in a bid to ease tensions when the video cuts out.
In an interview with French Info radio on Friday, the priest denied that he had been too severe with the child.

It was somewhere between a caress and a slap, I hoped to calm him down, I didn’t know what to do. The child was screaming a lot and I had to turn his head to pour water over it. I told him to ‘calm down, calm down’ but he was not calming down. I tried to hold him close. I just wanted him to calm down.

A sorrowful Lacroix added:

I apologised for my clumsiness to the family. I am finishing my ministry now, it was my last baptism, there is an end to everything.

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  • Angela_K

    Good job too.
    My partner posted this video on Facebook last week and Facebook have put a warning on it saying “This video may show violence against a child” It can still be viewed though.

  • tonye

    This video aptly demonstrates the gullibility of the ‘flock’.
    If someone was to hit a child of mine like that he would have been ‘retired’ that instant. Instead they meekly try to separate the priest and the child.
    Shame on both.

  • Colin

    Typical catholic sinister elderly virgin.
    Why do parents still take their children anywhere near catholic clergy????
    And that priest should have had his lights punched out by the guy with the beard (Dad? Really? Not much of a Dad).
    And why did the priest not get charged with assault.
    Why do people like that put up with such behaviour from a priest? Because he is a priest. Thats why. Well priests have shown that they desrve no respect at all. They deserve contempt and ridicule.

  • Broga

    We shouldn’t be surprised. No very long ago a book by a Christian author on child rearing was recommending whipping very young children with a cane. I think they even suggested whipping babies. But that may have been another abomination from the enthusiasts for “suffer little children” etc. They were certainly doing that.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    I told him to ‘calm down, calm down’ but he was not calming down.
    Somebody with so little understanding of children should have nothing to do with them.
    Parents should enforce this.
    Society at large should enforce this.
    And if TALKing to the child won’t calm him down, DO YOU REALLY THINK HITTING HIM WILL ?

  • Broga

    CoastalMaineBird: We went to Spain on holiday when my son was five. In a supermarket, on the way out, he removed a tin from a stack and the rest collapsed. I shouted at him and he began to cry. An old Spanish lady, in a long black dress shouted at me from the other side of the street. She then she came over and started pointing to my son and continuing to berate me.
    Soon I was surrounded by a crowd of Spaniards and they were very definitely not wishing me a happy holiday. Interesting and instructive experience and the old lady came out of it far better than I did.
    In Rome, many years later with the same son now an adult, we went to look at a monument. Trying to leave we were surrounded by a threatening crowd shoving their hands in our faces and demanding money for “the Papa.” They didn’t get it.

  • StephenJP

    Do French parents commonly wait until a child is 2 before having it baptised? AFAIR, the RCC recommends that the kid be done as soon as possible after birth (if not, its immortal soul might be in danger, dontchaknow). So were the parents put under some family pressure to have it done? The father’s reaction suggests that he wasn’t exactly au fait with what was going on.
    I think we need a little more back story on this deplorable episode.

  • John the Drunkard

    there is a whole subculture of American fundies for whom the essence of Xtianity is flogging their children. One of them wrote a book
    which has been found in the homes of parents who’ve killed their children.

  • Robster

    The biggest crime here is the poor kid being railroaded into a cabal of absurd nonsense, without the child’s permission! Plus, the worry of a Catholic priest and an under eleven year old, in the same room! And, the parents are there, aware this bloke is near their offspring. Running off would be the recommended outcome in a case like this.

  • Broga

    John the Drunkard : It is bloody sickening and upsets me even to read about it. Public schools have a history of enthusiastic flogging of the future rulers of the Empire.
    Trump, that exemplar of Christianity, is now separating kids from their mothers. He has reduced the reputation of the USA so far that some of his actions are leading to it being compared to the Nazis.