Homophobes vandalise a Catholic church & force gay staffer to resign

Homophobes vandalise a Catholic church & force gay staffer to resign October 23, 2018

Engulfed by waves of hatred generated by ‘conservative’ Catholics,  Aaron Bianco – a gay pastoral associate at San Diego’s St John the Evangelist Parish – has thrown in the towel and resigned.

Bianco became the target of a hate campaign following an outreach Mass celebrated  last year to welcome the LGBTQ community to St John’s.

Soon after it got nasty – very nasty indeed!

Explaining his resignation to a congregation at the church on Sunday, Bianco, above, said the harassment:

Started with letters left on my car attacking me and threatening me if I stayed here. The incidents escalated, turned into death threats and slashing the tires on my car. One man attacked me verbally and physically as Mass was ending one Sunday.

I was hoping the hate would stop, and those who spew this hate would leave St John’s and allow us to continue to reach out and welcome all in the community.

He added:

About two months ago, those who spew this hate decided to come after me, and this time they would stop at nothing. This included death threats, lighting the doors of the church on fire, breaking into the office/rectory and spray-painting anti-gay slurs on the wall.

Bianco is convinced that the hate campaign was carried by “so-called ‘Catholic’ groups” who:

Decided to put pictures of my family, including my deceased mother, online and give out my home address.

The hate campaign appears to have been ignited by an outfit called the Lepanto Institute. After the outreach Mass the organisation posted a piece on its website that focused largely on “Bianco’s pro-homosexual activism”, “Bianco’s ‘sodomitical marriage’  and Bishop Robert McElroy’s support for Bianco and LGBT ministry.

The author of the piece, Lepanto Institute founder and President Michael Hichborn, above, in an October 19 email to the National Catholic Register stated:

Someone who is in a same-sex ‘marriage’ has no more business working in leadership roles in the Catholic Church than does a satanist. Let’s be clear, same-sex ‘marriage’ is a satanic mockery of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, and those engaged in such abominable behavior should never have been hired to begin with.

Hichborn disingenuously added:

My report was not a ‘hit story’.

So what the hell was it?

An accurate report of information that is publicly available and of interest to Catholics during this time of crisis. We reported on Bianco’s sodomitical relationship because individuals living in such opposition to the Church’s core teachings should never be allowed to hold any authoritative or public role in the Church.

Self-described as “a research and education organization dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within,” the Lepanto Institute then launched an online petition asking McElroy to fire Bianco.

Also accused of targeting Bianco is the right-wing LifeSiteNews, but co-founder and Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen claimed that his organization has “no interest in attacking same-sex attracted persons” and “in fact we condemn such attacks.”

Our approach to such matters at LifeSite is fairly simple and straightforward. It’s about the truth in love, or ‘caritas in veritate’ as we call it. As you likely know, the Catholic Church believes same-sex sexual acts are gravely immoral.

They imperil the eternal life of the soul. Research and our experiences in seeing men and women suffer from the effects of dangerous sexual activities such as HIV/AIDS, along with the conviction that heaven could be lost for such acts, are what move us to speak out in this and similar cases. We believe it would hurt them to be silent about these harmful sexual acts.

Ah, I get it. Inciting people to vandalise a church and turn a gay man’s life into a living hell “is an act of love” towards LGBT communities and those that support them.

I get it to the extent that I wake up each day deeply thankful for the decision I took almost 60 years years ago to fight religious dogma in all its many disgusting guises.

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  • adhoc

    Me thinks Hichborn doth protest too much.

  • zenlike

    Michael Hichborn seems like a hateful asshole, not only hating LGBT people, women, *all* forms of contraception, *any* attempt to bring the catholic church into the 20th century (even raging against Vatican II), but also railing against TV series he doesn’t like being available on flights, and trying to ban them. No “love the sinners” for him, in fact, their doesn’t seem to be much love in his life.

  • HIV/AIDS are not “activities”.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    For any fence sitters wondering whether Christian scapegoating of closeted gays for the RCC child rape crisis is born out of honest confusion or misguided concern, the benefit of the doubt ends right here. Catholics understand the difference between homosexual males and pedophiles, have hitched their collective wagon to the latter, and don’t intend to honestly discuss the facts or debate the merits of possible resolutions.

  • Anthrotheist

    “We believe it would hurt them to be silent about these harmful sexual acts.”

    This to me is where the “we love the sinner but hate the sin” line breaks down for me. If he really was concerned about people, and not intent on controlling cultural values, then he wouldn’t feel compelled to make public statements where nobody asked him for his opinion. If someone comes to him and asks him what he thinks, then by all means he should speak his mind; in that case, he could reasonably claim that he felt that “it would hurt them to be silent.” But the insistence on publicly decrying something that objectively has nothing to do with him isn’t him being concerned for people, it is his outrage over his groups’ dying cultural hegemony.

  • Anton

    Your arguments are getting old NPC

  • Anton

    Sodomites in the Church? That explains the 85% homosexual rape of young adults. Filthy disgusting humans. Ban and jail them

  • zenlike

    Maybe actually try to make some sense when you comment next time. Hint: if you use weird acronyms, specify what they mean. Or actually try to specify with what, and why, you don’t agree with something.

  • Barry Duke

    “That explains the 85% homosexual rape of young adults …” Please provide proof of your ridiculous claim, or be thought of as a just another homophobic imbecile.

  • Bubblecar

    As irrational hostility towards homosexuality becomes less and less acceptable in civilised society, the pathologically anti-social nature of homophobia and its diehard champions becomes more obvious.

    The fact that the church – and religion in general – is finding it impossible to disassociate itself from its traditional homophobia may be bad news for gay believers, but it’s very good news for humanity in general, as it is helping to significantly accelerate the demise of religion.

    It’s becoming undeniable that religion is not just a deluded perversion of normal human cognition, but also an inherently and actively anti-social force in today’s world, causing all kinds of needless harm and conflict.

  • Sophotroph

    “Sodomitical relationship”

    Ah, to think that even the heads of Catholic organizations can get there without having to ever read the bible!

  • Anton

    Calm down gramps. The proof is the sexual abuses. Theyre all teenage boys from 14-18. Disguised as pedophilia, when its obvious homosexuality.

  • Bubblecar

    “Disguised as pedophilia”

    You’re quoting the Church’s own lying propaganda, grandad. Most of their victims are under 14. The reason they focus on the “homosexual” term is twofold: firstly, it doesn’t sound as bad as “paedophile” and secondly, they think it somehow entitles them to bash “the gays”, i.e., the secular androphile homosexual community, who are as appalled at Catholic paedophile abuse as everyone else (except you).

  • Anton

    Boo hoo. I am a millenial. Again by facts 81% of abuses are homosexual and over the ages of 14 to the ages of 20. Buzz words.

  • David Rubin

    I just want to point out that, while the church says that homosexual behavior is a sin, it’s ok to be gay, as long as you remain celebate.

  • zenlike

    Facts. You keep using that word.

  • zenlike

    Jail abusers? Well, if you talk about all abusers, great! Maybe the church should have cooperated with authorities instead of covering it up for decades, then those abusers would have ended up in jail. Alas, the ‘moral’ catholic church decided that they were above the law.

  • Anton

    So youre openly denying the truth?

  • zenlike

    This might sound crazy to you, but rational people aren’t really impressed when someone just exclaims something is “a fact” or is ‘”the truth”.

  • Anton

    Thats the official reports that over 84% of the abuses are homosexual and over the ages of 14. But you believe that homosexuality is natural anyway…

  • zenlike

    So you keep claiming. And claiming. And claiming.

    What homosexuality being natural of unnatural, or whatever BS, having to do with it is anyone’s guess.