'Disgusting' abortion ice cream condemned by pro-lifers

'Disgusting' abortion ice cream condemned by pro-lifers August 23, 2018

It was inevitably that outrage would follow when What’s the Scoop?, a Portland ice cream company, introduced a limited-edition flavour to raise funds for NARAL, a pro-abortion group.
Evangelist Franklin Graham, according to this report, described the charity as being “absolutely frantic” and said it was trivialising a life and death issue.
He added in a Facebook post:

These activists want everyone to believe abortion is a choice or a woman’s right – even something to celebrate. But it’s not. Abortion is murdering a child in its mother’s womb. The Bible says, ‘Woe to those who call evil good and good evil … (Isaiah 5:20).

The grassroots feminist organisation, which advocates for abortion care and works to elect pro-choice officials, has encouraged people to order the ice cream by the pint to “help defend reproductive freedom”.
NARAL has held rallies to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s selection for a US Supreme Court judge, from being confirmed. It’s feared Judge Kavanaugh could be instrumental in overturning US abortion laws.

This LifeSiteNews report adds that NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon partnered with What’s the Scoop?, which has a “Virtuous Scoop” practice of donating a portion of its proceeds back to the community. The  “Rocky Roe v. Wade” is being sold until August 26.
Jonathan Lockwood, a Portland-based policy consultant and advisor, blasted NARAL for the “disgusting” stunt in a pair of Medium posts and Relevant Radio’s Patrick Madrid called the new ice cream “the flavour of death.”
Writing for LifeSite, Calvin Freiburger pointed out:

Oregon currently has no pro-life laws on the books, funds abortions with taxpayer dollars, and is currently under the control of a pro-abortion legislature and Democratic Gov Kate Brown, an openly bisexual former abortion lobbyist. Pro-life activists in the state hope to ban taxpayer funding of abortion this fall with a ballot initiative, however.

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