Car crash Jehovah’s Witnesses: the bare naked truth emerges

Car crash Jehovah’s Witnesses: the bare naked truth emerges September 26, 2018

When Canadian police arrived at the scene of a collision last year, they found five deranged and aggressive Jehovah’s Witnesses – four of them naked – in one of the vehicles.

According to this Guardian report, they “displayed extreme strength” and refused to leave the vehicle, so the police had to use a combination of pepper spray and tasers to subdue and arrest them. It was thought at the time that the five were either either under the influence of drink or drugs.

It’s now emerged that the five were members of the JW cult who were apparently trying to escape Armageddon – and in the process kidnapped three neighbours who later managed to break free.

The explanation for the bizarre incident is contained in a plea bargaining document in which two women and a man, who cannot be named, admitted to kidnapping three people in the western province of Alberta last year. One of the women also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

According to the plea document, the episode had begun several days earlier, when one of the women took her her two teenage daughters to visit her 27-year old nephew and his 30-year old wife, who lived in Leduc, Alberta.

After three days at the house – during which the group barely ate – they came to believe that they had lived through the Great Tribulation, a period of suffering which some religious nutters believe heralds the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Convinced they were in imminent danger, the group fled the house – but in their haste, none of the family – except the mother – managed to get dressed.

They piled into a BMW SUV – which the mother crashed through the garage door to make their escape – but then decided they needed to rescue their neighbours.

They forced a man into the trunk of their vehicle, telling him to chant the word “Jehovah”, and made his adult daughter and her baby climb into the back seat.  Their guilty plea said:

They did so because they believed that they were in danger, either from bad or wicked people outside or from demons.

The BMW then raced down the highway, running a red light as its occupants chanted “Jehovah” over and over.

According to the document, the three neighbours managed to escape when the SUV slowed down and they flagged down a passing truck. They boarded the truck – but their relief was short-lived: the SUV rammed it, and both vehicles ended up in a snow-filled ditch.

When police responded to the accident, they faced a group who “displayed extreme strength” and refused to leave the vehicle. According to the court document, one of the teens believe the officers were “were monsters who would kill them”.

The father of the two teens – who wasn’t present during the incident – told investigators that he fears the group might have consumed a hallucinogenic tea. But the plea document makes no mention of drugs or alcohol.

The two teenagers who were present during the abduction were not charged. The three adult offenders are to return to court for sentencing on December 20.

• The images used in this report were sourced at The Real Truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses and JW Survey.

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  • Yuri Fisher

    WTS is not a cult. But it is corrupted. Very corrupted. They lie about Bible prophesies, about 1914. They also say truth about Jehovah and his Son. But they mix truth with lies. JW as people mostly very nice and polite people, but some of them small portion are very corrupted and bad people. And it starts from elders and higher. Jehovah God, the TRUE God sees and knows every thing what is going on inside WTS. And He will completely DESTROY this organization. This is written in Isa. 29:4. Jehovah and His Son Jesus will not let this corrupted organization to continue to lead people into destruction. Read more at There is much information about truth and corruption of WTS.

  • Jack Baynes, Sandwichmaker

    They thought they could escape their god’s Armageddon in a car? What a pathetic Armageddon.

  • Jack Baynes, Sandwichmaker

    God’s let the cult (yes, a cult) exist for 140 years. Why would He act now?

  • What