In Alabama, a vote for Sandra Little Brown is a vote for Jesus

In Alabama, a vote for Sandra Little Brown is a vote for Jesus July 17, 2018

If Jefferson County Commissioner Sandra Little Brown is re-elected today, her victory will have been delivered by Jesus.
Brown, according to this report, is claiming her re-election campaign has the blessing of Jesus “and his followers,” according to a piece of campaign literature that was distributed in District 2 ahead of today’s Democratic run-off with City Councilor Sheila Tyson.
The pink flyer, which has made the rounds on social media, is a distortion of a sample ballot where Brown’s name is magnified and circled in while Tyson’s is shown in lower font. The literature goes on to say that Brown is:

Supported by Jesus Christ and his followers.

In a Facebook video Brown stood by the flyer, which was paid for by her campaign.

We pray before we go out and we do anything. That is a divine piece of material that went out from this campaign [Saturday]. I’m not afraid to own Jesus anywhere. This campaign is built up on righteousness from the beginning to the end … If anybody got any problem with that ballot, then they got to see Jesus.

Tyson’s campaign manager, Michael Miller, accused Brown of distributing the flyer to make her sound more pious among the churchgoing people in the district.

Sandra Little Brown is trying to do anything she can to absolve herself of all the wrongdoing she has done over the last 8 years to the suffering and the poor of Jefferson County. Using Jesus’ name I guess would make her seem a little more religious, but Jesus wouldn’t make the poor people suffer like Sandra has.

In an interview with last week, Brown said she believed being a Jefferson County commissioner is part of God’s plan, adding that she is a Sunday school teacher and deaconess at Mt Zion Baptist Church in Riley.

God has ordained me to this because I couldn’t do it without him.

Brown and Tyson ended last month’s primary in a virtual tie, with each candidate receiving about 46 percent of the vote.
At least one would-be supporter – Patrick Evans – found Brown’s flyer offensive, and commented on her Facebook page:

I had every intention of voting for you until you endorsed the flyer claiming Jesus’s will is that you be elected. As a person of faith, that’s highly offensive to me, and the determining factor in my changing my vote tomorrow. Jesus doesn’t pick and choose political candidates.

UPDATE (JULY 18): Sandra Little Brown decisively LOST to Sheila Tyson, above.

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  • L.Long

    This alone should be enough to tell anyone using a brain bigger than a cockroach’s ass, that she is a royal nut job!

  • Leonard Ostrander

    “Jesus wouldn’t make the poor people suffer like Sandra has.” Yes, he would.

  • Broga

    Sandra is headed straight for high office with Trump in the White House. She would be wasted anywhere else.

  • tonye

    At the next general election my flyer will be ‘a vote for tonye is a vote for real ale.’
    If I win I promise to have a cask placed in every house in the land.
    The difference between myself and Brown is real ale does not leave a bad taste in the mouth (unlike religion).

  • Vanity Unfair

    Then, as soon as she is elected, it will be Romans, 13:1-7 and Titus, 3:1.

  • Pocomouse

    Tonye: you have my vote, friend. As for this lady, Jesus will have to do another miracle.

  • AgentCormac

    I hope she has some incontravertible evidence which clearly shows how and why Jesus is endorsing her campaign. Oh, what am I saying? All you need do to win in American politics these days is lie. Not even convincingly. Just say anything you think Fox News addicts want to hear and you’ll be fine. And sadly there are an awful lot of them out there who are dumb enough to take it at face value and put their cross (pun most definitely intended) in your box.

  • gedediah

    Eeeee. Sad thing is, this will probably work, sheep being sheep.

  • barriejohn

    Didn’t we have another woman claiming that Jesus wanted her to hold office a short time ago? I think it was featured here, but I can’t find the story. She was completely loony, but I think she had been elected previously (no surprise there!).
    The following article is quite amusing to any rational person, but the religious just wouldn’t get it:

  • StephenJP

    @barriejohn, that’s lovely!
    I feel that the original story is nowhere near specific enough. Precisely which of Jesus’s ” followers” have endorsed Ms Brown ( or is it Ms Little Brown?) ? Would it be one of the apostles? Or maybe the Christians who murdered Hypatia of Alexandria; or those who burned the Library of Alexandria; or those who suppressed the Greek philosophy schools; or those who have persecuted the Jews and burnt ‘witches’ for the past 2000 years; or those who inflicted the Crusades on the Near East; or Augustine, or Aquinas, or Luther, or Pius XII?
    As AC says, we need a bit of evidence.

  • RussellW

    The narcissism of religiots is just amazing. This buffoon believes that the son of her sky demon is personally taking part in some obscure election campaign.
    Or does she?

  • Barry Duke

    Sandra Little Brown LOST the election. I’ve updated the report accordingly.

  • Laura Roberts

    As the old trope goes, “nothing fails like prayer”…
    “Sandra Little Brown decisively LOST to Sheila Tyson”
    Can’t fault you for quoting the link, but I don’t think I’d call 52% a “decisive” victory (Brexit, anyone?). 😉