Family Radio kills off Camping – five years after his death

Family Radio kills off Camping – five years after his death September 28, 2018

After doomsday prophet Harold Camping – former President and co-founder of Family Radio – fell off his perch aged 92 in 2013 it was announced that little would change at the station, and recorded broadcasts by the deranged old Christian would continue.

But, after October 7, devotees will no longer hear his voice.

Why? Because Family Radio has reached the conclusion that Camping was full of shit, and that his message no longer fits in with Family Radio’s fresh approach to Christianity.

According to this report, Tom Evans, President and General Manager of FR, said:

We decided as a team, as a board of directors, and as the leadership team to remove all of Mr. Camping’s teachings. Family Radio has come out of self-imposed isolation and we’ve repented from many of our former positions, date-setting the end of the world and all that, as well as the condemnation of the church.

Evans said that they were removing all of his content because even among his less controversial messages:

So much of it still contains elements that are very difficult. Rather than dwell in the past, it’s time for us to move on …

In December 2013, Harold Camping died after decades of overseeing Family Stations, Inc and Family Radio. This included overseeing a nightly call-in program called “Open Forum,” where anonymous listeners asked a wide array of questions about the Bible.

While best known for his multiple failed end times predictions, Camping also angered some Christians for his claim that the institutional churches of all denominations had gone apostate and that the faithful should leave these churches.

Evans added:

We’re now turning from being critical of the church to now how can we embrace and encourage the church of Jesus Christ here in this world.

Family Radio’s recent decision to remove Camping’s programming from their stations next month stands in contrast to their initial support for keeping his content on the air.

In 2014 Evans, then assistant general manager, said that little would change with Family Radio’s content.

“[Family Radio] will not be altered or changed as a result of the death of Mr. Camping,” Evans said at the time, adding that there is “no one who has the biblical foundational understanding that Mr. Camping had.”

Evans said this week that he had since changed his views on Camping’s teachings because he:

Began to study the Scriptures. I began to re-examine all of Mr. Camping’s teachings, in particular the end of the church age. I became increasingly more uncomfortable with many of the presuppositions that Mr. Camping used as well as the scriptural presuppositions, and began to more and more come to see that the whole basis of those doctrines, including his timeline from the New Testament forward, I no longer agreed with. I no longer saw them as being scriptural.

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