Musical instrument leads court to trash woman’s wedding plans

Musical instrument leads court to trash woman’s wedding plans October 4, 2018

More madness from the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An unnamed woman working as a bank manager has been told by a court that she can’t marry the love of her life – because he plays the oud, a pear-shaped stringed instrument commonly used in Middle Eastern and North African music.

And that, folks, is deemed offensive to Islam – along with a whole bunch of other things, like those statues in the Maldives.

The Independent reports that the matter came to court after the bride-to-be’s family objected to the relationship on the grounds that the man’s playing the oud made him “religiously incompatible” with their family values.

The woman launched a legal challenge against her relatives’ decision, but a judge backed the family after her brother submitted evidence that the man had once played the instrument at a festival in the city of Unaizah.

An appeal court confirmed that verdict, meaning the marriage cannot go ahead.

Saudi newspaper Okaz quoted the court as saying:

Because the suitor plays a musical instrument he is unsuitable for the woman from a religious point of view.

The 38-year-old woman said her prospective husband, a teacher, had a “good reputation” and was “very pious”.

She said she would seek an intervention from the country’s “highest authorities”, in reference to the country’s royal court.

Saudi lawyer Abdul Rahman al-Lahim said the man had been prevented from defending himself in court.

In parts of the Saudi kingdom, including the woman’s home state of Qassim – a conservative region north of the capital Riyadh – some believe music is forbidden under Islamic law.

Playing an instrument is deemed an inferior profession and police in the state have previously arrested groups for listening to music.

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  • Daz

    Is this a Shiite/Sunni thing? Or just an ultra-orthadox thing or the like? I once spent half an hour busking with a Muslim lad who was playing an oud, so it can’t be a general Muslim thing. Whatever, it’s bleedin’ stupid.

    (And yuk, disqus, btw.)

  • Antonio Castillo-García

    They should put up an internet site with everything that is NOT offensive to their precious, little, religious feelings! Would be a very, very short list though.

  • gedediah

    Holy shit. That’s harsh.

  • It’s harsh, and by our standards bloody senseless, but if you choose to live under those religious rules, you live BY them, I guess. My inclination would to pack up and move away, but not everyone has that privilege.

  • Antonio Castillo-García

    ^^??? Why is this this comment detected as spam??^^

  • Milo C

    Don’t forget that religious communities of Americans, particularly in Utah, have also banned music. I think they determined it was too “worldly”, and people need to stop feeling joy in this life so they can yearn for heaven.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer.

    An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.”

    – Ayatollah Khomeini, who is now still having no fun.

  • Raging Bee

    It’s a people-who-have-been-through-hell-and-resent-anyone-else-enjoying-anything-more-than-they-were-ever-allowed-to thing. Khomeini, for example, had his entire family, save one son, wiped out by the Shah; and people who were themselves never allowed to do anything enjoyable, later grow up to pass that learned behavior onto the next generation.

  • Brian Joran

    Disqus is getting worse – this time the indecipherable pictures were of American fire hydrants and when I finally fathomed them I was dumped on the Disqus site instead of back here.
    However… I complained about Disqus to Spiked and they said not to worry, they were going over to Farcebook. Now my comments simply vanish, so be careful what you wish for!

  • StevoR

    If you choose – or if you are born into a family that believes in this cow chutney or if your nation falls under the power of those who do , etc .. Not everyone of course chooses to do so, few of those who do, I suspect, have sufficient knowledge or access to sufficient knowledge to make an informed choice so .. yeah.

  • Jim Jones

    > Playing an instrument is deemed an inferior profession.

    So, I imagine the asshole that came up with this rule couldn’t play Chopsticks?

  • Jim Jones

    Fuck Facebook. It’s a tool for stalkers, nothing more.

  • Jim Jones

    Also no science in Islam – because the Quran is stupid shit.

  • Adrian

    That sounds mighty Puritan of him…

    Also, I’d love to know why a supposedly omniscient entity would feel the need to put its creations to the test when it already knows the outcome of said test.

    Really, sounds like a witch-doctor who wants people to be miserable so they’ll feel that they need what he’s peddling…

  • al kimeea

    Wesleyans also ban music and dancing. Went to a wedding and 95% of guests left right after the meal.

    I read of a guy who lent his pickup to a friend of a friend – a Wesleyan. The pickup owner & wife were big into square dancing and had a decal silhouette of a couple dancing stuck to one of their nose draft windows.

    When the truck was returned the decal had been taped over to block the power of Satan…