Vicious UK imam jailed for 17 months for terrorising kids

Vicious UK imam jailed for 17 months for terrorising kids July 3, 2018

Abdul Rauf, 51, described as “a nasty bully of a man” was jailed this week for bullying and beating children as young as ten in his Islamic study classes.
According to this report, Rauf admitted 21 separate charges but a judge at Manchester Crown Court took around 80 attacks into account.
Police said they saw evidence of “consistent assaults” on children recorded by a CCTV camera inside a mosque teaching centre in Rochdale.
They were alerted to the abuse by a report that two boys had been assaulted by Rauf in October last year and say they do not know how many victims have been affected in total.
Inspector Phil Key, of Greater Manchester Police, said:

Abdul Rauf is a nasty, bully of a man who beat the children in his classes until it became normalised. The children were left cowering and holding onto their ears, their arms and their legs after he repeatedly used violence as a punishment.
The parents of the children had no idea that they were leaving their children in the care of a man who would leave them writhing in pain and covered in marks and bruises. Rauf left the children intimidated and afraid to tell their parents about his bullying tactics.
I dread to think how many children’s lives he has affected over the years, we are doing all we can to support those children and their families that we know about.

Police said they were working with Rochdale Council, the local Council of Mosques and other partners to ensure children’s safety.
Key added:

I would like to commend the bravery of those who came forward and spoke to police, I understand how difficult that must have been. Rauf will never be able to hurt another child in his care, and that is all thanks to those who spoke out against him.

Rauf, of Sussex Street in Rochdale, was jailed for a year and five months after admitting actual bodily harm against two boys aged 10 and 12 and a further 19 assaults on unidentified children.
Gail Hopper, the Director of Children’s Services at Rochdale Council, called Rauf’s treatment of children:

Reprehensible. The crimes that Rauf has been found guilty of show he is a coward and a bully who should never have been entrusted with the care of young children.
We are asking parents and other adults to remain vigilant, ask the right questions and importantly, to listen and support children who tell them about things that have happened that shouldn’t.

Rauf is a different defendant to Abdul Rauf, above, a taxi driver and Muslim preacher formerly of Darley Road in Rochdale, who was convicted as part grooming gang that targeted girls as young as 13 in the town.

That Rauf was convicted of trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child. He was jailed for six years.
Hat tip: Angela_K

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  • Terry

    Who is to blame? Well I say its the parents for exposing their kids to a cleric. Muslim, Catholic, CoE … whatever. None of them can be trusted. And its time parents faced up to reality. And its time the government faced up to reality to by stamping out religious faith schooling.

  • Broga

    Perhaps some inmate dads will reason with him.

  • pocomouse

    @broga – I don’t know about the UK but in the US inmates are all too happy to deal with child abusers, sexual or otherwise. Segregated housing is often necessary to keep such men alive for the duration of their sentence.

  • 1859

    Having faith schools run by faith-heads what are the risks?
    1. Physical bullying and beating,
    2. Psychological intimidation,
    3. Sexual abuse,
    4. Sectarian indoctrination,
    5. Coercion to believe in the irrational,
    6. Questioning outside the religious framework forbidden,
    7. All aspects of education heavily censored,
    8. Intolerance encouraged towards LGBT people,
    9. Medical knowledge treated with suspicion,
    10. Science is the work of the devil.
    Welcome to The Ten Commandments.

  • Club Secretary

    @pocomouse In UK prisons there used to be something called “cocoaing an SO”, the act of spilling boiling hot cocoa over the head of a sexual offender.
    It probably does happen now.
    BTW the sentence appears light.

  • Broga

    pocomouse: The UK inmates, often with young children themselves, have a history of savaging sexual offenders.

  • John the Drunkard

    How long was ‘teacher’ Rauf trusted with the care of children? Did ‘pimp’ Rauf attend the same mosque?

  • chrsbol

    My son worked in a muslim majority school in the east end over 20 years ago, On numerous occassions he would contact social services regarding badly bruised kids. The kids would tell him of the beatings in the after school madrasses only to change their stories the following morning when social services arrived in school. I would guess their parents had to be involved somewhere. So nothing new except one of the bullying bastards has been imprisoned. Seems a light sentence though.