Trouble ahead for Pope's World Families gathering in Ireland

Trouble ahead for Pope's World Families gathering in Ireland June 20, 2018

The World Meeting of Families congress, scheduled to take place in Dublin in August with Pope Francis at the helm, faces competition from an alternative gathering organised by conservative Catholics.
Outraged by the fact that an LGBT-friendly priest, Fr James Martin, above, has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the WMOF 2018, the Lumen Fidei Institute is hosting a separate Conference of Catholic Family slap bang in the middle of Francis’s much-vaunted congress .

It will take place in the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin, with the apparent aim of getting back to basics by focusing on Pope Pius XI’s encyclical Casti Connubii which anticipated Humanae Vitae through its teaching on marriage, procreation and contraception.
Those attending the institute’s bash will hear from Cardinal Raymond Burke via video and Kazakhstani Bishop Athanasius Schneider, both prominent critics of Pope Francis.
Anthony Murphy, Director of the institute said that the more conservative alternative to the WMOF 2018 pastoral congress is “our contribution to and in support for the World Meeting of Families” at a time when “there is so much confusion in the Church” over the teachings on marriage and the family.
Anthony Murphy. His two-day Conference of Catholic Families will “promote the constant and unchanging teachings of the Catholic Church on Marriage and Family Life.”

We think that the best service we can give is to try and explain the beautiful teachings of the Church in a clear and open and direct way.

Addressing the issue of  Jesuit Fr James Martin, Murphy said that if the Church in Ireland wanted to reach out to “homosexual – same-sex attracted people in a genuine way”, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, who is president of the event, should have invited:

An apostolate like Courage which has been around far longer than this publicity seeking priest.

Courage International is a quack “pray-away-the-gay” outfit approved by the Catholic Church. It runs a 12-step programme aimed at helping gay people remain abstinent from sex. It is based on a treatment model for drug and alcohol addictions used in programmes like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).
Murphy said of Martin’s efforts to build a bridge between the institutional church and the gay community:

I think any faithful Catholic would be deeply disappointed to have someone who has caused so much confusion with his various interventions and so much harm to the body of the Church by this confusion.
I’ve spoken to many clergy in Ireland, America and in England who cannot believe that such a man would invited with Vatican approval. All we can say is that this man doesn’t represent the teaching of the church and he is heavily influenced by the anti-Catholic homosexualist lobby.

In an interview with America magazine, Martin has said that the invitation to him to speak at WMOF 2018 is a message to LGBT Catholics:

You’re an important part of the Church.

Conservative Catholics have something else to be glum about about: a stern warning from the Irish authorities that WMOF 2018 is not be used to verbally bash LGBT communities.
According to this report, the Irish government “has exerted pressure” on the WMOF 2018, with one government minister warning it should not express “intolerance” of LBGT groups or same-sex couples.
Katherine Zappone, the Irish Minister for Children and Youth Affairs said:

There should be a welcome for all. And never again should public statements or remarks which seek to isolate certain families be tolerated

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  • Broga

    “We think that the best service we can give is to try and explain the beautiful teachings of the Church in a clear and open and direct way.”
    He has an uphill task doing that. Will his “beautiful teachings” include counselling paedophile priests on how to contain their raging, repressed lusts. Or how desperate parents can cope with broods of kids cramming small homes with a desperate mother. Or how to achieve coitus interruptus or various attempts to identify the safe time to have sex.
    That, by the way, is the least of the problem. The desperate mother also has to keep the man at bay including when he comes home drunk. Or the mother with a deformed foetus which a priest insists must be born and brought up. Or perhaps how to transfer a healthy baby from an unmarried mother to a devout couple whom a priests decides should have the child.
    What is this man talking about?

  • Ben

    What the fuck is god playing at??? He needs to get them all on the same message. Otherwise credibility will be lost.

  • L.Long

    So one bunch of ahole bigots are pissed off at another bunch of ahole bigots, so want to do a separate council…they both can do the world a favor and both go to ..heaven, don’t want them where I’m going!!

  • Cali Ron

    Broga : I can’t say what this deluded fool is thinking, but if he really wants to explain the teachings of the church he can start with the hundreds of contradictions , multitude of biblical interpretations and blatant hypocrisy. Then he can move on to the the church hierarchy and explain why there’s no biblical support for it. Follow with a justification for the blood of hundreds of thousands on the name of his ‘loving ‘ god.
    Or just shut the fuck up.

  • Robster

    “The World Meeting of Families “: Translation, that bloke and his kids from the brown house on the corner, that funny old bloke with all the cats, that woman who leaves cakes on her window sill and that dodgy priest from that church down the street. Impressive moniker that in no way reflects the actual meeting as proposed. World? No, more neighbourhood.

  • Dioigi

    The fact that, in one organisation alone, there there is so much confusion about what god wants shows that they do not know what god wants at all but are just saying what they want. Where is the fiery writing in the sky, even I would believe huge burning letters written around the whole world for all to see. come on god make some converts.

  • 1859

    Isn’t the Irish word for this a ‘shindig’? i.e. the Pope dancing in the streets with LGBT priests? Should be a sell-out.

  • Harry

    Isn’t god a mischeivious devious son of a bitch. It would be a real bore being god if:-
    1) The universe he created ran smoothly aeon after aeon after aeon.
    2) All those made in his image all scratched along peacefully all the time.
    No wonder he spices things up a little. What better way of making a bit of sport by winding up those that claim to know what he wants. Seed conflicting ideas in the minds of the priests and watch them squabble. And then take a bets on the outcome with Allah and the rest of his mates.

  • AgentCormac

    @ Dioigi
    Agreed. God has been somewhat underwhelming on the communication front for the past couple of millennia, hasn’t he? No burning bushes; no tablets of stone; no writing on the wall; no illegitimate son sent to convey his will; no anything. Just stony silence and a bunch of confused dim-wits left here on Earth to try and figure it all out. It’s almost as if god simply isn’t there at all. But that’s just plain silly!

  • barriejohn
  • Broga

    barriejohn : Welby and co are the messengers of God who know the truth and can guide the rest of us? Can’t they tell us all the same truth or pray and ask the Big Boss for some clear guidance? Doesn’t Mrs May, Christian and daughter of the vicarage, wonder why she is being hammered every day under the aegis of her God?

  • Laura Roberts


  • StephenJP

    Broga: when May became PM she gave an interview in which she said, among other things, that “her belief in god meant she had faith in her gut instincts”. I still think this is one of the scariest things I have ever heard a mainstream British politician say.

  • barriejohn

    Broga/StephenJP/et al: This is what Theresa May had to say when she and John Bercow attended a “National Prayer Breakfast” (yuk!) at the House of Commons on Wednesday.
    Bercow also addressed the gathering, and echoed her sentiments:
    “Whatever the disputes, whatever the discord, whatever the turbulence inflicting parliament, our country and the wider world,” he said. “I hope you will be with me when I say there is always something at least faintly reassuring and perhaps more than that about a fixed compass and the assurance of the staging of this great event.” (Premier Christian Radio)
    Even more yuk!!

  • Robster

    Bit like opposites attracting, the populace is rapidly ditching religion and its beliefs, there is no doubt about this, surveys, census’ and anecdotal evidence is thick on the ground, yet the political class still seem to think that pandering to the religiously afflicted will improve their vote. Please explain!

  • Brian Jordan

    Which is the Catholic World Families Front and which the World Front of Catholic Families, then?