This man says Depp's life is in a mess, and he needs a Jesus fix

This man says Depp's life is in a mess, and he needs a Jesus fix July 4, 2018

Under the heading ‘Will Johnny Depp Turn to God in His Time of Crisis?’, Larry Tomczak is asking Christians ‘to engage in fervent prayer for this gifted and needy man who’s so in need of God’s love and recalibration of his life.’
Tomzac had just read a Rolling Stone interview with Depp which leaves one in no doubt that the Hollywood star’s life is in a mess.
But Depp, who has no religious belief, is unlikely to fall to his knees and seek God’s help. Not long ago, Kentucky-born Johnny Depp, who grew up absent a father and said his mom was “the meanest human being I’ve ever met” was asked by interviewer Larry King if he had faith. He replied:

Yes, I have faith in my kids. And I have –I have faith, you know, that as long as you keep moving forward, just keep walking forward, things will be all right. Faith in terms of religion, I don’t – religion is not my specialty, you know.

Tomczak said:

Johnny Depp is regarded as one of the world’s richest and biggest movie stars. As he turned 55, his personal and financial world started falling apart. Concerned individuals pray for him and hope he will look heavenward as his ongoing restless life spirals dangerously out of control.

And he concludes:

Here’s the Deal. Tracing Depp’s descent is heart wrenching and should motivate all compassionate Christians to intercede for him. His carefree, quirky ‘Jack Sparrow’ image masks a man desperately in need of Jesus.
Will you join with me in praying for divine intervention to rescue this ‘lost boy … to find his way home before dark?’ God loves him so much. May his story be like George Bailey in the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life where a turnaround experience enabled him to discover what eluded him for so many years.

Last year Depp was forced to apologise after he asked an audience at the Glastonbury festival:

When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?

A Trump’s White House official harshly condemned the remark.

President Trump has condemned violence in all forms and it’s sad that others like Johnny Depp have not followed his lead. I hope that some of Mr. Depp’s colleagues will speak out against this type of rhetoric as strongly as they would if his comments were directed to a Democrat elected official.

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  • Laura Roberts

    “President Trump has condemned violence in all forms”
    Thanks for that quote. I needed a good belly laugh this morning. Tears streaming. I think what he meant to say was “President Trump has incited violence in all forms”.

  • sailor1031

    Actually president Trump has condemned violence in all forms while inciting violence.
    bTW how does Tomczak come to have the same wild-eyed stare of so many other of these whackos? Is it heredity or environment?

  • Italian Scallion

    Stick Jesus up your ass.

  • Angela_K

    Probably the last thing Mr Depp needs is to go from one addiction, drugs and booze, to a far more dangerous drug: religion. It is often the case that alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres include some religious nonsense in their therapy.

  • AgentCormac

    Tomczak has just about the weirdest/most disturbing eyes I think I’ve ever seen. Which one am I supposed to be looking into? Where is he staring? Creepy.

  • StephenJP

    He is desperately trying not to stare into the pitiless void which, in his heart of hearts, he knows lies in waiting for him.

  • barriejohn

    Tomczack’s “Little Handbook on Loving Correction” has “helped thousands of parents around the world”. Unfortunately, he may have taken his own advice a bit too far:
    I don’t know the outcome of the case, but there are accusations, again, of child abuse being covered up:
    David Clohessy, executive director of the St. Louis-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, a support group for clergy abuse victims, said that Sovereign Grace seems to have no structure in place to deal with abuse allegations.
    “These kinds of insular, secretive churches, outside the mainstream, with little or no hierarchy seem especially problematic,” Clohessy said.
    According to the lawsuit, victims were told not to report the abuse to the authorities.
    That’s a common mistake made by churches, Clohessy said. “Instead of saying,’Get some therapy and call the police,’ they are told to forgive their abusers,” he said.

  • barriejohn

    Tomczack seems to have a lot to say about homosexuality (what is it with these people?), and Ellen DeGeneres seems to seriously disturb him:
    “People are not born homosexual. According to Scripture and science, homosexuality is not part of someone’s biological constitution. People will argue to the contrary, but being gay is not like left-handedness. There is absolutely no scientific evidence of a gay gene. Nature or nurture? The answer is the latter. This is not opinion; it’s truth.”
    That clears it up then.
    BTW Where do these pastors find all the money to settle so many law suits? It’s amazing!

  • barriejohn

    According to the following, the abuse case was “dismissed on a technicality”:
    C. J. Mahaney is the pastor referred to.

  • phhht

    I am always taken aback when believers assert the power of their faiths without a single solitary shred of empirical supporting evidence for their convictions. It appears to me that such people are delusional.

  • Jobrag

    Hm, multimillionaire actor has fuc£ed up his life, billions of poor sods whose life is fuc£ed up by being born in the wrong place at the wrong time, please get your religious priorities right.

  • tonye

    On looking at his picture my first thought was:
    Does he – ‘Pray the Grey Away?’ or use ‘Just For Men?’
    What do you think?

  • barriejohn

    @tonye: Look on YouTube. His hair keeps changing colour!

  • barriejohn

    PS I had a brainwave overnight (or maybe a heatwave). The Rainbow Flag has had a recent update, and his hair colo(u)ration is a demonstration of solidarity!
    Altogether now:
    Black and silver and brown and grey,
    Sandy and ginger and white;
    My hair’s like a rainbow, like a rainbow –
    I support Gay Rights.

  • andym

    If someone was shown the picture and the inset and asked which one has the mental health problem,who would they most likely go for?

  • tonye

    It seems I was wrong after all, looking at his hair miracles do happen!!
    Do you remember Benny (the Hair) Hinn ? Apparently this follicular warrior is still on the go. In this (overly) long clip the hair first makes its appearance at approx. 21:25 minutes in. Truly a terrifying sight.

  • tonye

    It seems I was wrong all these years, looking at his hair, miracles do happen!
    Do you remember Benny (the Hair) Hinn? Apparently this follicular fraud is still on the go. Here is an old but great video of him. The hair makes its appearance at approx. 21:40. Those with a weak disposition may want to look away now. You have been warned.

  • barriejohn

    @tonye: Of course I remember Benny Hinn – a complete fraud, as you say. We were introduced to him in the UK by the inimitable Clive James, many years ago! Hinn has fought off investigations into his financial affairs before, but last year his offices were raided yet again, so as far as I know he isn’t in the clear yet:
    PS Other evangelists, like Morris Cerullo, have very dodgy hair, and Franklin Graham wears a wig. Why such vanity from such “spiritual” people?

  • tonye

    I did not think the first post went through – doh!