Bad marks: UK store blasted for selling hijabs for toddlers

Bad marks: UK store blasted for selling hijabs for toddlers October 12, 2018

Marks and Spencer stands accused of ‘facilitating medievalism’ for offering kiddie-sized hijabs in black and dark blue on its on-line store.

The remark was made by Muslim politician and radio broadcaster Maajid Nawaz, founder of the Quilliam Foundation, a think tank focusing on counter-extremism.

According to The Daily Post he tweeted:

@marksandspencer facilitates medievalism by selling children’s hijabs in the school-wear category. It’s their right to choose profit over values. But it’s our right to shame them for doing so. Little girls are told it is ‘immodest’ to show their hair …

Maajid Nawaz

Nawaz, who was wrongly branded as an “anti-Muslim extremist” by the US-based Southern Poverty Law Center, added.

Hijab is still imposed (only on women) by law in Iran and Saudi Arabia, and many other countries. This is gender apartheid. @marksandspencer are free to sell confederate flag tee-shirts too, but I bet they never will.

Dozens of others took to Twitter to voice their concern over the fact that the product aimed at girls as young three.

Karen Cooper tweeted:

This is just plain wrong @marksandspencer I wouldn’t like to see a child in this for the same reason I wouldn’t like to see them in stockings and suspenders (the Sexualization of children is wrong!)

Others have pledged to boycott the store.

Mark Simmons said:

I am boycotting M&S as from now. Urge others to do so to show your disgust at the sexualisation of young children. This has never been or should ever be, part of our culture.

M&S has defended the decision to sell the hijab claiming that schools across the country had asked for it to be added to their school uniform selection.

They tweeted:

We provide bespoke uniforms for 250 schools across the country and they tell us which items they need as part of their school uniform list. For a number of schools this year, they requested the option of the hijab.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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    Unfortunately, I have seen this vile item forced upon not just several young girls, but on little girls so young they aren’t eating solid food yet. As in less than six months old! And I’m not living in an area with a large muslim community. Great way to begin life–being told/shown that you must keep your entire body totally covered because you are less than all males. Utterly disgusting.

  • Götterdämmerung

    Revolting decision by M&S to sell and thereby endorse the oppression of women. M&S was started by two Jews, hated by Muslims.

  • Raging Bee

    Do Muslims in general really require girls that young to cover themselves like that? I thought they waited until they were about 10, because a) girls younger than that were considered nonsexual and didn’t have enough to hide, and b) it just wasn’t practical.

    Maybe Muslim immigrants in Europe are getting more extreme in response to social situations that feel unstable to them?

  • Vanity Unfair

    Perhaps it is just a Hallowe’en costume.
    I didn’t think so, either.
    The “school uniform” excuse does not work as the hijab must be optional, not compulsory and, unless very tightly defined, open to use by non-Muslims and non-girls. If its use is tightly defined then it becomes discriminatory in an unexpected way. Think about the now annual reports of boys not allowed to wear shorts in the Summer who circumvent the ruling by wearing skirts because the non-sexist regulations have to allow for girls to wear trousers.

  • anxionnat

    Notice how the word “children” is used, when what they really mean is “girls.” I still remember that, several years ago, while waiting at a community clinic for my doctor appointment, three people came into the waiting room: a man, a small boy, and a woman in a niqab–she was fully “covered” and even her eyes couldn’t be seen. She was seven months or so pregnant. The little boy looked about two years old–a toddler. I was sitting there in a t-shirt and shorts–it was an unbearably hot day. The man immediately, before he’d even reached the check-in counter that was immediately inside the door, started yelling and pointing at me. I didn’t understand most of what he was saying (he had a heavy accent, and some words were not in English.) I did hear the part about “whore” though. He screamed at me, coming and pushing his face at me so that we were literally nose-to-nose. And, no, I didn’t know him–had never seen him before. I pushed him aside, and went over and talked to the clerk at the check-in desk. She said she’d already called Security. The security guy came about 30 seconds later. Even being removed by security didn’t shut the guy up. He continued yelling all the way down the hall. After I’d seen my doctor, I checked in with security. I was really shaken, and the doctor and nurses had found that my blood pressure was high, and that I couldn’t stop shaking. Security said that they’d gotten the guy’s name (from his wife, I guess) and that the guy had been banned from the clinic for a year. This guy is the type of person who wants three-year-old girls to wear hijabs. It’s a matter of control.

  • barriejohn

    Having been involved with the Plymouth Brethren when I was younger, I always notice the Exclusive families when they are out shopping. The girls (and they invariably have several of them!) are always dressed like miniature clones of their mothers, with long skirts, long hair, and those silly little handkerchiefs on their heads that stand in for a “head covering”. I also remember girls being accosted by the elders’ wives, and in some cases reduced to tears, over the fact that the were “snatching their hats off” (always the same language wherever you went) as they left the meetings. It’s all part of the effort to stamp authority on young minds and ensure that they know their place in the order of things.

  • TinnyWhistler

    I think the school uniform bit is more about offering a hijab that is explicitly acceptable as part of the uniform, not necessarily that all the girls must wear one. I’d guess if there’s a school that requires a uniform they wouldn’t be ok with a girl showing up in a neon tie-dyed hijab.

  • MystiqueLady

    In general, when a girl has her first menstrual cycle is when she is “required” to wear the hijab. Sometimes menses can start as early as 10. Also, it is not unusual for young girls to want to dress like the women around her. If her circle is predominantly made up of women who cover themselves up, some girls will want to mimic them (just like little girls like to play grocery store or play with kitchen ware — mimicking their mothers/aunts/grandmothers).

  • barriejohn

    My sister used to wear our mother’s shoes indoors, but she didn’t go to school in them!

  • MystiqueLady

    Probably because you had a smart mother who knew where to draw the line.

  • barriejohn

    Exactly, so why defend this practice?

  • MystiqueLady

    Am not defending it, just providing an explanation.

  • barriejohn

    Knowing quite a lot about fundamentalist believers myself, I don’t think for one minute that it’s just a case of little girls innocently wanting to look like mummy. This is all part of the conditioning process, and they know that the younger they start on them the more success they will have. It’s appalling.

  • Anne Fenwick

    It’s one of those things that can creep into a culture, as people compete to be purer than the neighbors. Not long ago I passed a mother at the pool wearing a full-blown niqab. Her daughter, aged six at the most, was similarly dressed, but in a cheerful forest green and with a small oval for her face exposed. (They had been attending the women/girls only sessions at the pool).

  • Jim Jones

    I wonder if they make a penis sized one.

    Asking for a friend.

  • islandbrewer

    I thought they were baby Reaper Halloween costumes,

    … Just sell them with a little scythe …

  • Sophotroph

    The real crime is that they missed the opportunity to market them as “Weejabs”.