Poor ticket sales leads to collapse of Christian festival

Poor ticket sales leads to collapse of Christian festival September 9, 2018

Hop across to the Big Church Day Out’s Facebook page and you’ll be told that the BCDO is ‘the UK’s largest annual gathering of the wider church that creates a space for all denominations and ages to gather each year for two exciting days of worship and celebration.’
Oh, and that one can buy tickets for next year’s northern event at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire in 2019.
Except you can’t buy tickets because the organisers have announced on their official website that:

It’s with enormous sadness and disappointment that the Big Church Day Out Trustees and Team are announcing that BCDO North will be cancelled in 2019 and beyond.

Someone called Tim Jupp, above, posted the announcement of the cancellation, explaining that:

Having recently met to pray and discuss at length the future viability of continuing with the Big Church Day Out North, the Trustees have come to the conclusion this would create such a level of financial uncertainty that it would be irresponsible to put the charity in such a position if we were to move forward with BCDO North …
As many of you know, the Big Church Day Out is a hugely expensive event to put on, and whilst we have never looked at tickets sales to cover all of our costs, we do nonetheless need a certain critical mass to offset the other income streams.

The projected numbers that were needed to build the North event longer term were 15,000 attendees in year one and then a healthy increase in year two. Unfortunately, we only achieved 12,000 in year one and then very surprisingly to us and many others, we did, in fact, have a few hundred less in year two, and saw no growth.
We are very aware that events the size of BCDO need a few years to grow to a sustainable level, but because of the lower than projected numbers in the first two years, we have sadly not been able to afford the luxury of having enough time to keep building.
If you have already purchased a ticket for BCDO North 2019 we would love to see you at BCDO South 2019. We will be in touch with all ticket holders to discuss whether you’d like to come to BCDO South or receive a full refund.

Unfortunately the cancellation doesn’t spell the complete demise of this festival of fools.

The Team and Trustees remain more committed than ever to the original vision of BCDO; that through creating a space for unity, worship and evangelism, the Big Church Day Out might be a light on a hill for the church in the UK for a long time to come. We will be throwing all our efforts into developing the site at Wiston House [in West Sussex] over the next few years, which has the capacity to double in size, and look forward to welcoming people from all over the UK on the May Bank Holiday weekend each year.

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  • Broga

    ” the Big Church Day Out might be a light on a hill for the church in the UK for a long time to come. We will be throwing all our efforts into developing the site at Wiston House [in West Sussex] ….. which has the capacity to double in size,”
    No chance Timmy, it is game over here. The choking miasma arise from religious sewage is not wanted. Churches empty, atheist books selling and Thought for the Day twaddle only surviving through the BBC, leader in freedom of speech, imposing a censorship that would not disgrace Trump, Stalin, Mao and similar charmers. Try Ireland.

  • AgentCormac

    Jupp and his chums really shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of enthusiasm for their pointless little event. A recent British Social Attitudes survey has found that just 2% of young adults identify as C of E, that the proportion of people of all ages identifying with the C of E has fallen from 31% in 2002 to 14% last year, and that 52% of people said they had no religion in 2017.
    Pack up and go, Mr Jupp. The game is over.

  • Rob Andrews

    Right! Traditional Abrahamic religions are going down. Millennial’s are going to new age groups for ‘spiritual fulfillment’ now. I went to the Greek orthodox church across the street one Sunday. it was half empty.
    And most of the people attending were old….. Oh that was an Easter Sunday too! And an other thing I noticed, was that the parking lot fills up AFTER the service, when everybody goes to the rec. hall for coffee and baklava.
    The Greek pastry is good!!!

  • andym

    What leapt out at me was how unquestionable it seems to be that this prosletysing organisation is granted charitable status. Religions just take the piss with this and society seems happy to let them.

  • Angela_K

    Yet still these religious loons refuse to see the evidence everywhere that belief is in decline.
    Looking at the balloon emblazoned with “Jesus loves you”another is needed: “But everyone else thinks you are a c..t”my choice is l and o for the missing letters but others will fit.

  • StephenJP

    He says that they met “to pray and discuss at length” the future of this event. What, I wonder, was the outcome of the praying bit? Did the IMF tell them that the North was lost; that they should concentrate on the South, and let the North look after its own salvation? Or did they just look at the bottom line? Surely Jesus would have told them to give all they had in order to bring the ignorant to the true light?
    Pardon me if I cannot refrain from laughing.

  • gedediah

    We northerers have been abandoned to the heathen hords. Oh wait, thats actually us, isn’t it 🙂

  • Andy

    Did the organisers find that the poor demand for tickets and the costs of hiring the venue, hiring facilities,hiring security, hiring marshalls, insurance made the profit margin too slender to make it worth their while. Or did they abandon the event to save face and embarassment over the pitifully small attendance?

  • 1859

    ‘Jesus loves you – but we love your money!’
    Strange how these religious folk need the very stuff their beloved Jesus chucked out of the temple all those years ago. The game has finished, jesus may love us but we don’t love jesus anymore – the deception is over.

  • Robster

    Jees, an opportunity missed! Imagine the kiosk food options, Pluto Jesus, that’s a Jesus cracker dipped in beer batter and deep fried on a stick, Silly hat Candy Crunches, that’s sugar snaps in the shape of clergy hats and costumes with a variety of flavour options, perhaps little paper cups of freshly squeezed blood and so much more. What fun!