Complaints about ‘irreverent’ organ donation ad may get it banned

Complaints about ‘irreverent’ organ donation ad may get it banned October 17, 2018

Australia’s national watchdog, Ad Standards, is reportedly considering banning a ‘Monty Pythonesque’ TV ad featuring Jesus after it received a number of complaints.

Both Christians and Muslims are said to be upset by the ad, created by organ donation group Dying To Live. Among those who  slammed the ad was Islamic community figure Keysar Trad.

Trad complained that it:

Showed irreverence towards venerated figures.

Two Roman soldiers with Australian accents ask the crucified Jesus if he would like to donate his organs. When Jesus replied that he would, the Roman soldiers ask him to go online to register as an organ donor and then take a selfie with him.

According to this report, the two-and-a-half minute-long ad prompted dozens of comments on Facebook, including one from Aimee Redding who said:

I am not easily offended but I was deeply offended and saddened by this ad. I believe it should be removed and an apology issued.

Lynette Shryane said:

One day every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. It won’t be such a joke then. Very poor taste.

But fellow social media user Sebastian E’Silva disagreed, writing:

Excellent ad, actually. I love the line delivery, editing and way it’s been filmed. The fact that it’s going to tick off humourless fundies while gaining attention for a good cause is the cherry on top.

The film’s director, Richard Bullock. said:

I wanted to deliberately provoke a conversation in homes around the subject. I thought it would be amusing and relevant to find that the nicest and kindest man who ever lived – Jesus, wasn’t aware that his organ donor status was no longer on his licence. Once I started writing I realised that the complexity of the Australian Organ donation could be explained.

In the end Jesus donating his organs is exactly what I think Jesus WOULD do.

Meanwhile, Michael Stead, the Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, said that some viewers:

Might be offended by the Monty Pythonesque humour but it uses the self-sacrificial example of Jesus to communicate an important message.

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  • Illithid

    That was great! Informative and humorous. And it irks the oversensitive, so… bonus!

  • zenlike

    You know what I find in very poor taste? Lynette Shryanes authoritarian fantasy. Sickening even.

  • Götterdämmerung

    I thought it was a great advertisement. The religious demonstrating yet again, that they have had a sense of humour bypass.

  • Snagglefritz Sagenschnitter

    Lynette Shryane said: One day every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. It won’t be such a joke then. Very poor taste.

    Sounds to me like Lynette is enjoying a sadistic fantasy where she gets to watch while the unbelievers burn in hell. A lot a Christians do that.

  • Sau Peih

    I’m okay about donating my organs, but I would like to opt out of them going to religiots.

  • ‘The nicest, kindest man who ever lived’? Now I am offended.

  • swimmerkw

    “I’m not easily offended…” sure you’re not.

  • Mefistofele

    Indignation from Australian evangelicals over a TV ad to promote organ donation, while hundreds of assylum seekers including 80 children remain incarcerated for the last 5 years in an Australian sanctioned offshore detention centre. Faux Christians each and everyone, lead by their ‘born again’ faux Prime Minister and the USA think they have political problems!

  • Robert Anthony

    So true. Self-righteousness is so gross.

  • Robert Anthony

    Zealots love Jebus because he enforces their delusion that you can take your organs with you when you go.

  • HFR

    Just about had enough of the religious RWNJ’s censorship in Australia, in the past they have banned Monty Pythons Life of Brian, Inherit the Wind, Agora and others, all great classic movies that will last for millennia. The religious just hate movies that make people think and reason the facts?

  • HFR

    None of the Australian LNP COALition party’s are christian, if any believed any of the contrived religious myths they would all know they would burn in hell forever. Same go’s for the USA. Trump and the rest of the greedy far right would all be doomed to hell for what they are doing?
    They all just pretend to be religious to fool gullible fools into voting for them, they all probably laugh themselves silly at the people that vote for them?

  • Jim Jones

    New Zealand was worse, back in the day. And I don’t know if it’s much better now.

  • HFR

    Yeah you are right, the poor Kiwi’s, Piggy Muldoon brings back memories, now there was a fascist bastard, equal to the QLD corrupt bible bashing Bjelke-Peterson, who was actually a Kiwi as well..

  • Mefistofele

    Yes, the neo-liberal ‘christian’ conservatives are laughing themselves silly alright, laughing all the way to the bank, with the wealth they have fleeced from their gullible sheep! The rich parasites are just getting richer!

  • Adrian

    Yeah, I get the feeling that this line is standard fundyese for “repent and submit, or you’ll be soooo sorry when my imaginary friend comes, AND STOP MAKING FUN OF ME/MY SACRED COWS!”…

  • Adrian

    I thought it was the Kiwis who had all the sheeps?

  • Adrian

    Indeed, organs should go to people who will make good use of the extended lifespan a transplant provides, not to idiots who will waste their life waiting for their imaginary boyfriend… Plus, they believe that they’ll go to heaven anyway, so why should they even bother trying to dodge the reaper?

  • Adrian

    Well, maybe that shouldn’t be too surprising, considering Kiwilandia is mostly known for its huge flocks of sheeps… 😛

  • dmscotland

    Until seculars can fully support a Christian’s right to make a likewise commercial MOCKING the things that they (seculars) find “sacred” or “of value”, the commercial mocking Jesus/Christians should be banned, plain and simple. Or at the very least, they should EXPECT to get alot of angry flack over it from Christians! Imagine the TOTAL OUTRAGE if the ad had decided to portray Mohammad, instead! Ya’ll think it’s OK for a man to make a commercial mocking Jesus. Fair enough. However, UNTIL they ALSO start making commercials mocking Mohammad, Krishna, Ghandi, Buddha, Joseph Smith, etc., as in “Equal Opportunity Faith Mocking”, what they did was single out ONE faith and mock it. And THAT, by definition, classifies as “religious hate speech” on their part! However, with the case of “equal opportunity faith mocking”, no ONE religion or religious person OF that religion would likely “legally” be able to cry “religious hate speech” as ALL religions would then be represented in the “mocking” and not just ONE! Now, that being said, why is Christianity the ONLY religion that seems to be mocked on the whole Earth? All other religions have certain “Christian aspects” in them. But you NEVER see a commercial mocking THOSE religions! Now, why is that, folks? Why is it always & forever a case of just ONE religion being hated by those who say they “hate religion” but not ALL? Because if they “hate religion”, then shouldn’t they technically hate ALL religions and not just ONE?Think about it! Also: Christians do not “glory” in the fact that many will be sent to hell and/or the lake of fire when they die. Those that do aren’t “true Christians”, let me just gently point that fact out real quick. As for telling Christians they should “have a sense” of humor over the ad? Just imagine what would happen if Jesus was replaced in the ad with Mohammad and then the commercial people standing in front of a mosque and DEMANDING the Muslims to find the HUMOR in it! Most Muslims would NOT find the humor in it, I guarantee you! We don’t have commercials mocking “secularism”, therefore, we shouldn’t have commercials mocking a single ONE religion. Just my opinion.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    I dont understand people that assume Jesus was a moral man. I mean, if his followers are any indication……..

  • Eric

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” -Queen Gertrude, Hamlet