Ultra-Orthodox nutters disrupt an El Al flight from New York

Ultra-Orthodox nutters disrupt an El Al flight from New York June 24, 2018

By refusing to sit next to women or engage in any way with female flight attendants, four devout Jewish men succeeded in delaying an El Al flight from New York to Israel this week for well over an hour.
According to this report, one of the men was was “particularly devout and ascetic”. He got on the plane with his eyes closed, led by a friend who held his hand, and kept them shut for the duration of the flight in an apparent effort to avoid looking at any woman on board.
Khen Rotem, inset above, a musician who witnessed the disruptive behaviour of the infantile idiots, said in a Friday Facebook post:

The crew tries to solve the problem. This doesn’t work. The female flight attendants clear space for the authoritative men on board … the ultra-Orthodox are not ready to speak with, or even look at the female flight attendants.
All the men in the crew, except for the captain, are now only dealing with this instead of preparing for takeoff and serving the passengers. The ultra-Orthodox don’t blink. One of the crew members threatens: ‘If you don’t sit down, you can get off the plane right now’.

Despite the threat, the crew eventually gave in after a prolonged argument:

Beginning the long diplomatic process of moving female passengers from their places.

Eventually, “after a lot of writhing, shouts and maneuvering,” an elderly American women and a young Israeli woman agreed to switch seats, allowing the flight to proceed for takeoff.
Rotem noted that other yarmulke-clad men aboard expressed “surprise and revulsion” at the four ultra-Orthodox men’s conduct.

The bottom line: At the time the El-Al plane was dealing with matters of practical theology and personal belief against individual rights and civil order, 12 planes from other companies cut ahead of the [El-Al] plane.

Rotem called on El Al to clarify whether the airliner has an official policy on the issue.

Can any traveler demand – and receive – moving other passengers from their places for their personal well-being and in accordance with their beliefs. Or is this a privilege reserved only for a segment of travelers.

One comment on Rotem’s Facebook page described the behaviour as “religious terrorism”.
El Al, Israel’s national carrier, later apologised for any inconvenience that was caused by the 75-minute delay.

Any discrimination against passengers is absolutely forbidden. El Al flight attendants do all they can in order to provide service to a wide variety of passengers with different and diverse requests and try to assist to the best of their ability.
All this in order to take off on time and bring the passengers to their destination on schedule.

El Al has been known to regularly ask passengers to move seats at the request – and sometimes the demand – of ultra-Orthodox men who refuse to sit next to women.
Last year, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ruled that El Al cannot force women to change seats at the request of ultra-Orthodox men. The court agreed with Israel Religious Action Center, which brought the suit, in ruling the practice was illegal and discriminatory.
One way El Al could prevent these sorts of incidents is to issue their Orthodox passengers with black tape or blindfolds to spare them the sight of females.

Back in 2017, Yonatan Razel, an an ultra-Orthodox Jewish singer, covered his eyes with black tape to avoid seeing women dancing.
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  • Angela_K

    What would these morons do if they ended up in hospital and refused treatment by a female Nurse/Doctor or Surgeon? I’d leave the idiots to die. And if I was asked to move seats to accommodate these religious freaks I’d refuse.

  • Walter

    Package them up and stow them in the hold. And let the baggage handlers do their worst. I’m sure someone can design a suitable module with all the necessary life support kit such as an eruv for sabbath flying. Could be quite a money spinner.
    What do they do if the pilots are women?
    Do the fundamentalist jews fly on the sabbath?
    And fundamentalist jews wonder why they are reviled by many. But try showing any resistance to their demands and they play the victim card at best or even the hollocaust card.

  • John the Drunkard

    There was a report of one of these mooks wrapping himself in a plastic bag in order to protect himself from some sort of imaginary contamination from flying over something…
    These religious bullying instances turn up fairly frequently, especially for El Al. El Al is notorious for the high level of security they must practice. It shouldn’t be difficult for them to be ready to eject disruptive Haredi assholes when they start throwing tantrums.

  • Italian Scallion

    Screw these religious assholes. Who are they to try to control everything when it comes to their idiotic religion? Stick the Torah up your behind. Also, when you run out of toilet paper, use the beannie caps you assholes wear. Like I always say, Ban all religions as they are totally and completely evil.

  • Jobrag

    Time to start an urban myth that the women who clean El Al flights sit on as many seats as possible when they have their periods.

  • L.Long

    I would move the minute they paid me 5x the cost of the ticket…let’s see how strong their religious BS is.

  • asif hameed

    religion still has so much control on people’s mind , its hard to beleive in this 21st century.

  • RussellW

    The ultimate culprit here is El Al. The message to the ultra-Orthodox loonies should be, “accept the seating arrangements or get off the plane”.

  • Michael Glass

    Instead of moving passengers when they’re already on the plane, El Al should find a way of sorting this out when allocating seats.
    A simple question: Do you object to sitting next to people of the opposite sex? YES? NO?
    El Al then allocates the seats so that the Haredi sit next to each other, or to non- Haredi men.
    Problem solved
    Then if there’s still a problem, the objector should be forced to leave the plane.
    Second problem solved.

  • Well you have to have a little sympathy for them. If they catch so much as the tiniest glimpse of a woman, their dicks instantly inflate to 4000 times their uninflated size, causing asphyxiation and death.

  • Vanity Unfair

    The latest El-Al Corporate Social Responsibility Report available on-line is for 2014-2015 and at p. 64 has the wonderful news that “EL AL takes pride of the five female pilots in its ranks, one of whom is a captain.”
    I wonder what happens when the Captain gives her pre-flight announcement and whether a recording could be made standard on all flights.

  • 1859

    Clearly women are contaminants, harbingers of evil impulses, with lustful, throbing genitals that drip the smelly juices of Satan – oh, but on the other hand, didn’t god make them like that? What the fuck was god thinking? Making one half of humanity have pongy genitals? He should have made the world just for men with black hats and schlonks the size of cucumbers. No, no my friends, make no mistake, sitting next to a woman on a plane is the same thing as intercourse – and it’s in public – it’s obvious god didn’t think of the consequences when he invented airplanes! My case rests though my schlonk has grown.

  • Brian Jordan

    Slightly off-topic but: what is it about religions and hats (or, in the case of Mormons, underpants)? You never see a picture of Adam or Eve wearing a hat (or underpants), just these latter-day hat-stands of all persuasions

  • Robster

    What, if the pilot was a woman? What then?

  • barriejohn

    Vanity Unfair: When I was a Christian we had Sunday School teachers’meetings, and although female teachers were allowed to teach infants and girls, when their reports were to be presented, a male member of the church had to read them out, even though they themselves were present at the meeting!
    Anyway, a positive reaction from El Al at last:
    Let’s see them put the policy into action!

  • andym

    Also here:
    Funny how quickly these companies can move when cold hard income is at stake. Well done , Nice. Wonder what will happen when El Al think the world’s stopped watching. Even before then, it wouldn’t surprise me if a couple of polite requests to women still came first.