This Indian man believes that President Donald Trump is God

This Indian man believes that President Donald Trump is God July 1, 2018

Bussa Krishna, a resident of Konne village in Telangana, India, worships Donald Trump – so much so that he lies prostrate in front of the narcissist’s image and even has a little shrine built for the President inside his home.
He chants Trump’s name, meditates and even has some womenfolk praying along with him at the shrine.
If you think he’s the only idiot in India stupid enough to think Trump is some sort of deity, think again.

Last year, according to this report, a right-wing outfit called the Hindu Sena  (Hindu Army) celebrated Trump’s 71st birthday. Around 20 members of the group were at the party where cake weighing 7.1 kg was cut, and a vermillion mark was placed on the forehead of an image of Trump.
Hindu Sena believes Trump  is “the saviour of humanity” who can wipe out militancy across the globe.
Hindu Sena leader Vishnu Gupta said only Trump could establish peace in the world and even eliminate militants in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.
Hat tip: Gaurav Tyagi

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  • Jobrag

    Hm, interesting question, if someone believes that you’re a God does that make you one? What are the rules of godding if someone believes that you are just one God of many are you a bone fide God. I just wish that all the possible dirties would have a conference about this and give some definitive ruling, writing itch fire in the sky would be a good start.
    PS Miles Kingston used to do a good skit about the committee of gods.

  • 1859

    O….K….I guess it shows an amazingly bizarre flexibility regarding the concept of what does and does not constitute a god. My labrador dog was a much-loved member of the family, so I will set up a shrine in the living room in her honour. I don’t think I will go so far as prostration before her image. But who knows, human beings are an insane manifestation of intelligence – not to be trifled with.
    Worship Trump? I’d rather worship a piece of shit.

  • Dianne Leonard

    “I’d rather worship a piece of shit.” And Trump is,uh,…
    never mind.

  • barriejohn

    Here’s a video of the Hindu Senna Pod nutters:
    I think there may have been understandable confusion over Hunaman and “inhuman”.
    PS They may be right about Trump’s ability to “wipe out militancy across the globe”, though it’s not likely to be in the way that they envisage, and it won’t be humanity that is saved. We seem to be close to it now.

  • Simon

    Stupid Fakir. Trump that is. As for the Indian guy Bussa, I recon he’s just taking the piss and getting himself some media expose and loads of subscribers on his YouTube channel..
    But think on this. If Bussa is earnestly doing what he claims, deifying Trumpthen there are tens of millions of Americans crazier then he. The ones that actually voted for Trump.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    This moron is from Telangana province in Southeren India. Telangana province was carved out from Andhra Pradesh province in 2014. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana residents desperately want to settle in U.S often through fraudulent means.
    Kindly refer to the following article written by me to understand the extent to which people from the aforesaid provinces go to settle in U.S;
    The reason this dimwit is worshipping Trump is either his family member(s) have managed to fool the U.S authorities and settle there or he himself wishes to go and live in U.S.
    As for Hindu Sena. These frustrated souls are Trump fans because of Trump’s rhetoric against the Muslims. The Hindu Sena idiots think that Trump will wage a war against Muslim Pakistan and help Hindu India. This is the level of their pathetic mindset.

  • Brian Jordan

    Cargo cult? Maybe he’s expecting Trump to fly over in a helicopter and shower him with golf balls.

  • L.Long

    Dianne! the trumpkin is NOT a piece of shit, a piece of shit is useful in your garden, trumpkin would probably poison the plants!

  • StephenJP

    @Jobrag, you are revealing your illustrious past in that aside! I well recall Kington’s columns on the subject, and a great piss-take they were too!
    I am reminded that certain villagers in Vanuatu worship the Duke of Edinburgh as a divine being. He certainly cuts a more convincing figure in that role than Drumpf.

  • Broga

    Even within the Trump camp there are influential figures convinced that Kimmy, to quote my long dead Scots grannie, is “making a convenience” of Trump. The fear is that while the dopey Trump is distracted with flattery, promises and being shown fake removals of nuclear weapons developments the real stuff is still being developed.
    Dopey Trump is now best friends with the new Mexican President. Meanwhile Vlad is achieving the best public relations success ever with the world cup.

  • Brian Jordan

    The fear is that while the dopey Trump is distracted with flattery, promises and being shown fake removals of nuclear weapons developments the real stuff is still being developed.
    Hmm, much the same as Iran and Obama, then? What is it with these American presidents?

  • Broga

    Brian Jordan : My Californian nephew tells me even rabid Trump believers are getting “the shakes.” His words.