Is this the dumbest Halloween idea ever floated?

Is this the dumbest Halloween idea ever floated? October 30, 2018

Halloween unleashes some very scary apparitions  – personified, in the main, by hellfire-and-brimstone Christian fundamentalists bellowing dire warnings about folk dipping their toes in dangerous demonic waters.

Evangelist and foe of Satan John Ramirez is one:

But Sam or Samantha need not attend Halloween gatherings dressed as ghouls, vampires, zombies, witches and wizards and the like. Nope, according the Church of England’s National Children and Youth Adviser Mary Hawes, kids can safely partake in the revelry dressed as angels – winged little sweethearts handing out Bible verses during “trick or treat” forays.

Have some treats ready to give to people, maybe a Bible verse alongside it to show we’re not killjoys all the time – too often people are repelled by the Church for that reason.

The same report quotes Salem-based US pastor Phil Wyman as saying that Halloween is:

The most Christian festival.

Speaking at a conference organised by the Church Mission Society, he said:

Contrary to the reluctance of most people to open their doors and welcome strangers, Halloween is a unique time when doors are thrown open, people welcome strangers and there is a willingness to talk about spiritual things like good and evil, heaven and hell, angels and demons, and embark on conversations of meaning that can be tied to the gospel.

If my parents had tried to insert me into a angel costume there would have been all hell to pay.

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