Woman who labelled Egypt a 'son of a bitch' country is jailed

Woman who labelled Egypt a 'son of a bitch' country is jailed July 9, 2018

Mona el-Mazboh, 24, a Lebanese tourist who used Facebook to attack sexual harassment she experienced in Egypt, was sentenced on Saturday to eight years in prison.

According to this report, she was arrested last month at Cairo airport at the end of her stay in Egypt after a 10-minute video, in which she called Egypt a “son of a bitch country”, went viral on social media.
In the video she complained of being sexually harassed by taxi drivers and young men in the street, as well as poor restaurant service during the “holy” month of Ramadan.
She also revealed that, on a previous visit to the Islamic republic, she had money stolen.
A Cairo court found her guilty of deliberately spreading false rumours that would harm society, attacking religion – and public indecency.
An appeal court will now hear the case on July 29, according to Mazboh’s lawyer, Emad Kamal. He said:

Of course, God willing, the verdict will change. With all due respect to the judiciary, this is a severe ruling. It is in the context of the law, but the court was applying the maximum penalty.

Kamal said a surgery Mazboh underwent in 2006 to remove a brain clot has impaired her ability to control anger, a condition documented in a medical report he submitted to the court. She also suffers from depression, he said.
In this report, she is quoted as saying of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,:

You deserve what Sisi is doing to you, I hope God sends you someone more oppressive than Sisi.

Sisi, who was elected by a landslide in a March election in which all serious opponents had withdrawn, has overseen a crackdown on political opponents.
Last month, Egyptian police detained Amal Fathy, an activist, after she posted a video on social media criticising the government for failing to protect women against sexual harassment and over worsening living conditions.

Fathy is being questioned on charges of incitement to overthrow the ruling system, publishing lies and misusing social media.
Egyptian rights activists say they face the worst crackdown in their history under Sisi, accusing him of erasing freedoms won in the 2011 Arab Spring uprising that ended Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule.

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  • L.Long

    You go to a shit-hole country and get treated like shit…SURPRISE!!!! As a rabid atheist, I would keep my mouth shut in that country and in most places that do not have individual freedoms. And as the xtian taliban gets more power in ‘merica, I may be facing this same problems here. Or as muslins get more power in England you may well have your own problems soon.

  • gedediah

    @ L. Long. Muslims in the UK are a tiny minority and most are prerty moderate. You have a much scarier situation in the US.

  • TheMan

    She looks like a babe, too.

  • Johan

    Can anyone name a country ruled according with islamic dogma that is not a ruthless totalitarian inhuman corrupted hate riven beggared and retarded state.

  • sailor1031

    I for one welcome our alliance with the great state of Egypt, a democracy tied to the USA by our shared principles and ideals – and the several billion dollars in “aid” which we donate to the bank accounts of its leaders.

  • H3r3tic

    As someone who finds ancient history pretty fascinating I would love to visit the Giza Plagteau, the Valley of the Kings and other sites of antiquity in Egypt. Unfortunately this report simply underlines the negative points made by many of my friends who have visited Egypt. If I may paraphrase their points to underscore the overarching theme; it’s a shit-tip of a country where those who do not consider religion of whatever sort as the final arbiter of morality need to be very fucking careful about what they say and do.” I have no immediate plans to visit.

  • AgentCormac

    Sorry to go OT, but for anyone interested this is a really well-argued article relating to an earlier FT thread about ‘Say Nope to The Pope’ and the upcoming visit of Frankie to Ireland:

  • Chris Copsey

    The Center for Women’s Rights, more than 80% of Egyptian women said they’d experienced sexual harassment, and more than 60% of men admitted to harassing women.(Mona Eltahawy – Headscarves and Hymens.) A really good and interesting insight into women’s Rights or lack of them throughout the Middle East. I have been lucky enough to have travelled to Egypt and cruised down the Nile and I found the people wonderful but was saddened by their acceptance of their lot.

  • Red

    I have booked my pope tickets already. Easy and quick. So that’s 4 empty seats. You all need to do the same.

  • StephenJP

    AC: that is an interesting and powerfully-argued article. It is a pity that it took an assistant professor of Irish performance studies at a Canadian university to write it, but still. The momentum in the RoI is currently all one way, and I am beginning to think that Papa Frankie might not have chosen the right time to visit.
    On the original post, I guess the lesson is to wait until you get home before bad-mouthing the place you’ve just visited! But it does take a real shit-hole country to sentence someone to eight years for doing so.

  • 1859

    Mona calls Egypt a ‘son-of-a-bitch’ country, then she is arrested, charged, and thrown into prison for 8 years, thus proving that Egypt really is a ‘son-of-a-bitch’ country. You can tell the judges must have had their thinking caps on when they decided on her punishment.

  • Brian Jordan

    She must have deserved it. How can it be otherwise, when Egypt sits on the United Nations Human Rights Council?
    EDIT: I included commonly used fake html for “end of sarcasm”, but it vanished.

  • sailor1031

    @Brian: well as I said Egypt shares our democratic principles and ideals. Just like KSR, another crony of the freedom-loving USA, which I believe now chairs the UNHRC. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • tonye

    Due to work demands I was in Egypt 3 times over a 7 year period.
    It’s the only place, on our planet, that I have disliked more with each visit.
    For Mona to call it a ‘son of a bitch country’ is much kinder than I could ever be.

  • StephenJP

    tonye: me too! I would echo your three sentences word for word.