Another Christian conservative in Canada goes over to the dark side

Another Christian conservative in Canada goes over to the dark side November 26, 2018
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Following our report earlier this month that Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP) Leader Jason Kenney has ‘evolved’ and has ditched his homophobia and opposition to abortion comes news that former Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Patrick Brown, above, is lashing out against social conservatives, calling them ‘dinosaurs’.

In a book, Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown, Brown goes as far as to advise Premier Doug Ford to ignore social conservatives.

I would say to Ford that the social conservatives are dinosaurs who are becoming less and less relevant every single day.

Naturally bigots are fuming. Jack Fonseca, above, a senior political strategist with Campaign Life Coalition, accused Brown of lying. He said:

Social conservatives crowned him [Brown] leader (oh, how we regret that), and that we crowned Doug Ford leader and premier. That speaks to an influence that is growing, not declining.

After winning the Conservative leadership race in 2015 with the help of right-wing Christian groups impressed by his pro-life voting record as a federal Member of Parliament, Brown – like Kenny – began embracing a socially liberal platform of abortion, homosexuality and sex education.

Christian zealots angrily rounded on Brown and  began to heckle heckle him at public events for abandoning them.

In 2018, he resigned – amid allegations of sexual misconduct which he denied – only to take another stab at the Conservative leadership again a mere three weeks later. Ten days later, Brown withdrew from that leadership race.

Fonseca said that Premier Ford should not be taking advice from Brown.

The premier should keep offering socially-conservative policies and he’ll win over not only all the ethnic and religious communities voting Liberal and NDP, but he’ll also bring out to the polls massive numbers of voters from that 40 per cent of the public that never get out of bed on election day because they believe there’s  no moral difference between any of the parties.

Seize this momentum, Premier Ford, and you’ll be on the way to an even larger majority in 2022.

But in October it was reported that Ford’s conservative agenda worry some Tories.

A leading Conservative said:

Our party has been taken over by the hard right. It’s not the best way to run a government and it’s not the best way to win the support of voters in this province.

Significantly, since he became leader, Ford has actually cost the Conservatives voter support, rather than attracting more people to the party.

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  • Synfandel

    Social conservatives are not, and never will be, a majority in Ontario. In this instance, Patrick Brown’s advice to Doug Ford is electorally sound, even if it is just a cold, hard, unprincipled calculation. The notion that the 40% of eligible voters who don’t vote are all disgruntled social conservatives is ridiculous.

  • Jim Jones

    > Ford has actually cost the Conservatives voter support, rather than attracting more people to the party.

    Voting for Ford was like being a little kid who tastes shit. First and only time.

  • Broga

    Religious belief is driven by selfish, self interest. When the true believer discovers there is advantage is abandoning eternal truths then there is no limit to the hypocrisy, flights of imagination, weird interpretations to fit his financial and other advantages. The Jesuits were the subtle masters of this. The clownish Trump, the Pope and his cohorts etc. etc.