Brexit is God’s plan to crush secularism and boost ‘biblical standards’

Brexit is God’s plan to crush secularism and boost ‘biblical standards’ November 14, 2018

In the midst of the ongoing chaos surrounding Brexit, a Christian blowhard called David Hathaway – founder and President of Eurovision Mission to Europe – insists that Britain’s planned exit from the European Union will free the country from the EU’s ‘ungodly yoke’.

David Hathaway. Image via YouTube.

The evangelist is  reported here as saying:

I believe that prophetically this is God’s way forward for us as a nation to take a lead in returning to Biblical standards in Europe, free from the secularism of the French Revolution and Napoleonic law.

Now that the referendum is over we, as Christians, must now act decisively.

I believe that just as we prayed earnestly for God’s will to be done, we must now believe that the outcome is part of God’s plan both for us as Christians and the British nation as a whole.

We desperately need to continue to pray for unity in a nation divided, but also that God will bring a spirit of repentance and forgiveness on both sides. I believe that prophetically this is God’s way forward for us as a nation to take a lead in returning to Biblical standards in Europe, free from the secularism of the French Revolution and Napoleonic law.

I believe that the prayers of so many of God’s people has set us free from an ungodly yoke which has marginalised Christian faith.

Hathaway blames the EU for:

Making it almost impossible to teach our children the truth of the Word of God regarding marriage between one man and one woman and teach the acceptability of sex change to very young children. Under the guise of ‘human rights’ legislation, the EU has also sought to prevent us from openly testifying of our faith in Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation.

We must return to our Judeo/Christian heritage and resist the encroachment of secularism and false religion. One could ask whether the sudden resignation of our Prime Minister who supported ungodly laws, such as the legalisation of same sex marriage upon our nation, was indeed God’s judgement and a challenge to restore true biblical values not only in politics but also the Church.

Digital manipulated image via YouTube

I guess he was referring to the departure of David Cameron, a Bible-believing Christian and multi-millionaire who was replaced by a vicar’s daughter, the utterly incompetent Theresa May, above, who will most likely be looking for a new job shortly . . . possibly as an extra in a zombie movie.

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  • barriejohn

    Here we go again. No one is preventing parents from “teaching our children the truth of the Word of God”, though we might prefer a world in which children were NOT indoctrinated with the beliefs of adults, whether religious or otherwise, but that’s another matter. What he means is that he doesn’t want his kids’ minds to come into contact with views other than those that he espouses, which is an appalling attitude. If he had any confidence in his own parenting skills, and the validity of his beliefs, then he wouldn’t care what other views were presented to his children, as he would have confidence in their ability to ascertain “the truth”. And when have people in Europe been prevented from ” openly testifying of our faith in Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation”? Again, it’s the imposition of one person’s beliefs upon another that is not so easy today, much to the chagrin of himself and others like him. I remember all this nonsense about the EU from my younger days (regarding the EEC): it was “The Treaty of Rome” (Revelation); there were twelve member states (Revelation again); it was a revival of the Holy Roman Empire; soon, no one would be able to trade without The Mark of The Beast; metric measurements were of the devil, because ten is an “earthly” number, and Imperial measurements were based upon the finger, hand, arm and foot, etc., which God had created (I kid you not). Preachers used to rant and rave about how all this was an indication that we were, indeed, living in the “End Times”, and that Armageddon was just around the corner. That was all about fifty years ago; I didn’t know that they were still banging on about it in the same way!

  • Broga

    Perhaps he should read the excellent article in the Guardian today by the respected George Monbiot. The fact is that the planet is on the edge of collapse unless immediate action is taken. By immediate, that does not mean the usual whining verbiage from politicians about “moving towards carbon neutrality, whatever that means, in five years. A young woman, aged twenty, from a group aimed at preventing the collapse told a politician, and she was emotional and passionate, that she didn’t have five years. The audience was equally fed up with political crap. More time has been spent on this Brexit shambles than has ever been spent on protecting the environment.
    I met a couple from Idaho today who had left California because the air was so polluted. Last time I was there you could see the bowl of pollution after driving up into the hills. That was ten years ago? Has Trump solved that by now with his pure sir boast. Trump, the liar and fantasist, claimed the USA had the purest air of any country and the best Health Service and lied about the National Health Service. Doesn’t Trump, May, Putin and the rest realise that this time they will also be affected. We all have to attend this party, Not too long ago he was solving the Opioid Crisis, then the Diabetes disaster and the massive obesity problem of so many people. Is the fence built yet? Did he have to insult the entire French Nation yesterday? That will not be forgotten. Especially from the rain fearing, puffy bodied, unhealthy looking Trump. Does his skin have the yellow tint that it seems to have on TV? If so, he and his supporters better get praying.

  • barriejohn
  • Jim Jones

    Even the British can have deranged theists.

  • Barry Duke
  • Anne Fenwick

    Even those British who voted for Brexit are for the most part not dumb enough to believe this tripe. Which, by the way, has a distinctly exotic flavour. Theresa May’s dear old Dad never expressed himself like that. And the idea that Cameron, much as I hate him, actually believes in the literal contents of the Bible, is laughable.

  • raymond metcalfe

    The Eurovision mission to Europe don’t tell me this is the moron responsible for the that awful song contest?The Christian faith is so marginalised that there are still bishops in the house of lords. There is still a battle to get religion out of schools there are still faith schools. I expect he means his brand of chritianity hasn’t got the prestige and clout of the C of E.

  • Kevin K

    Since church attendance continues to trend downward in Jolly Olde Englande, I think this guy is full of shit.

  • Jim Dallas

    unfortunately it’s not just jolly olde England that’s being dragged out of Europe. We voted 62% Remain.

  • barriejohn

    Yeah – he and his friends were second in 1989 with “Why Do I Always get it Wrong”!

  • Kevin K

    Of course, all of us ‘Merkins think it’s all the same thing. With your funny accents and driving on the wrong side of the road. /s

  • Broga

    Before we leave the “ungodly EU” and escape its “yoke” perhaps we should look at one of the godly practices of the most godly country in the west. This is what we are being persuaded to join. I pass on the lying, thieving, women groping, sacking of anyone who tells the truth and all the rest. I just find this single item shown to me on Facebook truly shocking and poignant and a devastating example of Christian behaviour.

    So much for forgiveness, resurrecting oneself, working to become a better person. What I see here is the most vile and revengeful savagery. I don’t use either Facebook or Twitter but anyway here it is. What do you think and I include Christians in that question?:

    “One of my dad’s best friends died – yesterday – someone he’d been exchanging letters with for twelve years. He was an artist, a writer, a thinker. He and my dad exchanged thoughts on Stoic philosophy – something he had more need of than most – as well as religion, books, and much else. He loved to see photos of our family, our dogs and cats.

    He read and loved my first book. I wished I could have included an acknowledgement of him in my second while he was still alive.

    When I said he ‘died’, that was true, but not the whole story. He was killed.

    He had been on Death Row in Texas for 24 years. He admits he did wrong. . But in this country he would have been released long ago. By the time he was murdered yesterday, aged 64, he was not the same man who committed the crime.

    This is one of his drawings.

    So for the US one-star reviewer offended by my main character’s rant about people who are against abortion and assisted dying but in favour of the death penalty, fuck you. I can’t say it on Amazon but I can say it here.”

  • Broga

    Barry: Try this for holding the cat’s arse to the fire – a phrase my first boss would use when he thought someone was being provocative. The BBC refuses to allow any secular opinion on Thought for the Day there is a plea to continue “Something Understood”. The heading is “We need it more than ever” – the need is for a sly and shifty programme often hosted by Mark. On page 9 of the Radio Times for next week we have most of a page, complete with a picture of His Grace former Archbishop Robert Runcie looking earnest, and written by Mark Tully. Now Mark, pictured with a simper at the top of the page, is a man ready to give the readers the wisdom of His Grace.

    He writes, in bold letters under the holy man, “Robert Runcie told me it can take courage to sit on the fence.” Mark seems to be delighted to get this profundity from Runcie. What it means in any practical sense that can be applied I do not know. If this pair had looked to some of the academics that they are so desperate to ban from TFTD they could have found far better examples of similar ideas. However, the courage does not extend to allowing secular opinion amongst the recycled banalities of Thought for the Day. One certainty Mark will not question is God as he says he has learned “to accept that there are many ways to God.”

    I mention only an alternative similar apothogemn “suspend judgement” which was much favoured by Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (1533-92) and he was an enthusiast for the writings of the ancient philosophers. Instead we have a page long pleading from Mark (a regular host of Something Understood) that it is not time to cancel the programme. The BBC has decided to end this programme which offers a seeming openness to new ideas and fresh thinking. However, the deceit soon shows as this shifty programme reveals its attempts to promote Christian thinking. He says the programme is needed so that people can “question their certainties”. I read that as let us continue to take licence fee money to allow the “certainties” of religion to be debated endlessly by the people who censor any challenge on Thought for the Day.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    I had all that too… being brought up by Millenialists (although they seem to have backed off that one a little in the last 18 years, go figure) It was the barely contained glee at the thought of all those “other” people suffering (of which I am clearly one) that pissed me off

  • barriejohn

    One brother told me that we should actually rejoice over natural disasters and the so-called breakdown of godly society, as these things meant that “The Coming of the Lord” was very near (about 1975!). Anyway, shouldn’t this guy be IN FAVOUR of the EU, as that is yet another sign of the “End Times”? He seems seriously confused.

  • barriejohn

    Here’s another one in case you haven’t seen it yet:

    Completely stark, staring bonkers!

  • persephone

    I think this is why the Rapture has become so popular with this bunch: It means they get a ringside seat to watching the rest of us suffer and burn.

  • Jim Dallas

    Where d’ya think Americans came from. You a windtalker or similar?

  • Kevin K

    We arrived on the boat with Republican Jesus and took our rightful land from those heathen usurpers!