Teen dies after being forced into a 40-day religious fast

Teen dies after being forced into a 40-day religious fast September 10, 2018

Titilayno A Omosebi, 48, and her husband Kehinde S Omosebi, 49, are facing criminal charges in Wisconsin for causing the death of their 15-year-old son who died while engaging in a lengthy religious fast.
According to this report, the youth – Ayanfe O Omosebi – had complained in  a letter to the authorities before his death that he feared he was about to die. In the letter, addressed to “Lawyers of Sauk County Circuit Court” he wrote:

The hunger is too much. Please help me now so I may eat. I can’t continue in such a life with no food … If I don’t get food now I’ll probably die of hunger.

The Reedsburg Police Department in Wisconsin said in a statement that the boy’s father came to the police to report his son’s death.

When police got to the family home, which was padlocked from the inside, they found Ayanfe’s emaciated corpse. His 11-year-old brother, who was also emaciated, was found alive with his mother.
The father told police that the family started a 40-day fast on July 19, only drinking water, so they could get blessings from God to move to Atlanta. He told police he was a minister affiliated with the Cornerstone Reformation Ministries, an organisation that appears not to exist.
Reedsburg Police Chief Tim Becker said while he was aware of religious fasting, he had never heard of one lasting that long.
The mother and her 11-year old son were taken to Reedsburg Area Medical Center for treatment but Titilayno refused treatment on religious grounds. The boy was taken into protective custody.
The couple have since been charged with neglecting a child causing death and neglecting a child causing great bodily harm.

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  • 1859

    If the boy sent such a heart-rendering letter to the authorities why the fuck didn’t they act before it was too late? I know we don’t know the details of the case, but if indeed the authorities received this letter, whoever did not act on it is guilty of criminal negligence.
    And if anyone was in any doubt how superstitious belief can cause physical bodily harm, let them look no further than this case. And if anyone doubts the mental damage religion can cause let them too look no further than this case. Poor kid, brutalised by the very people who should care for him and then abandoned by the authorities.

  • Harry

    Primitive beyond belief. Just fucking move to Atlanta … dont ask god to make it easy. JUst fucking do it.
    Religion cripples people.

  • L.Long

    Well since the parents were NOT locked in a room and was out and about, I’m willing to make a $1 bet that they are lying hypocrites & have been eating! Or was it ONLY the kids that were on the fasting BS? ALL religions are evil! And the fan clubs are the most evil.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    If the boy sent such a heart-rendering letter to the authorities why the fuck didn’t they act before it was too late?
    Hang on, there.
    1…The only reference to that letter I can find is in the linked article. Several other news reports don’t mention it.
    2… That is from the “Christian Post”, who might have a motive to make up stuff.
    3… The article quotes “authorities say”, but names no one.
    4… No mention of WHEN the letter was received, it might have been the day he died.
    Unless we know more, there’s no reason to stomp on the police.

  • narcogen
  • John the Drunkard

    The mother refused food and treatment, the surviving child had to be taken into state care.

  • Cali Ron

    Harry: I agree 100%with the meaning of your last sentence , but could you please refrain from using the term ‘cripple “? I’m not trying to be overly PC,but my son has a permanent disability and the term carries a lot of negative connotations. Thanks!