Fundraiser for disowned gay teen fast approaches $100,000 mark

Fundraiser for disowned gay teen fast approaches $100,000 mark November 20, 2018

Don’t you just love it when bigotry backfires?

In the second case of its kind this year, an online funding campaign has raised a huge sum of money for a Buffalo, New York, student who was disowned for refusing to submit to a ‘pray-away-the-gay’ programme.

Photo via Facebook

The fundraiser for Canisius College cross-country and track athlete Emily Schreck, above, has surpassed $98,000.

Her experience mirrors that of Florida teen Seth Owen who was made homeless after refusing his parents’ demands to continue with his “gay cure” therapy at a local church. He’d had a year of “conversion therapy” before kicking over the traces and saying: “Enough is enough!”

The campaign launched for Owen by one of his teachers pulled in $141,619.00.

Scheck’s parents cut off ties with her by text message in August, after finding photos of her on social media with the woman she is dating.

Her mother sent her a series of texts giving Scheck an ultimatum: Leave college, give up her partial scholarship and return home to upstate New York to undergo conversion therapy — or be cut out of her family’s life.

When Scheck refused her father drove 85 miles to dump her belongings – even her birth certificate – in her car.

Her parents had already removed her from their car insurance coverage, and her father took her vehicle’s license plates.

Her mother said in a text:

Well, I am done with you, as of right now, declare yourself independent. You are on your own. Please don’t contact us or your siblings.

When Scheck asked why her mother was disowning her, the reply she got was:

Because you disgust me.

Earlier this month a classmate, Grace Hausladen, launched a GoFundMe appeal, saying:

Emily has no home, and has no family supporting her. In 2019, she will no longer be on her parents health care plan and will have a whole new set of expenses to be covered. She was kicked out of her home for being herself. No one deserves to have their home and siblings taken away from them for being their true selves. Though she has made a new home in Buffalo through her teammates and her girlfriend, Justyna, we can no longer stand by and do nothing.

Scheck’s father, Timothy, told The Buffalo News that there is much more to the story than his daughter is sharing. The family asked her to participate in “counseling sessions”, but he said that did not mean conversion therapy.

The family “loves her” and accepts her sexual orientation, he said.

Photo via GoFundMe

Meanwhile, Seth Owen, above, revealed that he planned to use the money raised not only to further his education at Georgetown University but to establish a scholarship to help LGBTQ+ scholars who find themselves faced with homophobia in their families.

Speaking of homophobia, Peter (Barbie) LaBarbera, grand poohbah at Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, is deeply upset that Facebook has removed his AFTAH page for “hate speech”.

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  • Broga

    “Because you disgust me” says her brainwashed father who claimed that the family “loved her.” If this pathetic bigot cannot appreciate his attractive, intelligent and courageous daughter, the $100,000 and counting shows that many thousands do. The loss is all his and the gain is all Emily’s.

  • Jay Has

    The father’s Tangerine Jesus tactics do not seem to be working…

  • Lark62

    When they thought she was financially dependent on them, they had no problem saying she disgusted them and leaving her with only $20 to her name.

    Now that she has money and they cannot financially abuse her, suddenly they luv luv luv her. And that beautiful money.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    The family “loves her” and accepts her sexual orientation, he said.

    while his wife was saying,

    Well, I am done with you, as of right now, declare yourself independent. You are on your own. Please don’t contact us or your siblings.

    That’s a pretty strange way to demonstrate your “acceptance.” “We accept your homosexuality, but don’t contact us or your siblings.”

  • CoastalMaineBird

    “Love the sin, hate the sinner.”

  • Raging Bee

    Cutting her off from her siblings just doubles the meanness. “We hate and reject you, and we don’t want you talking to anyone else in the family who might NOT hate or reject you!”

  • anxionnat

    Essentially the same thing happened to me around Christmas of 1970. My mom and dad found out I was taking birth control pills to regulate my menstrual cycle and stop the pain. Later my mom told me that she’d taken the student health center’s letter about the prescription to her catholic priest. (She–at that time at least–believed his every word was true.) I don’t know exactly what he said, but I’d heard his sermons before. He called women who were on the pill “whores” and other things. The RCC doesn’t mostly go in for fire & brimstone, but this guy did. So mom and dad kicked me out of the house in the coldest winter seen since the 1770s. (Yeah, California.) I came close to dying, but they didn’t give a shit. I reconciled with them many years later. When they needed help in their old age, they expected me to be there to provide aid gratis.

  • Jim Jones

    That’s when you put them in the worst care home you can find.

    And ask them, “Where’s your church now?”

  • TheBookOfDavid

    How they intend to enforce the no contact order with any adult siblings is beyond me. Maybe they’ll ask for God’s help in policing those boundaries, with the same assurance of effectiveness as any other faith based strategy.

  • Freodin

    The familiy loves her, accepts her sexual orientation… and asks her to participate in counceling sessions.

    Yeah, sure. Because we all know that you need to take counceling sessions when everything is fine and peachy.

  • Frank Lee

    and victims of violent crime get….ZERO. Quite the priorities people have. Hurt feelings are worth a hundred grand. Stabbing and beating victims get the shaft. Zero empathy or respect.

  • Raging Bee

    Citation required.