UK hate preacher Anjem Choudary is about to be freed from prison

UK hate preacher Anjem Choudary is about to be freed from prison October 16, 2018

British hate preacher, Anjem Choudary, one of a group of Muslim fanatics determined to transform the UK into an Islamic state governed by shariah law, is expected to be released from prison on Friday.

Choudary, 51, who lived on state benefits for 20 years – claiming around £500,000 while advocating for an Islamic caliphate, an end to democracy and the death sentence for homosexuals and apostates – was jailed for five-and-a-half years for inviting support for the Islamic State group.

Watch this 2010 interview with the dangerous cleric before he was jailed:

The BBC understands police have been preparing a list of up to 20 measures to keep a tight leash on the cleric who once loved drugs, beer and porn.

The government’s asset-freezing team confirmed Choudary had been listed on a global record of known terrorists.

Former Met terror chief Richard Walton told BBC Newsnight that Choudary was a “hardened dangerous terrorist” and someone who has had:

A huge influence on Islamist extremism in this country.

The international list, overseen by the United Nations Security Council, is designed to prevent targets spending money on their causes.

In the entry, Choudary, who headed the banned al-Muhajiroun network, is described as a resident of Frankland Prison in County Durham and also known by the alias, Abu Luqman.

It states that Choudary:

Pledged allegiance to Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

The asset freezing order means the preacher will be subject to extremely strict financial controls which typically mean that any attempt to open a bank account or move money will alert the authorities.

If his release goes ahead on Friday, the BBC understands that Choudary will stay in a probation hostel for up to the first six months of his licence, which continues until July 2021.

The BBC also understands Choudary will be subject to licence conditions including:

• A ban from preaching at or attending certain mosques
• He will only be allowed to associate with people who have been approved by the authorities
• He will be allowed one phone and is banned from using an internet-enabled device without permission
• Use of the internet will be supervised
• He will not be able to leave the UK without permission from his probation officer

Walton told Newsnight that he tried to convict Choudary 10 times over 12 to 13 years, but failed because the the law “was not robust enough”.

He said a new counter-terrorism bill, which is currently with the House of Lords, would address this issue and will allow police to prosecute below the existing threshold for incitement to commit terrorism.

He added that more convicted terrorists are due to be released, saying they will :

Place a burden on the police and the intelligence agencies.

Choudary is due for automatic release after serving half his sentence.

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  • Jim Jones

    A constitution is not a suicide note.

  • Treaclebeak

    Why oh why does the UK government ever let people like Choudary out of prison? They should be consigned to a modern version of the oubliette, say a sub-Arctic island where they can preach to the walruses.

  • Sau Peih

    Britons are morons for “paying” him to preach his hate and for allowing him and his ilk to walk the streets.

  • Jim Jones

    They are nuts for letting him out.

    Release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi

    The release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi from prison on compassionate grounds was a decision by Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill. Megrahi was convicted on 31 January 2001 by a special Scottish Court in the Netherlands of the bomb attack on Pan Am Flight 103 on 21 December 1988 (the “Lockerbie bombing”, Total fatalities 270). On 20 August 2009, having served 8½ years of a life sentence, his release was authorised by MacAskill. The decision attracted significant news coverage, engendering widespread celebration in Libya, a largely hostile reaction in the United States and a more equally divided reaction in Britain.

    His prolonged survival, exceeding the approximate three months suggested in August 2009, generated much controversy. He had been released from the hospital and was living at his family’s villa in Libya. His death was announced on 20 May 2012.

    (Fuck these assholes. They don’t treat us with kindness).

  • Jim Jones

    There are many, many islands off the UK coasts.