Here we go again … gays blamed for another devastating storm

Here we go again … gays blamed for another devastating storm October 24, 2018

Using lines straight from Christian evangelists’ song sheets, a deranged – and an allegedly corrupt  – Muslim politician in Malaysia this week claimed that a quake-tsunami that killed thousands in neighbouring Indonesia was ‘punishment from Allah’ for the activities of gay people.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, above, who heads a party which lost power in Muslim-majority Malaysia in May, made the remarks in parliament as he warned about the growing influence of the country’s gay community.

Zahid, a former deputy former premier who is now facing jail after being arrested for corruption, said that:

In Palu, where there was recently an earthquake and tsunami, it was said that there were more than 1,000 (people) involved in such (LGBT) activities … As a result, the whole area was crushed. This is punishment from Allah.

His ridiculous assertion was the latest sign of a backlash against homosexuals in Malaysia. In recent months officials – including the Prime Minister – have spoken out against gay rights and two lesbians were caned for breaking Islamic laws that forbid same-sex relations.

The 7.5-magnitude quake and subsequent tsunami tore into the coastal city of Palu, on Sulawesi island, on September 28. More than 2,000 bodies have since been recovered and there are fears that 5,000 more could be buried beneath the ruins in several hit-hard neighbourhoods.

Zahid’s remarks sparked widespread criticism, and he was accused of making populist comments to save his own skin.

Pang Khee Teik, a leading gay rights activists aidt hat the comments were:

Proof that every time a politician is in trouble, LGBT people get blamed. Next time you hear a politician say that LGBT people are causing natural disaster, please remember that it’s because his career is about to be swallowed up by the earth.

There was a flood of anger on social media, with one Facebook user slamming  Zahid for his:

Stupid and irresponsible statement.

Last week, the 65-year-old was hit with 45 charges in a $26 million corruption case. He is accused of crimes that include accepting bribes to award government contracts and money-laundering.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    Maybe if I turn gay, I can have such power. Anybody know a Good Book I can read to help me out?

  • Daz

    I’m glad I don’t have to use the same urinal as God. He seems like a “spray it all over the place and hope” kinda guy.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Meanwhile, somewhere in the Pentagon a top-secret black project group is meeting to discuss, “How can we weaponise homosexuality?”

  • 1859

    You have to wonder about god’s motives – think about it: there he is all day and night watching the activities of gay people, his big eye ogling through the curtains. He must be the Universal Voyeur. To blame natural disasters on gays is an act of fascism as heinous as the Nazis blaming Jews for every ill in post Great War Germany. Shame on such people for peddling such hatred.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Everyone knows that being gay is a choice. So just log in to your user account, go to Settings>Preferences, pick from the options listed, and click “Apply”. The settings will last for the current session only though, and will revert to factory defaults upon your next login, because only Jesus saves.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Move over, MOAB, and make way for the *MOAGB!

    *Mother Of All Glitter Bombs

  • Keith Taylor

    Once I’m over the disgust, and over thinking how often it is that politicians and evangelicals in basically Christian lands who are vehemently opposed to anything homosexual or lesbian, also find themselves in trouble for their own sexual behaviour and/or financial corruption, and how it doesn’t seem to be much different in Muslim lands, I start wondering how the hell it is that anybody, any longer, can believe that earthquakes are anything but natural convulsions of the earth that can strike anywhere, but especially around the Pacific “Rim of Fire”, because that is where the tectonic plates grate together and jam, and then break loose. most often and most violently.
    No wonder these people hate science. It’s their natural enemy. They hate it the way old Louie the Fly hates Mortein.

  • That people is is quitting Christianism in droves is not surprising at all seeing this BS. The less one asks about why God does not kill them all, without the need for praying him as one insane Fundie did, the better.

  • Jack Baynes, Sandwichmaker

    Might as well say these disaster are punishment for left-handed people. Every single natural disaster occurs in areas where there are left-handed people. Obviously they’ve angered Allah/God/Zeus/That guy from Friends, and He sent an Earthquake in retribution.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Glad to know tech support is available. I’m new at being gay.

    My options range from “Wyoming Closet” and “Tennessee Hillbilly” to “New York artiste” and “San Francisco Leader”.
    I don’t think I want to go full S.F. my first time out. I don’t even want to cause earthquakes and tsunamis. I just want to be gay enough to cause a local rainstorm. Maybe some wind.
    I don’t see a table telling me which option gives me which powers. Is there such a table?

  • It’s not surprising. It’s a proven fact that gays have incredible ability to control natural forces, thanks to their connection to Gaia.

  • Daz

    I just want to be gay enough to cause a local rainstorm. Maybe some wind.

    I’d recommend four or five pints of a medium-strength light ale. That’ll produce the desired effects at an extremely local level. To be consumed in a gay bar, obviously.

  • anxionnat

    Off topic, but that’s exactly what happened to my dad, who was left-handed. His left hand was tied behind his back by his teachers, and he had to learn to write with his right hand. He and other left handed kids were viciously whipped, both in class and out. He was called a “devil” and “a demon.” One year, on his birthday, I got him a left-handed scissors. He was so excited, because he had never successfully learned to use a right-handed scissors, and had to ask my mom to do cutting for him. I think this treatment of southpaws happened to many kids. My dad once showed us the scars on his left arm and his back, where he’d been beaten by his teachers. His mom told me that sometimes Dad would come home with his shirt in bloody strips over his back. This (plus being a Navy medic in WW2) contributed to his PTSD and migraine headaches. Eventually, in the 1990s, he was prescribed an anti-anxiety med. Those last ten years of his life, Dad was the happiest I’d ever seen him. Things we think of as “ancient history” have a habit of coming back…

  • clanhamilton

    Sorry, if people could turn gay, after #metoo women surely would have gone there.
    They didn’t.

  • Brian Davis

    Do i need to restart my life for the change to take effect?