Pro-gay priest WILL speak at WMF despite Catholic hysteria

Pro-gay priest WILL speak at WMF despite Catholic hysteria August 9, 2018

Despite the fact that at least two petitions are demanding that Fr James Martin – ‘an outspoken pro-LGBT rights priest’ – be excluded from the upcoming World Meeting of Families in Ireland the organisers said that there will be no change to the current line-up of speakers.
A spokeswoman for the event said:

With just over one week to go to the WMOF2018 pastoral congress in the RDS in Dublin, we are not expecting there to be any change to the line-up of speakers who have been invited to be part of the event. We are looking forward to welcoming all 292 speakers from around Ireland and from across the world to our gathering of families in Dublin.

The petition that has so far attracted the most signatures – almost 10,000 – was launched by the Irish branch of Tradition, Family, Property.
The petition summary states that Fr James Martin should not be invited to the event as he “supports transgenderism for children,” and:

Favours homosexuals kissing during the mass.

The petition organisers also sent a letter to Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin asking him to stop the cleric from speaking at the event while the petition was also sent to Auxiliary Bishops of Dublin, Bishop Raymond Field and Bishop Éamonn Walsh.
The letter states that as Fr Martin is in disagreement with “the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s reference to homosexual inclination as ‘gravely disordered'”.

In this way he would prevent those with same sex inclination from arriving at a true understanding of their condition in the light of church teaching and God’s mercy. This is a great disservice to those whom he purports to help.
We believe that sowing error and confusion should have no place at the World Meeting of Families. For this reason, we strongly request you to disinvite Fr. James Martin from speaking at so important an event.

The petition reads in part:

The hosting by your Archdiocese of the World Meeting of Families should be a joyful occasion for Ireland. The choice of Dublin as venue by Pope Francis should serve as a consolation for Ireland at a difficult time and is of course the effective reason for the Pope’s pastoral visit.
We are disappointed and greatly concerned that Fr. James Martin, S.J. will speak at the event, casting a shadow over its proceedings. Fr. Martin is well known for his dissent from Church teaching on sexual morality. He has articulated views which condone homosexual behaviour in contradiction of the Magisterium …
Fr. Martin makes no distinction between people who struggle courageously with same sex attraction (who cannot therefore be considered ‘LGBT’) and those who have yielded to an immoral and unnatural lifestyle …
Fr. Martin is a supporter of New Ways Ministry, a pro homosexual and lesbian religious organisation which has been declared gravely unacceptable by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. He has publicly accepted an award from this group, delivered a talk at their event and subsequently developed this talk in to a book …
We believe that sowing error and confusion should have no place at the World Meeting of Families. For this reason, we strongly request you to disinvite Fr. James Martin from speaking at so important an event.

The second petition, which has managed to attract only 621 signatures, says that Fr Martin “suggests” that Catholics who oppose same-sex “marriage” – as the Church does – are bigots:

He uses his speaking appearances to promote homosexuality and he saturates his many social media followers with LGBT propaganda day after day.
Father Martin, in addition to sowing confusion about Catholic teaching wherever he goes, hurts same-sex attracted Catholics with his false mercy. He makes the struggle for chastity harder for those who are sexually struggling.
Why is this priest being given a platform at a Vatican-sanctioned event on the family? Why did the Vatican approve even the title of his talk, which uses the phrase “LGBTI+,” suggesting there are an infinity of genders?

The pilgrims who go to the World Meeting of Families expect to learn about Catholicism and strengthening the family, not sodomy-sympathetic pop psychology.
Will Catholics at the World Meeting of Families learn that sodomy is one of the four sins that ‘cries out to heaven for vengeance’, or will they hear the anti-love message that people are the sum of their attractions? Will Catholics at the World Meeting of Families learn about the beauty of marriage, ordered toward the procreation and education of children? Will Catholics at the World Meeting of Families be encouraged to reject sin and not act on disordered inclinations, or will they be told that those inclinations are normal and should be welcomed, even celebrated?
Please, disinvite Father James Martin, and replace him with a priest who preaches Catholic truth about human sexuality.

The petition adds:

Father Martin says homosexual priests should ‘come out’ about their sexual proclivities, but has publicly declined to say whether he himself is gay.

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  • Broga

    The more they oppose, the greater the curiosity about what must be kept from public knowledge.

  • Matthew Carr

    The truth is that the Catholic church wants it’s priests to be asexual and you can’t get more “unnatural” than that.

  • L.Long

    The priest being homosexual is NOT a sin nor against gawd or bad according to the great book o’BS. ACTING homosexual is a sin!! Also for kids being trans or homo-sexual is not a sin…ACTING it out is a sin. But since xtians KNOW that no one give a shit about not being sexual, they condemn LBGT because they will act it out.

  • Ron Cooper

    “We believe that sowing error and confusion should have no place at the World Meeting of Families. ” So do I, and millions of others, so why don’t the RCs just shut up and let people hear views not favoured by the bishop of Rome, so that they can form their own opinions!

  • Angela_K
  • Jobrag

    “a priest who preaches Catholic truth….”. Ah so catholic truth is different to other types of truth, that explains a lot.

  • Harry

    Many catholic priests are ass-sexual. Nowt wrong with that of course except that its holy against the sacrements and those priests that do bugger about more often than not condemn the behaviour of others for doing the same thing. Bigotry on a gargantuan scale.
    And according to a book I read recently by an eminent QC the priesthood consider the sexual abuse of children as their unspoken right for the sacrifices they make serving the members of their church. Sacrifices presumably being low pay and no family and celibacy (as far a the public is concerned) and long unsocial hours and stress and the responsibility for looking after the souls of their folk etc. Well its their job and they wanted it.

  • Robster

    “The World Meeting of Families”! Impressively named meeting of a couple of the remaining few families in “the world” yet to be too embarrassed to admit their Catholicism? Should be huge.

  • gedediah

    It’s very odd that a Vatican sponsored event invited a speaker who dissents from official doctrine. The RCC has a point; it’s not like it’s a public event. Maybe there are people in the Irish church thinking of breaking away? Who knows what it’s about. Hopefully all this infighting will lead to the break up of the Vatican’s power over Ireland. I’ll pray for that 😉

  • Vanity Unfair

    …the Irish branch of Tradition, Family, Property.
    I wonder how that looks as a Venn diagram.