Christian propaganda movie Gosnell hits a few bumps in the road

Christian propaganda movie Gosnell hits a few bumps in the road October 22, 2018

Last week the religious press was cock-a-hoop over the release of Gosnell: the Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, a film about Kermit Barron Gosnell, an American physician and abortionist who was jailed for life for murdering three infants who were born alive during attempted abortion procedures, and one woman during an abortion procedure.

It was, they insisted, a “must see” for all who oppose abortion.

Earl Billings plays Gosnell. YouTube screenshot.

This week the same media is crying foul over the fact that Gosnell – described by one reviewer as a “snoozer” and “anti-choice Catholic-backed propaganda” – is being dumped by hundreds of theatres in the US

Reports that movie houses are giving Gosnell the cold shoulder come after the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Austin,Texas, cancelled a screening.

Hate group the Family Research Council is is blaming a local branch Planned Parenthood for sabotaging the hotel screening.

But what was the hotel to do? On the one hand it was hosting  a $400-a-plate Planned Parenthood fundraising gala, which had no doubt been booked months in advance, and on the other it had taken a booking for a screening of a tedious bit of anti-abortion propaganda on the same date.

The hotel decided that “security issues” were its prime concern, and cancelled screening last month.

The FRC was livid, and said:

The same organization that insisted Gosnell got what he deserved is doing everything they can to keep his story from being told.

Producer Ann McElhinney said that over 250 people had planned to attend the screening before the cancellation.

Ann and Phelim McElhinney wrote in an email to supporters:

But now thanks to the bullying of Planned Parenthood and the cowardice of the Hyatt they won’t get to see the Gosnell movie and the truth about abortion.

The truth is that Gosnell was a rogue operator who deserved to be jailed,  but the movie, according to a number of reviews I have read, suggests that all abortion clinics are the same.

FRC said:

If anyone’s a security risk, it’s the group killing 881 babies a day! Of course, no one should be surprised at Planned Parenthood’s pathetic attempt to shut the movie down. They’re probably afraid more Americans will make the connection between Gosnell’s barbarism and their support for procedures just like it.

So why are theatres giving Gosnell the cold shoulder? Could it be the that they fear it won’t appeal to “liberals?”

Catholic League President Bill Donohue, above, seems to think so.

With the exception of the Los Angeles Times, no major newspaper reviewed the movie. The New York Times and the Washington Post review virtually every new movie, but found no interest in writing about ‘Gosnell’.
The reviews curiously noted how liberals would not appreciate this film. The Los Angeles Times said the movie ‘never loses sight of the choir to which it is plainly preaching’. Forbes called the movie ‘A Feature-Length Law & Order for Conservative Christians’. called it a ‘conservative-backed dramatization of the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’.

Why are liberals not interested in a movie about a man who exploits – even kills – women? Why are secular liberals not as interested in this movie as conservative Christians are? If this is a ‘conservative-backed dramatization’,  what would a ‘liberal-backed’ one look like? After all, a dramatization about a serial killer shouldn’t turn on ideology.

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  • Cozmo the Magician

    Oh Lets use their same ‘LOGIC’ here. Since we have SOOO many cases of Catholic priests abusing and raping children, money laundering, and various other crimes then ALL Catholic priests are GUILTY too. Lets round up ALL priests and lock them up! See, ‘logic’ can be fun.

  • Mythblaster

    The head wound didn’t kill him, but rest assured folks, Bill Donohue is a grouchy old man who will be dead soon. Not soon enough, maybe, but soon.

  • Mythblaster
  • The typical movie viewer won’t be interested in a film like that unless It has a celeb actor in the lead role, or some similar hook to attract their interest. The people most likely to see it are the ones already convinced about abortion, and chances are a bunch of churches will end up showing it anyway.

  • I hear all the conservatives whine about SJWs are runing Marvel and Star Wars, yet these right wing movies are WORSE peices of cinematic dreck, that Roe V Wade movie looks like it is going to make this film appear as a oscar contender in comparason.

  • NikkiofAmystika

    “The typical movie viewer won’t be interested in a film like that unless It has a celeb actor in the lead role, or some similar hook to attract their interest.”
    The closest Gosnell gets is that Dean Cain plays the main detective on the case.

  • zenlike

    Do they even have any evidence that PP is behind the cancellation? Because I see this asserted by some christian hate groups, but quite frankly, they lie as easily as a normal person breathes.

    Case in point, the dishonest Donohue: “After all, a dramatization about a serial killer shouldn’t turn on ideology.” It does when the serial killer is used to attack all other physicians engaging in a perfectly legal activity, out of ideological reasons.

  • Liberal Liers

    And by that logic we can round up all leftist and lock them up since leftist are pro lgbt and catholic priests are gay.

  • Liberal Liers

    Despite being dropped from over 100 theaters, this movie has strong showings since its release. Turns out America isnt liberal and conservstive after all. Just like the presidency and house and senate.

  • Your evidence she supports the murder of “born children” is what, exactly?

  • I would expect temporary “strong showings” as a bunch of churches buy tickets in bulk for their parishioners to see it.

  • NikkiofAmystika

    That confused me, too-especially since I never denied that Gosnell did horrible things or even mentioned any of his actions in my initial reply to you. Thanks for sticking up for me.

  • bicepeak

    Kind of into death at all ages, huh?

  • Mythblaster

    Wow… were you home-schooled? You misspelled LIAR and you claimed Catholic priests are gay. While some may be gay (statistically speaking, some would have to be gay), the ones targeting children are NOT gay… they are PEDOPHILES!

    HUGE difference…

  • Liberal Liers

    Low IQ response from a sub human individual. You lack the intelligence required to craft a semi coherent statement. Why on earth would you think you are in the same social caste to even respond to me? Your kind is better off being executed. But I wont let you remain a statistic. Homosexuality and pedophilia heavily correlate. This only furthers my point… Since the left are pro LGBT, and LGBT condone pedophilia, we can therefore lock all leftists up. Man!!! what a great societal improvement, to discriminate against leftists with impunity.

  • Liberal Liers


  • Liberal Liers

    Just turns out the majority of Americans despise baby murder. Glad R V W will be overturned soon

  • In other words you have no evidence. I kind of guessed that already.

  • Mythblaster

    “semi coherent” should have been hyphenated and “wont” is a contraction of “will not”… it needs an apostrophe. I’ll maintain my assertion that you were home-schooled (if schooled at all) AND I’d like to see even a single citation (from somewhere other than Ignorant Asshole News) supporting your correlation between pedophilia and homosexuality.

    NO ONE (other than fellow pedophiles) supports pedophilia, and your desire to lock up all leftist reveals a very cowardly character. What are you afraid of, Lier? Everything??? I bet you sleep with a pistol under you pillow and a teddy bear clutched tightly to your chest.

  • Adrian

    My fear is that he may have been (un)dead for quite some time… I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that he is a hateful ghost possessing his own corpse, for example, that would explain his ability to ignore a headshot (well, not that he’s ever kept anything important or vital above his shoulders except for his noise hole, but…)

  • kaydenpat

    Blocked. Your stupidity is not even entertaining. Bye troll.

  • Liberal Liers

    Non sequitur… Another low IQ response, subhuman trash.