Christian, forced to remove billboard, shrieks 'persecution'

Christian, forced to remove billboard, shrieks 'persecution' September 8, 2018

An elderly Christian nutter from Petrolia in Ontario is deeply upset over the fact that a billboard he rented at a cost of almost $10,000 drew so much ire that he had to remove the message he posted on it.
Ralph Baker, 81, claimed in this report that his motivation for renting the billboard was to be “helpful”. He said he wanted to steer young people away from homosexuality to reduce high suicide rates in LGBT communities.
But the President of the Chatham-Kent Gay Pride Association insisted the sign was anything but helpful. Said Marianne Willson:

The message on the billboard does nothing to inspire hope to young gay men and women in our community. The community response has not interpreted his message to be a suicide prevention bulletin as he suggests, only a message of intolerance and disrespect towards others.

Baker, who was reached at the number posted on the billboard at Kent Bridge Road and Countryview Line, said he is simply:

Relaying God’s message. We must do something as concerned citizens for our children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren and our neighbours that they don’t get introduced to a lifestyle that they are not very used to.

Baker acknowledged that bullying is a likely cause of suicides among gay men and women, but he doesn’t consider the sign to be hateful.
The imbecile, who has 14 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren, said “Christian psychology” is the only way to prevent gay men and women from dying by suicide. When asked if he was referring to conversion therapy, Baker said “definitely.”
Conversion therapy – the practice of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation – was banned in Ontario in 2015.
Willson said the billboard is not considered a hate crime under law, but it was “damaging” to community morale and and gave a negative impression of Chatham-Kent.
She also pointed out that her organisation had staged its first Gay Pride parade in the district on August 18 – and that the turn-out was higher than expected.
Baker did not say the the parade was the reason he had the billboard made, but the turnout  was “a big ouch” to him.

What is going to happen next year and the year after? Here’s the thing, we have to put the brakes on it.

Baker is now playing the “persecuted Christian” card, claiming that, although he’s removed his stupid message, he is being hounded by angry homosexuals. He whined:

I thought I knew all the swear words, but this was a learning experience. I wasn’t even close to all the swear words and anger that came from the homosexual community. It’s been terrible. It’s been crazy. They still have to bug me … It’s the same as being on the front-lines of a war.

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  • AgentCormac

    ‘It’s the same as being on the front-lines of a war.’
    Well, you put yourself there you stupid old fool.

  • Angela_K

    Hoople headed Christian says he is persecuted because he can’t persecute. Irony not in their mindset.

  • L.Long

    When the sign is read in the proper frame it perfectly reflects the xtian state… DON’T THINK, use faith, get your morals from a book of hate and genocide, be a raving bigot, and believe xtian lies – as in show me where gawd is against gays and abortion?

  • tonye

    If his god is truly omnipotent why does he/she require someone to relay it’s message?

  • Laura Roberts

    In my opinion, billboards generally are “damaging to community morale”. I’d love to see them all dismantled. I’m completely with the late comedian Bill Hicks when it comes to marketing and advertising.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    he wanted to steer young people away from homosexuality
    OK, everybody – if you were steered INTO homosexuality because of a billboard / advertisment / message, raise your hand !
    Now, if you were steered OUT OF homosexuality because of a billboard / advertisment / message, raise your hand !
    Hmmm. I thought so.

  • StephenJP

    He’s “relaying God’s message”. Hm. God doesn’t seem to have done a very good job in messaging us itself. I wonder what medium God uses to communicate to Mr Baker, and why most of the rest of humanity don’t seem to be able to tune into the relevant frequency. Maybe the messages Mr Baker gets are entirely self-generated.
    And “a ship without a rudder is tossed to and fro”? A control device such as a “rudder” is something that intelligent, rational people build into their own…(what? Lives? Lifestyles? Yachts?). He implies that we all need an externally-imposed guide to tell us how to live. Not if we’re over the age of about 15,we don’t.

  • SC Keita

    Another gay victory against free speech. So much for tolerance. If something challenges your prejudices, then don’t read it. But that would be real tolerance.

  • Cali Ron

    SC: The article doesn’t actually say who had him remove the sign. Certainly, the Gay Pride Organization doesn’t have the authority to do that and they were exercising their free speech rights, so they didn’t censure his speech. BTW, free speech doesn’t gaurentee your right to place hateful, intolerant (not to mention ignorant ) messages on billboards.
    Also, your 2nd sentence applies just as much to the Christian nutters intolerance of gays as it does to the gays dislike of his signs message.