Christian bigot threatens legal action over ferries' rainbow flag

Christian bigot threatens legal action over ferries' rainbow flag July 11, 2018

Earlier this month BC Ferries announced that it would be raising Pride flags on every vessel in its fleet to celebrate Pride events taking place across British Columbia this summer.
The announcement sent Kari Simpson, a “respected Christian social activist” into paroxysms of hysteria.
According to this report, Simpson, Executive Director of an outfit called Culture Guard, demanded the removal of the flags in an open letter to the company that operates British Columbia’s ferry services. She wrote:

The Pride flag is offensive, oppressive and traumatic. It is a divisive symbol that signifies a lust for power over other groups  – it is not a symbol of inclusivity!
For those who have been sexually assaulted by a member of the same sex, it is a horrific trigger of the memory of a forced event, that can have devastating effects on the victim – especially a child victim.
For those who hold constitutionally-protected religious beliefs, it is offensive to be confronted with the sexual politics of the loud, aggressive and abusive political movement that the Pride flag represents.

Kari Simpson
At the end of her open letter to BC Ferries, Simpson writes that failure by BC Ferries to remove all Pride flags and related symbols will result in legal action.
The company’s Facebook page states:

We’re loud and proud of all our customers and crew, everyone is welcome aboard!

Simpson, who earlier this year lost a long-running $11-million dollar defamation lawsuit against a radio host who called her a bigot –  believes that flying the rainbow flag on BC Ferries vessels might be a violation of British Columbia’s Human Rights Code.
“Are you willing to fly a Christian, Muslim or the Star of David flag?” Simpson asks in her open letter to the ferry corporation.

These groups have the same rights as those represented by the Pride flag. What about celebrating life and denouncing the legalized murder of babies – the ultimate child abuse. Will you fly the symbol of pro-life? If the answer in ‘No’, then you have a bigger problem than the one you have already created.

The goofy Rod Taylor, leader of the Christian Heritage Party, agrees. The leader of Canada’s only national, pro-life party, Taylor maintains the ferry corporation’s decision to fly the rainbow flag is a sign the provincial New Democratic Party, which supports the LGBTQ community, is playing partisan politics.

Rod Taylor

Since the socialist government of BC actually has responsibility for BC Ferries through the BC Ferries Authority, flying these flags is a shameful display of partisan arrogance and rudeness.
It is a declaration of wished-for absolute authority, ignoring Canada’s charter, which recognizes the supremacy of God not the supremacy of the LGBT agenda.

He takes exception to the LGBTQ community’s use of the rainbow as a symbol.

It ignores the biblical, historical meaning of the real rainbow, (you know the beautiful rainbow that appears in the sky under the perfect conditions),” Taylor notes on the party’s website.

The first rainbow followed the flood of Noah’s day. The flood was God’s judgment on the wickedness of mankind and the rainbow was His promise never again to destroy the world with water. However, He will not forever tolerate sin, corruption and rebellion. There will be judgment, but not by a flood. It’s a great mistake to put one’s support behind a rebellion against God.

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