Australia: comedy duo skewers Prime Minister’s Christianity

Australia: comedy duo skewers Prime Minister’s Christianity September 1, 2018

Ever since Scott Morrison, inset, seized power last month, the godless masses in Australia – one of the least religious countries on the planet – have been asking themselves how they came to be saddled with a Prime Minister who’s a right-wing evangelical numpty. 

Oh wait … numpties was the word used by Morrison to describe an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) team that allowed a pair of comedians to take the piss out of his Christianity on the television show Tonightly.
According to this report, the pair, introduced on the Monday broadcast as “Christian rock” musicians, The Shadow Ministers, sang:

You’ve got to love thy neighbour unless they vote Labour or are foreign or gay.

Other “controversial” lyrics included “We love Jesus, Jesus, but not refugee-us” and “to do what pleases Jesus, deny them all visas.”

The song was inspired by the fact that, while Immigration Minister, Morrison implemented bills that deterred asylum seekers and opposed legal recognition of gay marriage.
Said Morrison:

The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) can be numpties every now and then but my faith teaches me to love each other and to turn the other cheek.

Some Christians were less … um … Christian. On a Facebook response to the performance, one user wrote:

This is abhorrent editorial garbage. Completely disrespecting the views of many Australians and faith.

Another asked the tired old question:

Would they do this if he was a Muslim?

The ABC has defended the performance and said the satirical skit was not an attack on Christianity.

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  • RussellW

    As Australia becomes less religious as a nation the percentage of religiots in our state and Federal Parliaments seems to be increasing. A coincidence perhaps or evidence of something more sinister.

  • 1859

    They’ve only got two cheeks -once they’ve turned the first they’ve only got the second and turning that brings them back to the first. And one day they will explode. The religious of all faiths will not go down without the bitterest of fights. I feel the attacks on secular thinking are going to get a lot uglier the more power, influence and money those of faith realise they are losing.

  • andym

    “The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) can be numpties every now and then but my faith teaches me to love each other and to turn the other cheek.”
    Just remind me. What does “passive aggressive” mean?

  • Broga

    I heard a white, evangelican Christian say that he will continue to support Trumpkin as he is confident prayers and Jesus will bring him to the ways of the righteous. “Our President must have time to discover his Christianity.”
    Another said that Trump’s policies about abortion (ban it), gays (illegal and they must be converted to heterosexual), migrants (throw them out) etc. showed that the sadistic, clown Trump was trying to obey “God’s voice.”
    A black Christian, “I am sadly disappointed. I was misled by the President’s lies.” The blacks are turning nasty.

  • L.Long

    Sorry 1859 but every one has 4 cheeks. Its just that xtians get sexually turned on when to of their cheeks are slapped.

  • Mohammed al bash

    Why do the freethinkers of shits always got puzzled and scared about christian ideology any time a christian expressed his biblical views on their secular world believes and religions ? People like old barry duke would got freathen to his pant and shouts bah ! bah !! confused because their at ease with their sins. REPENTS JESUS IS COMING SOON !

  • Angela_K

    Oh dear, another hard of thinking religious troll displaying their lack of eduction in English punctuation and syntax.
    And Mo, if people are dim enough to believe “six impossible things before breakfast”, then we are going to point, laugh and ridicule. Is this Jesus the big hunky Mexican that you have secret liaisons with?

  • andym

    It’s a hard life being a troll. You catch the incoherence of your persona , but then make it so incoherent no one knows what he’s supposed to be saying. All that and being too obese to get out your parents’ back bedroom. Not easy for the parents either-they thought they’d seen the last of their embarrassing offspring when he left home . Sad. Very sad. As someone in Washington might tweet.

  • Laura Roberts

    It seems pretty evident to me that religious conservatives are pulling out all the stops to retain control as their untenable, unethical and often sadistic doctrines lose public support in the developed world. Like proverbial animals backed into corners, they lash out with increasing desperation and violence. It falls to us non-religious to hold the ethical line, contain their violence, and ease their fears until they either self-destruct or they become domesticated enough that we can co-exist until the last of them dies peacefully.

  • Broga

    Mohammed al bash : Does your carer know you are free? You must not stop taking your pills. These delusions meet the criteria for being sectioned under the Mental Health Act or being voted into the U.S. Senate. The latter is your best chance as in Trump’s White House you would be regarded as an intellectual.
    Please ask someone who has a little education to explain what I have said.

  • remigius

    “…would got freathen to his pant and shouts bah ! bah !!”
    Bloody hell! Looks like someone tried to learn English by only reading Jabberwocky.

  • Broga

    Ignorance is bliss. He said he would come while his disciples were still alive.
    We have in Mohammed al bash the perfect victim for the priests to exploit. The poor man, struggling to write a few words of gibberish, clearly cannot read fluently. He can be told anything and he has no defence.

  • andyma

    He’s not Mohammed.He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very sad troll

  • barriejohn

    Looks like Bob Hutton has a new username then.
    (I bet he’ll “got freathen to HIS pant” when he sees that I’ve linked to his blog!)

  • Angela_K

    @barriejohn. I’ve just read through Hutton’s latest diatribe, it’s the usual fatuous nonsense from the mind of a deluded fool. What is laughable is Hutton actually believes what he writes.

  • barriejohn

    Angela_K: It’s total rubbish. I actually feel sorry for him sometimes; he hasn’t had a single comment for almost a year now. Does anyone take him seriously?
    (PS If Jesus is “coming soon”, does that mean that he, too, will be “freathen to his pant”? I’m really struggling to decipher this one!)

  • Broga

    Hutton! What a berk. Every time Dawkins meets with these nutters he gives them publicity. Atheists are cowards? These same cowards, including my uncle, died defending this bigot and giving him the freedom to spew his bile.
    In passing: my son has just been to a funeral of a former classmate who died prematurely after five terrible years with cancer. The vicar, with no sense of irony, kept emphasising God’s benevolence and concern at length.

  • 1859

    I’m a prophet! I wrote – ‘And one day they will explode’ and bingo! Along came Mr Mo al bash! The “freathen to his pants” is pure literature – he’s been reading too much James Joyce.
    @l.long: How shortsighted of me! Four cheeks it certainly is. And you’re right, it may explain many of the theological ambiguities in the bibble.

  • StephenJP

    Anyone who quotes 2 Timothy as a source has proclaimed his ignorance and bias before he’s even out of the blocks.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Mohammed al bash, your name is Muslim and you are praising Jesus. To me it seems, you are one of those fraud scumbug freeloaders who settle in the West pretending to be a fake Syrian.
    Then the likes of you go to the Church to get free doles from them and pretend to convert to Christanity while practicing the medieval cult of your paedo war-lord Mo-ham-head in private.
    Mo-ham-head just invented Allah, who was nothing but Mo-ham-head’s alter ego.
    Now go and line up in your local church for your free bowl of soup and then bend in front of the pastor so, that he can bang your rear and relieve his sexual frustration.

  • Cali Ron

    Mo: that twas totruly brillig you slivey toth.