Scout leader who criticised 'Muslim costumes' wins payout

Scout leader who criticised 'Muslim costumes' wins payout September 10, 2018

Brian Walker, 62, a Bristol scout leader who was expelled from the movement after insisting that Islamic full-face coverings had no place in scouting, has won an out-of-court settlement.
He was ousted in 2017 after writing to the Scouting Association’s official magazine to object to its promotion of a London Gay Pride event, and for featuring a Muslim scout leader called Zainab, pictured above.
Walker, supported by the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), took legal action against the scouts, but the Scout Association said the settlement does not imply he was right.A spokesperson said:

This settlement does not imply that we accept Mr Walker’s claim made against us or his view of the world.

In this video, Walker says he was “cast off like an old sock” after e-mailing a complaint to the magazine about the “indoctrination” of scouts vis-a-vis homosexuality, and for criticising “Muslim costumes”.
In June 2017 he appealed the decision to expel him and after it was upheld he took legal action, saying he had been discriminated against for his Christian beliefs.
The CLC, which supported his appeal, said an agreement was reached after a judge refused to “strike out” Walker’s claim as having no real prospects of success.

Earlier this year, another CLC client – ex-con-turned-Christian Steve Loha, above – won a case against Bray Associates, which runs Chichester market. The company refused to allow him to continue trading after a complaint was made about his handing out Christian tracts to customers who came to his mobile phone and accessories stall.
Reporting on this case, the CLC said here:

With the help of the Christian Legal Centre, Steve challenged the decision and on Friday 20th July, a county court judge ruled in Steve’s favour, saying that his removal was illegal.

The tract in question, published by Chick Publications in the US, was on the topic of homosexuality. It portrays the need for all people to turn from their sins and find forgiveness in Christ – focusing particularly on homosexuality and some of its consequences.

The message is undoubtedly stark as it challenges both the practice of and the ideology behind homosexuality. It is not particularly comfortable to read. But the fundamental message of the tract is true – the events portrayed can and do happen, and there is a need, just like with any other sin, to turn to God in repentance and faith for salvation.

The CLC gave “thanks to God” that the bigot won his legal challenge, but warned that the case isn’t over yet because the management company’s legal representatives are applying for permission to appeal the ruling.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Chief Executive of the CLC, above, commented:

This decision makes a welcome change from a worrying trend we have seen in many recent judgments which sought to justify removal of Christians from their jobs and livelihoods for purely ideological reasons. In this case, however, the judge had the courage to uphold the rule of law.
Steve Loha stands for some of the most precious things in humanity – honest hard-working enterprise, courageous evangelism, and genuine repentance of sin. He deserved justice, and we are very privileged to have served him in securing its triumph.

Hat tip: AM (scoutmaster report)

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