Victims of Buddhist abuse voice concerns to Dalai Lama

Victims of Buddhist abuse voice concerns to Dalai Lama September 16, 2018

Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, reportedly had to endure a ‘complicated’ meeting in Holland on Friday after he agreed to meet four victims of alleged sexual abuse carried out by Buddhist teachers in several countries.
The BBC reports that a spokesperson said the Dalai Lama was “saddened” to hear about the abuse and “constantly condemned” such behaviour. The group had requested the meeting to discuss abuse reportedly carried out by former or current Buddhist teachers in several countries.

The three women and one man who attended the 20-minute meeting on Friday presented written testimonies from 12 alleged victims.
One of those present, Oane Bijlsma said that it was “a very complicated meeting”.
She said that at the beginning the Dalai Lama “didn’t want to hear” about their cases, but added that after 10 minutes of conversation he became “more receptive”.
Several other media outlets – including this one – carried reports that the Dalai Lama said he has long been aware of devotees being abused by their gurus – and that such allegations are “nothing new”.
He agreed to the meeting after a petition was posted on the Internet ahead of his visit to the Netherlands. The opening paragraph reads:

We, the authors of this petition, are all survivors of (sexual) abuse by Buddhist teachers. We took refuge in Buddhism with an open mind and an open heart, until we were violated in its name. Later, we found out that we are not alone. We found allies too, who feel unable to look away.

The petition adds:

We put together a book-length compilation of abuse survivors’ testimonies. These personal testimonies were penned for the Dalai Lama’s eyes only, under the survivors’ own true names. They describe what happened to them, and what this has done to their lives and the lives of their loved ones. The number of contributors is still growing, but these testimonies concern (sexual) abuses by at least five Tibetan Buddhist teachers, experienced by at least twelve survivors in ten Western countries.

The BBC notes that the meeting came a week after Rigpa, an international Buddhist organisation active in the West, apologised for alleged abuse carried out by its founder Sogyal Lakar, also known as Sogyal Rinpoche, above,
Lakar is best known for his 1994 book The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, which sold over three million copies.
Last month, an independent investigation by a lawyer commissioned by Rigpa found that some members of Lakar’s “inner circle” were “subjected to serious physical, sexual and emotional abuse by him”.

The report added that senior members of the organisation had knowledge of some of the issues and “failed to address them, leaving others at risk”.
Lakar, who has stepped down as the head of Rigpa, declined to be interviewed for the investigation due to health issues.

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  • AgentCormac

    Due to health issues? Yeah, right. He’s obviously been taking a leaf out of Cardinal George Pell’s book on how to avoid justice.

  • Broga

    Feeble response.

  • Broga

    OT. Anybody know who God is punishing for the devastating storms in the USA?

  • Barry Duke

    No-one is being punished, Broga. Well, that’s what Franklin Graham says.

  • Barry Duke

    Oh, wait up … Trump voters are being punished:
    Speaking at the Berkeley California School for Philosophy and Socialism, Tuesday, former President and Usurper Barack Hussain Obama told the gathered crowd of thousands that Hurricane Florence is “punishment brought down from almighty God for the horrendous error of electing Donald Trump.” Applause filled the auditorium as the gathered students and CNN reporters cheered. Obama went on : “God is angry. That much is evident. When the heavens tear asunder like this, it’s because of the idiocy of denying climate change, the stupidity of hiring imbeciles, the pure evil of the laughing racist and the lunatic fringe.”
    It’s satire. If you hadn’t already guessed as much.

  • Broga

    Hey Barry, does that mean all the gays are gone and only white, God fearing, gullible Christians are left?
    Oops; looks like Dumbo Trump is to blame.

  • AgentCormac

    @Barry Duke
    Remember the 2011 tsunami which devastated Japan, killing 15,894 people, destroying more than 120,000 buildings and causing financial damage estimated to be about $199 billion dollars?
    I would so, so dearly love to have been in our local village hall the evening after that tsunami struck to hear our local CoE vicar stand up, uninvited, and tell the gathered community that the devastation was god’s way of telling us, his creations, that he isn’t at all happy with our behaviour. Plate tectonics? Bollocks. Geology? Irrelevant. It was all about god getting grumpy.
    Had I been there that night I would have found it impossible not to stand and offer up an alternative, fact-based version of the disaster. But apparently no one challenged her and they all just nodded along. Which is, of course, how the religiots have got away with peddling their nonsense for millennia.

  • StephenJP

    @AC: I was at a service in our local church (don’t ask) just after the Great Storm of 1987, and the guy who was put up to lead the prayers actually started out by saying “Thank you God for showing us Your power and majesty the other day”. I thought of the 18 dead and the hundreds injured or homeless, not to mention the 15 million trees destroyed, and I thought “you’re out of your mind mate”. Truly there is no accounting for the delusions that people willingly subject themselves to.

  • 1859

    @Barry: Pity it was satire – for a brief moment it had my head racing thinking the fight back against Toilet Trump had started in earnest.What the hell are the Democrats doing over there? They don’t appear to have a single candidate strong enough the fry Trump’s arse?

  • L.Long

    Dalai-lama…pope 2.0.
    He is a phony like all religious leaders, he deals with power & politics. ALL preacher types are guilty of everything until they prove their innocence! Always remember the large jar of M&Ms!!

  • barriejohn

    When faced with the possibility of a natural disaster, the answer is to construct a “Shield of Faith”. This is sufficient to divert the strongest hurricane.