Catholic reporter barred from family conference in Dublin

Catholic reporter barred from family conference in Dublin August 24, 2018

Attendees at a conference set up as an alternative to the World Meeting of Families in Dublin have been hearing a lot about the Special Place in Hell reserved for homosexuals. 
For example, LifeSiteNews’ co-founder and Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen told the untra-conservative Conference of Catholic Families:

It’s hate not to tell same-sex-attracted Catholics that gay sex leads to hell.

But journalist Elise Harris, in Ireland for the Catholic magazine Crux, was prevented from reporting on all the garbage being tossed about at the conference because the organisers apparently didn’t care about the tone of her reports, filed after she attended the first day of the two-day gathering of bigots.
Editor of Crux, John L Allen Jr, today wrote:

For the first time in Crux’s history, one of our reporters actually was banned from something this week. On Thursday, Elise Harris was kicked out of the “Conference of Catholic Families”, a sort of rival conservative event taking place just down the street from the official World Meeting of Families.

(It’s not actually termed a “rival” anything, of course, but it’s happening in the same place and at the same time as the World Meeting, and it has a clearly different tone and constituency.)

When Harris arrived Thursday morning for day two of the event, she was stopped at the entrance and informed she was “not welcome”. In the course of asking why, organizers told Harris that she had covered the event the day before under false pretenses because she hadn’t purchased a ticket like everyone else.

There was also a clear suggestion they didn’t care for her coverage, expressed in phrases such as, “It’s people like you who harm the Church”. (As a hint of the ideological alignment involved, she was also told to “go talk to James Martin and all your liberal friends.” In context, that seemed the rough equivalent of, “Go to hell”.)

Allen went on to explain that, on the opening day, Harris introduced herself, identified herself as a reporter for Crux, and was invited in without any mention of a ticket. She conducted interviews with several participants, including Anthony Murphy, founder of the Lumen Fidei Institute that hosted the event.

Obviously, those people were aware they were speaking with a reporter, especially given that Harris was wearing a credential around her neck that clearly said “Media” in large type.

He added:

If there are objections to the content of any Crux coverage, those who know us understand that we’ll take those concerns seriously and do our best to respond. One hopes, however, that there might be better solutions than leaping to the fairly extreme step of making someone ‘Banned in Dublin’.

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  • L.Long

    Challenge to the xtians …where does jesus condemn gays to hell??? I know that jesus says divorced people go to hell, but what does he say on gays??

  • andym

    These people are remarkably thin-skinned considering they think they have “the answer.”

  • Even if it wasn’t hate (hatred, surely) to tell gay Catholics they’re going to hell it’d still be bloody f*****g boring. They don’t think we’ve all heard it a billion times already?

  • AgentCormac

    Apparently most journalists these days are ‘enemies of the people’. Seemingly Harris has gone one step further and is an enemy of god. Which kind of makes her okay in my eyes.

  • Broga

    The BBC managed this morning to say that there will be protests but what the crowds are looking for is “spiritual revival” from the Pope.
    Dream on!.

  • AgentCormac

    All being well there won’t actually be much of a crowd.
    More of a Darby & Joan outing.

  • Brian Jordan

    Meanwhile, stall-holders in Dublin can’t shift their papal tatt.

  • Broga

    Brian Jordan : That is the LTE ( Lourdes Tat Effect) kicking in. Some severely disabled having been dragged to Lourdes, bottled and drank the toxic (sorry sacred) water came back exhausted and sicker than when they left.
    Is the BBC reporting this?

  • Stephen Mynett

    Brian Jordan, good to read that, although if the market traders had any sense they would have prepared goods the public wanted, how about a flag with “Fuck off you paedo bastards” on it.

  • Cali Ron

    Stephen Mynett: LOL just spit coffee on my monitor.

  • andym

    The BBC News this morning talked of the “epidemic of child abuse” effecting the Catholic Church. I think someone at the BBC needs to look up the difference between “epidemic” and “endemic.” The crisis for the Rome Mafia isn’t that its operatives have suddenly started abusing children. It’s that secular society can no longer be bullied into turning a blind eye.

  • barriejohn

    I see the Poop is following in the footsteps of that other arch-deceiver of millions, Mother Teresa, by visiting Knock Shrine today.
    “Knock, Knock.”
    “Who’s there?”

  • Broga

    andym: The current vastly expensive paedo inquiry has excluded FGM from their investigation. They are “investigating” priests. Charles Windsor will not be questioned but has sent a letter saying he regrets being deceived by that bishop who was such a valued advisor. When they lock up a few bishops, and some government ministers and a cardinal I will believe they are serious.
    So far it is all pantomime.