Blasphemy: NSS blasts Imran Khan for siding with fanatics

Blasphemy: NSS blasts Imran Khan for siding with fanatics September 3, 2018

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan wasn’t happy that a prophet Mohammed cartoon competition – now scrapped – was due to be held in the Netherlands in November.
In fact, he was so angry that he called on countries with large Muslim populations kick up a coordinated fuss at the United Nations.
According to the UK’s National Secular Society, Khan also called on “Muslim countries” to cooperate to pass laws against blasphemy similar to those prohibiting Holocaust denial in parts of Europe.
An NSS spokesperson said:

Blasphemy laws are never justifiable and Imran Khan’s appeals to hurt feelings are a classic tactic: the bully is playing the victim. The international community must see through this.
It is bad enough that Pakistan’s Prime Minister has courted the support of the religious right by defending the indefensible restrictions on free speech at home. For him to lead a campaign to silence people abroad is even more appalling.
If Pakistan, the OIC [Organisation of Islamic Cooperation] or anyone else wish to resurrect this non-issue we will use all our contacts to thwart their progress and push UN member states to resist them.

The NSS has had consultative status on the UN Economic and Social Council since 2016 and has previously joined alliances with other human rights organisations on this issue.
The NSS played a vital part in the repeal of the blasphemy law in England and Wales in 2008 and supports campaigns to repeal blasphemy laws worldwide. According to a report from the US government last year there were laws restricting freedom of expression on religious issues in 71 countries.
The OIC campaigned for a global blasphemy law at the UN from 1998 to 2011. In 2012 its Secretary-General said the effort would stop.

Khan’s comments came after Pakistan’s senate passed a resolution condemning the competition. Thousands of Islamists also rallied in Pakistan to protest against the contest – and one Islamic preacher said he would nuke Holland if he had the power.
It was then reported the contest was had been cancelled in the wake of death threats. Wilders was quoted here as saying:
I don’t want Muslims to use the cartoon competition as an excuse for Islamist violence.
Earlier last  Thursday a man briefly appeared in a Dutch court on suspicion of planning to assassinate Wilders because of the competition. The 26-year-old appeared at a closed sitting in The Hague with prosecutors saying he is suspected of :

Committing a terrorist act, planning to commit murder and incitement.

Following the cancellation, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi hailed it as a “victory” for the Muslim world.

Cancellation of the blasphemous contest is a great moral victory of Muslim Ummah.

However, a defiant Geert Wilders, who organised the contest, warned Qureshi to not be too eager to claim a victory. Wilders tweeted:

Don’t claim victory too soon. I am not finished with you yet. I will expose your barbarism in many other ways.

Khan had said earlier that Westerners:

Don’t realise how their blasphemous activities hurt the sentiments of Muslims all over the world.

He added that laws against “blasphemy” should be similar to those which prevent Holocaust denial in parts of Europe.

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  • Club Secretary

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca
    As true today as it was two thousand years ago.

  • Broga

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if our tame and compliant politicians and religious top dogs started criticising Khan and his ilk who make similar comments to prevent free speech? The lack of courage, as they cower clutching their salaries and expenses, is depressing? What about Brenda and Charlie and co. Charlie is quick to plague politicians in support of his enthusiasms – notoriously, a homeopathic hospital. Or have we now got that?

  • Broga

    Club Secretary : Yup! The man himself and you will learn more that is useful from Seneca than you will ever hear from TFTD. Seneca is probably persona non grata there so as not to deflect the audience from the “biblical truths”.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @Club Secretary, what an awesome quote.
    All these Muslims settled in the West, should be asked to leave the Western nations if their so called religious sentiments are so easily hurt.
    I bet none of them would go back to the shit hole countries where they came from.Classical hypocrites, the whole bunch of them.

  • andym

    Khan was an arrogant piece of shit when he played cricket. He alienated his whole team with his all-about-me victory speech when Pakistan won the World Cup. Now , having enjoyed his fill of Western freedoms, he’s happy to deny them to millions of people. The only consolation is that if he upsets his new Islamist friends, it won’t only be his ambitions that are in pieces.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @andym, exactly. Imran was the original cheat, who pioneered the concept of ball-tampering.
    In the 1992 World Cup Final, Ian Botham was wrongly adjudged to be caught behind, when the ball actually just brushed his shirt sleeve to the wicket keeper.Had this DRS review been in practice at that time.England would have won the World Cup instead of Pakistan.
    Jemima Goldsmith was a big fool to have married this religious crook. Her Father James Goldsmith financed
    this fraud’s political party.

  • Angela_K

    If anybody upsets the religious then I say it is a good deed done. It is long overdue to strip these idiots of the power, privilege and protection they have and let their bizarre beliefs compete in the marketplace of ideas.

  • AgentCormac

    Sadly it isn’t just the muslims who love their blasphemy laws.
    Italian international and Udinese footballer Rolando Mandragora has been suspended for one Serie A game after he was caught on television cameras shouting ‘Porca Madonna, Vaffanculo, Dio Cane’, an insult to the virgin Mary, while also referring to god as a dog. All highly blasphemous, apparently.

  • tonye

    I was aware that Khan had entered politics a few years ago but was blissfully unaware that he had became Pakistan’s PM.
    For want of a better phrase ‘You could have bowled me over!’
    I’ll get my coat…………….

  • Tony

    Gert Wilders does not have several billion islamic nutbags willing to form shreikingbloodlusting lynch mobs or to form cells of heavily armed fanatical assassination squads with which to threaten and actually rub out his enemies.

  • 1859

    Khan knows that if he – just once – says he supports the freedom to utter anything negative about religion, his reward will be a bullet through his large ego and therefore head. So Seneca was right.

  • Brian Jordan

    The most sinister thing about blasphemy laws is that they are applied not only to those who are adherents of the offended religion but also to the those who are not. Thus denying, at a stroke, their religious freedom.