Rabbi says model's naked pose is 'offensive' to worshippers

Rabbi says model's naked pose is 'offensive' to worshippers June 27, 2018

Last year Belgian model Marisa Papen, 26, got into a spot of bother when she was arrested for posing nude in Egypt.
She’s now upset the authorities in Israel by posing naked near the Western Wall in Jerusalem for an exhibition at a gallery in Knokke, a Belgian beach resort.
The photo of Papen, 26, soaking up sunshine on the terrace of a private residence overlooking the Western Wall plaza is titled “Road to Liberation”.

Western Wall rabbi, Shmuel Rabinovitch, inset, said:

This is an unfortunate, awkward and serious incident that unfortunately offends those who worship at this sacred location.

While the photo shows the women’s section of the Western Wall, often referred to as the holiest site in Judaism, it does not include any part of the Al-Aqsa mosque, which towers over the Western Wall plaza and would have been prominently visible from the photographer’s point of view.
Said Michael Freilich, editor in chief of the Joods Actueel Jewish paper.

For all the picture’s alleged provocative nature, I think it was edited out. I guess they don’t want too much controversy.

But the photographer, Mathias Lambrecht said:

The picture is uncropped. The mosque was not in the frame. Nothing to edit out.

Another picture, featuring in the invitation to the opening of the exhibition, shows a nude Papen climbing a flagpole from which an Israeli flag waves.
On her blog, Papen posts the Western Wall and flagpole photos as well as three other nude shots in Israel taken during a three-day trip last month.
In a post, titled “Wall of Shame,” she wrote:

After my escapades in Egypt, I knew that I wanted to push the bounderies [sic] of regilion [sic] and politics even further. Breaking down the walls that have been build to keep all our wandering souls on this planet somehow under control. With other words, showing my personal religion in a world where freedom is becoming a very luxurious thing.

Papen was detained in Egypt last year for 24 hours for posing nude at the Karnak Temple Complex.
Freilich said Belgian Jews were indifferent to the incident.

Art and nudity have been intertwined for centuries, there’s nothing new here. The question is whether art remains art when it involves cash and a conscious attempt to provoke and shock.

• The top photo of Papen appears along with others on the Enki Eyewear site.

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  • AgentCormac

    Jeeeez, isn’t there always something that the religiots can find to be ‘offended’ by? But, seriously, what’s the problem – didn’t god create the human form? Didn’t he, allegedly, create it in his own image? If so, what’s not to like? Why is god’s work deemed to be so offensive to these people?

  • Richardw

    I am quite offended by having all these godbothering sites around places where a beautiful woman poses naked. Time to knock down all the mosques so as to avoid offence to me.

  • RussellW

    As a worshipper of Aphrodite I’m very offended by the rabbi’s comments.

  • Barry Duke

    The rabbi is not the only one offended. The Facebook gestapo has just banned me from posting on the Freethinker page for 24 hours because I “violated their standards” by putting this story up. BTW, if you’ve not liked our page, please do so.

  • 1859

    As I’ve said many times before, women are dangerous, but a naked woman is even worse. However, a naked woman next to a holy site is absolute dynamite! I just wish I could light the fuse. The rabbi could always close or tape over his eyes, then no one is offended.

  • Robster

    What a silly rabbi. Give the twit a dead Jesus cross, he’ll become a rabbit!

  • Great Satan

    All synagogues and mosques should be turned into striptease bars !

  • Jobrag

    Ho hum, silly rabbis,but but but even the Freethinker has to insert a photo to cover her pudenda.

  • Brian Jordan

    Oh, the irony! Adverts for glasses lead to immediate calls for blindfolds!

  • Philip Smeeton

    These photos are pro-Palestinian, and thus politically biased against Israel. Therefore they offend me.
    She is against walls, the walls that divide and control us. Which would have been true about the wall between East and West Berlin. Walls are mostly used to protect us, to protect Israelis against Palestinian terrorist attacks, and to protect Americans against illegal immigration from third world countries. She and her photographer are just leftist liberals trying to do as much damage as possible with their “holier than thou” politics.
    There are no ancient Egyptians around to get offended by the pyramid shots, but typically for leftists, they are too cowardly to risk provoking the Muslims by posing naked before important islamic sites.

  • L.Long

    Philip – Can’t blame her for not doing isLame! With the total lack of ability of law to stop the shit-head muslins, I would not piss them off either! Now! Here in ‘merica, pissing off isLame is no problem, as i have the stuff to kill them faster than they can kill me!

  • remigius

    ‘…but even the Freethinker has to insert a photo to cover her pudenda.’
    I’m not sure what you mean, Jobrag. The Western Wall photo clearly shows two breasts and a hairy cunt!

  • Barry Duke

    @ Remigius: I’m glad someone appreciated my little visual joke!

  • L.Long

    I don’t like the 1st picture as the glasses cover her eyes…I like eyes!!

  • barriejohn

    She has bare arms!!!!!!!!!!!

  • remigius

    barriejohn. It’s a pity she’s not American. The constitution gives them a right to bare arms.

  • barriejohn
  • asif hameed

    religions are man made ideas , and people have right to oppose these ideas,