Christian author of ‘Unashamed’ has a lot to be ashamed about

Christian author of ‘Unashamed’ has a lot to be ashamed about October 14, 2018

When ‘international evangelist’ Christine Caine, above, published a book in 2016 with the cumbersome title of Unashamed: Drop the Baggage, Pick up your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny, she put herself on the road to a lawsuit claiming that she had plagiarised an earlier motivational book written in 2015 by Colorado author and life coach Carey Scott.

It’s now reported that Caine and her publishers have reached a settlement with Scott, who sued them in May.

In Scott’s lawsuit filed in the US District Court of the Western District of Michigan in May, she named Caine, HarperCollins Publishers LLC, HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc, The Zondervan Corporation and Inc d/b/a Zondervan Publishing as defendants.

Caine also published Unshakeable: 365 Devotions for Finding Unwavering Strength in God’s Word, in October 2017 through Zondervan Publishing.

Carey Scott

When asked if she wished to comment on the settlement on Friday, Scott replied via email:

No, I do not. Thank you.

Scott’s attorney, Joseph R Delehanty, describes Scott in the lawsuit as a motivational author and speaker whose message focuses on Christian women who battle insecurity and feelings of worthlessness and shame. She developed a number of Bible study methods, ministry aids, and general media and print resources for her audience.

In May 2015, Scott “shared some of her Christian self-help wisdom” in a book with an equally cumbersome title – Untangled: Let God Loosen the Knots of Insecurity in your Life

Delehanty said:

Ms Scott contends that her work, Untangled, including exact wording, phrasing, and compilation, along with the book’s general thematic message and presentation, is consistently copied, reworded, and derived without authorization within Unashamed and Unshakeable and that there exists proof of direct copying within the book’s promotional materials and printed, e-book, and audio forms.

… This is an action under federal copyright law for injunctive relief and monetary damages arising out of, inter alia, Defendants’ willful infringement and unauthorized use of Plaintiff’s copyrighted work.

Scott reportedly learned of the similarities between her book and Caine’s Unashamed on April 27, 2016, about two weeks before the evangelist’s book was published. She reached out to Caine’s publishers to inform them of the infringement but:

Ms. Caine and Zondervan persisted with the book’s publication.

Scott said that she deeply admired Caine, but:

When I saw my words in her work, it felt like a huge betrayal by someone I trusted.

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