Blackpool scraps Franklin Graham bus advertisements

Blackpool scraps Franklin Graham bus advertisements July 11, 2018

Claiming that the ads ‘resulted in heightened tension’, Blackpool Transport decided to remove them.
Jane Cole, Managing Director at Blackpool Transport said:

The removal of these adverts is as a result of us listening and acting on customer and public feedback which we aim to do at all times.

She added:

Blackpool Transport is a proud ongoing supporter of the Pride and LGBT+ communities and in no way did we intend to cause any distress or upset.

A number of people had taken to social media to claim that Franklin Graham would be preaching hate and homophobia at an event which is due to take place at the city’s Winter Gardens in September.
And a number of MPs have raised concern about his visit to Blackpool fearing he will repeat previous statements condemning homosexuality and Islam.

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  • Broga

    That’s what happens when he doesn’t pray with enough intensity.

  • Robster

    It would be more responsible perhaps to scrap Franklin Graham instead. His only claim to fame, outside whipped up hatred for the non vanilla is his dead father, who at best was a nasty piece of work, like his son.

  • Brian Jordan

    I can’t stand the man, but I can’t see the justification for this. How is it different from banning Dawkins’ adverts, apart from the fact that this carries no specific message?

  • Brian Jordan

    Since writing that, I’ve been through the local bus station. And Lo! There was a bus (service, but I’m not sure which authority) with a big advert extolling the (unspecified) virtues of Mohammed.
    Goose, gander?

  • 1859

    Let Blackpool Tower fly the Pride flag while Franklin is in the city – that would be a real statement against bigotry and show a commitment to tolerance and human rights.