Priest faces investigation over botched St George restoration

Priest faces investigation over botched St George restoration July 2, 2018

A Catholic priest in Navarre, northern Spain, has been accused of negligence for allowing a local schoolteacher to restore a wooden carving of St George.
According to this report, Navarre’s mayor, Koldo Leoz, thinks the amateurish restoration of the figure in the church of San Miguel de Estella is a disaster, and some on Twitter are agreeing, saying that St George now looks like Tintin or a Playmobil figure.
The mayor, who has opened into an investigation into the botched restoration, said he did not doubt the goodwill of both the priest and the “person who desecrated this work of art” but:

The negligence of both is very serious and cannot overlap with the excuse of goodwill.
How is it possible that the parish priest of a church is able to decide the fate of a 16th-century statue without communicating his intentions either to the city council or to the local government and ignoring absolutely his legal duty or professional judgment?

The Association of Conservators and Restorers of Spain (ACRE) also responded to the incident, saying:

We cannot tolerate more attacks on our cultural heritage. It shows a frightening lack of training of the kind required for this sort of job.

Mayor Leoz indicated that efforts will be made to recruit an expert to reverse the damage.
Back in 2012 a well-meaning Spanish pensioner, Cecilia Gimenez, set about restoring a fresco of Jesus in a church near Zaragoza – with catastrophic results.

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  • Jobrag

    Why did God let it decay?

  • L.Long

    Hypocrites!!!! ALL!!! Doesn’t the 2nd bad suggestion say something about NO Idols, or carved images???

  • AgentCormac

    @ Jobrag
    Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll resurrect it.

  • StephenJP

    St George looks to me as though he’s got his drag on.

  • RussellW

    St George looks more like St Joan.

  • 1859

    He looks like he’s lost his mummy and is about to cry. Either that or he needs his nappy changed.
    Re idols – it’s always fascinated me how religiously inclined humans have always needed some tangible, physical manifestation of their god? It’s almost as though the mere thought that their particular god exists is just not enough – so instead they worship rocks, waterfalls,trees, carved bits of wood, statues etc. Fuck, humans are weird.

  • Robster

    Times and tastes change. Much has since the 16th century, look at architecture and the social standing of the clergies. The ‘look’ given this piece is a more contemporary one, one that just may appeal to the Nintendo generation who are increasingly saying ‘no’ to joining the Catholic or other versions religious circus’. Perhaps they local religious authorities should consider an animatronic ritual thing to fawn over, that in a disturbing outcome may attract more children. Just lock the priests safely away.

  • Harold

    I’m surprised that the evil RCC bastards have not planted Pokemon Go Priests into the bedrooms of children to entice them into the church. And just think how the clerics could use the Pokemons Priest ruse to hack into the cameras contained in childrens devices to get compromising pictures and information with which to blackmail them.

  • sailor1031

    Looks to me this “restoration” is actually an improvement over the original.