Irish PM to tackle Pope over LGBT issues and clerical abuse

Irish PM to tackle Pope over LGBT issues and clerical abuse August 7, 2018

When Pope Francis arrives to in Ireland on August 25 for the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families (WMF), Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, above, intends telling the pontiff that the country has moved on from the dark days when it was firmly under the heel of the Vatican.
Writing for LifeSiteNews, gay-hating homosexual Doug Mainwaring said:

The emerald Isle’s current Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, is an openly gay man with a male partner, who has used his position as a national leader to promote gay issues on the international stage.
When asked at a recent press briefing what he might say to the Pope about the absence of gay families during the promotion of the upcoming World Meeting of Families (WMF), Varadkar said he would express ‘our views as a society and a government that families come in all sorts of different forms and that includes families that are led by same-sex parents’.

Gay activists, Mainwaring said, are “outraged” over the removal images of same-sex couples as well as “pro-homosexual” texts from a re-issued booklet created by the country’s bishops to prepare Catholic families for the WMF in Dublin.
While the Irish Bishops offered no official explanation at the time for the revisions to the WMF booklet, The Irish Times, Irish Independent, and the German Catholic bishops’ website attributed the deletion of pro-LGBT images and text to a LifeSiteNews article critical of their inclusion in the booklet’s original edition.
In October, LifeSiteNews reported that the booklet contained, “a picture of two lesbians on a bridge clinging intimately to one another,” and text that contained:

Explicit promotion of homosexual relationships as a form of family.

Varadkar also said at the media briefing:

I’m not sure exactly what the detail of my interaction with him is going to be. [The reception at] Dublin Castle may be very short but, first of all, I will want to welcome him to Ireland and, if the opportunity arises, I will certainly want to express to him the real concerns Irish people have in relation to the legacy of the past, in relation to issues such as the church’s involvement in Magdalene laundries, mother-and-baby homes, and sexual and physical abuse.

Other Irish government leaders have also said they plan to bring up the subject of LGBTQ families during the Pope’s visit. Katherine Zappone, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, and Josepha Madigan, the Culture Minister, have pointed questions for the pontiff.

Former Irish president Mary McAleese, a vocal LGBT advocate who has a gay son, has been invited to the shindig, but banned from speaking. Officials are afraid “her outspoken views” would cause trouble during the official visit.
Earlier this year, Varadkar marched at the head of New York City’s 257th St Patrick’s Day Parade with his homosexual partner, Matt Barrett, and pro-LGBT Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.
Last year Varadkar was the first head of state to march alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Montreal’s Gay Pride Parade.
Ireland is the first country in the world to legalise both same-sex marriage and abortion by popular vote.
Lamented Cardinal Raymond Burke in an interview last June:

Ireland was one of the most Catholic countries in the world – and today it is one of the most secularised.

This, he insisted, was:

Very alarming.

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  • L.Long

    Catlicks…know their goodness and intelligence by their activities before & during the midevil ages! That is who & what they are! ALL 3 abrahamic religions are piles of self-hate being projected onto everyone else! They image the world as ugly and evil, and try their best to keep it that way!

  • AgentCormac

    Time was when popes and other catholic celebrities, such as the wicked witch of Calcutta, could look forward to a rapturous welcome in Ireland. Not no more – and quite right too. The legacy of RCC oppression in that country is particularly atrocious and it should not be allowed to be conveniently forgotten.

  • Angela_K

    Well done Leo Varadkar, let’s hope he gives the Pope and his sycophants a hard time; it’s not as though the Catholic church has much to be proud about.

  • Dan

    And I have booked a fistful of tickets to the Papal visit events and I have no intention at all of going. I like many others booked the tickets just to diminish the size of the audiences. Is that bad? Is that bad in comparison to the centuries of criminality of the RCC in Ireland? I think not.
    World Meeting of Families (WMF). WTF? The Papal visit to Ireland is nothing to do with Families. Nothing.Its just the RCC trying, trying in vain, to patch up the actually irreparable damage sustained by the RCC in Ireland over the last decade. And the rejection of the RCC by most Irish people is because the evil that is the RCC has been comprehensively exposed for what it is. The RCC is the biggest global crime syndicate and paedophile ring ever. Name the crime and the RCC is guilty of it.
    The Irish should arrest the Pope while he is on Irish soil and bring the full force of the law to bear.

  • AgentCormac

    @ Dan
    Nope, that isn’t bad at all. In fact, well done – I sincerely hope that thanks to people like yourself the entire event is a horrible embarrassment for the RCC. Feck knows, the bastards deserve embarrassing for the multitude of crimes they’ve committed over the centuries.
    However, wait for Trump-like denials that the crowds were thin on the ground. ‘Fake news’, ‘alternative facts’, ‘developing facts’ and all that shite. One way or another they’ll claim his holiness enjoyed a lovely time in the Emerald Isle and he was greeted with overwhelming love and affection by ‘millions’ of people.
    Meanwhile, back in reality……