Lutheran pastor says Christians’ attitude towards sex ruins lives

Lutheran pastor says Christians’ attitude towards sex ruins lives November 7, 2018

Reverend Nadia Bolz-Weber, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, has a book coming out next January, entitled Shameless: the Sexual Reformation.

In a recent interview with Out in Jersey, she said that the book will be:

Calling out harm that’s been done to people as a result of what the church has taught them about sex, body, and gender. You can draw a straight fucking line from what people were told in church and the harm in their lives. The book explores that.

I’m also instigating an art project where women mail me their purity rings. They’ll be melted into a sculpture of a vagina.

The interview was picked up yesterday by LifeSite‘s pet “ex-gay” writer Doug Mainwaring, who homed in on Bolz-Weber’s defence of “ethically sourced” porn:

I refused to pick the low-hanging ‘Moral Outrage Fruit’ of Liberals and Conservatives about porn. Now, there are issues of justice and exploitation within the porn industry, no question, but it doesn’t mean consumption of pornography should be shamed. There is ethically sourced porn.

Mainwaring then directed his readers to Exposing the ELCA, a website which is critical of the teachings and pastoral practices of the Lutheran sub-denomination.

This is what that Dan Skogen, a former ELCA seminary student who is “fed up with the ELCA’s consistent mockery of God’s Word” wrote on the site .

Nadia Bolz-Weber is a major leader in the ELCA, and she is telling people that it is okay to view pornography. That, of course, is against Scripture. God tells us, and in the words of Jesus, ‘But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. – Matthew 5:28

This is what the ELCA has become.

Many ELCA leaders, members and unchurched people fawn over Rev. Bolz-Weber. She was even picked to speak to 31,000 ELCA teenagers at last summer’s ELCA youth gathering despite the high volume of heretical statements she has made in the past.

He then highlighted several of of Bolz-Weber’s quotes, including these:

• The Bible’s not clear about shit! 

• If the teachings of the church are harming people, then we need to rethink those teachings.

Skogen concluded:

The last two quotes are a good description of what the ELCA believes about God’s Word. This is false teaching and people need to get out from under their leadership. If you will not do it in honor of God, do it for your children.

And things are even going to get worse. With the approaching release of Nadia’s new book, you can be assured that this is just the beginning of troubling and Bible-defying teaching ELCA leaders and members will consume.  

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  • Geoff Plumridge
  • Sophotroph

    I’m also instigating an art project where women mail me their purity rings. They’ll be melted into a sculpture of a vagina.

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Jack Baynes, Sandwichmaker

    If the Bible were clear about shit, Christians wouldn’t disagree so much about what it means.

  • Adrian

    Well, the OT does specify where/how you should shit, at least when you’re part of an army, but aside from that…

  • yoda55

    Amen… it is an all-being involvement, body and soul

  • yoda55

    If you aren’t getting a clear picture, maybe the reception is off. The Holy Spirit is the teacher, and we’re the student. Have you tried asking Him for guidance? He never refuses a True believer the answers…
    This clown, who’s the favorite in the article, is a woman with an agenda – she’s not been called by God. All that she says, and the way she says it, are opposite to God’s teaching. She’s a heretic – anathema.

  • Jack Baynes, Sandwichmaker

    Does the Holy Spirit enjoy lying to most people and only letting YOU see the real truth?

  • yoda55

    The Holy Spirit doesn’t lie – Satan is the father of lies, and he influences human beings to do the same. Read the Bible, and ask the Holy Spirit for clarity. I have – and He’s made difficult passages clear and consistent with the message contained throughout the Bible.
    You have an issue, apparently. Perhaps you need to ask God, Himself, to clarify.

  • Jack Baynes, Sandwichmaker

    You didn’t explain. Why does the Holy Spirit lead different people to understand different things about these difficult passage?

    Or if Satan is the one who leads everyone else to disagree with you, how do you know it’s not YOU being deceived by Satan and another flavor of Christianity is the one being led by the Holy Spirit?

  • yoda55

    “Why does the Holy Spirit lead different people to understand different things
    about these difficult passage?”

    Have you ever listened to the world around you, and noticed that the volume of
    activity and argument has increased, to the point where we seek neutral space
    to get relief? If you know anything about radio-frequency (RF) signals, then
    you’ve noticed there’s static encountered where other RF sources transmit on
    the frequencies that you want to use. The more intense this static, the greater
    the threshold of power required to overcome the static, and have the
    intelligible message get through to the recipient, by rising above that
    threshold. Truth stands on its own merits – it has no need to shout. Falsehood
    is defined as the absence of truth, it won’t be taken seriously without an
    action that overshadows truth. Satan knows that he cannot win against God, because
    he’s a created being. He’ll never overpower God. Human beings are tuned to
    react to loud sounds – part of our instinctive reflex for self-preservation. We
    tend to focus on the loud sound, at the expense of the softer. You can see some
    of this analogy in what’s happening in American politics today. Those folks who
    think that their viewpoint is the most important begin raising their voices –
    to drown out the opposite view. And, they’re unwilling to permit the other
    viewpoint from even being heard… God’s message is cohesive and consistent, it
    has been since it was delivered to human beings. Now, you may say that over the
    centuries it’s had human interference and been changed. I respond by saying
    that an all-powerful God is not going to let the measly efforts of human beings
    succeed in thwarting His plan for all of us. Those who are picking-and-choosing
    from God’s message, and tailoring their own version, will soon find that the
    message they’ve chosen will lose its consistency and will be rife with
    contradiction – which they cannot resolve. They’re listening to the loud voices
    of interference (Satan), and are attempting to dilute God’s message to serve
    their own viewpoint. God has patience, but there’s coming a day when it’s time
    to move to the next part of His plan. Those who have corrupted His message will
    join those who have ignored it, and justice will be that they’ll receive what
    they’ve wanted – eternity without God. The only problem is that there are only
    two alternatives at that judgment – one is heaven (life with God), the other is
    hell (existence without God).

  • yoda55

    “Or if Satan is the one who leads everyone else to disagree with you, how do
    you know it’s not YOU being deceived by Satan and another flavor of
    Christianity is the one being led by the Holy Spirit?”

    If a person feels uncomfortable when they read God’s message, then they’re
    probably hearing truth – and human beings are creatures of comfort. People don’t
    want to hear that they’re wrong. God has told us that mankind is quite capable
    of diverging from what God wants for us (sin). Having Adam and Eve making the
    conscious decision to disobey the “one and only” command that they were given, makes
    all of their descendants inherit a sinful state in relation to God. To restate
    it simply, “they messed up”. And, we’re all in an adversarial position to God.

    God knew that Satan would instigate the problem, and God had a solution (the only
    viable solution) waiting to be invoked. Another indicator is that God says the many
    sinners will reject His message, few finding their way to the solution. If one
    remembers their mathematics classes, then we know that “many” is greater than “few”
    – we infer from this that “many” is a majority (more than half, since there are
    only two subset categories within the super-set whole). Human beings cannot, of
    their own efforts, makes things “right” between them and God. Only God has the
    solution that satisfies both His justice (penalty for infraction) and preserves
    human beings.

  • Jack Baynes, Sandwichmaker

    So you have no answer. Devout Christians disagree STRONGLY about the Bible, all thinking they’ve been lead by the Holy Spirit to the truth. Either most of those devout Christians are WRONG that the Holy Spirit lead them, or the Holy Spirit deceived them.
    I’ll say the first is most likely, which leaves us with no way to know WHICH of the conflicting Christian beliefs could be true.

  • Jack Baynes, Sandwichmaker

    Yo’re not good at answering questions. You didn’t address the question at all. I’ll repeat it so you can try again.

    If you think other devout Christians have been deceived by Satan, clearly the difference between Satan’s message and the Holy Spirit’s massage cannot be easy to tell apart. How do you know you’re listening to the right one?

  • yoda55

    A: There’re a few concepts which must be clearly understood between us, jointly acknowledged as starting assumptions, before we can step through the rational thinking
    process to the answer which you’re really seeking.

    We begin with the idea that a God is essential to our discussion. This God doesn’t share any space or equality with anyone/anything else. This God is self-sufficient, and He needs nothing (from any source) in order to exist in a complete manner. He chooses to create, and He is not compelled to do so. He is a reasoning being who is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. He is perfect, He is consistent. He is holy, He cannot sin. He is sovereign, and everything is subject to His will. The totality of everything is focused in Him. He is characterized by ability to think, to speak, and to act. He has decided to create, and our universe is made up of both tangible things with which our senses can interact, and those things which are beyond our limited senses.

    The Bible is the inspired Word of God. Different human beings were selected by God, over an extended time period, to each provide a portion of what He wants to communicate to mankind. The collective of these portions is consistent and coherent, even though the written materials stretch over several thousands of chronological years. Some writings are predictions of events that will be manifested later, prophesy. And, some are descriptive insights into the character of God. The Bible “Canon” is the collection of writings which concern themselves with the relationship of God to humanity, and how it morphed over time. ***** In the Bible itself, God states that He remains steadfast always, never changing. And, those people who add or subtract from that which God provided are in danger of judgment to hell-fire. ***** Other writings exist, which give some additional insights but are not considered essential to the basic, organized collection theme. In the current form, the Bible has been assembled to roughly match a chronological flow from the beginning to the end of the human age – some are actually coincident, not sequential. This arrangement reveals to us a theme. [If you’re married and have kids, the theme is clearer because our familial microcosm mimics the development of human-God relations. If we are conscientious parents, we want the best for our children. And, we correct behavior which will cause insurmountable problems later if left unchecked. We don’t want to disown them, we want them to return to our best relationship.]

    Being limited, by our physical form, human beings cannot absorb the infinite without disastrous results. So, we are provided small portions that can be ingested. The Catholic
    Church refers to a “Mystery” as some revelation about God which is not understood in its fullness, because of our limitations. The revelations are “bite-sized”, and the believers accept that there is more to be understood. However, we must wait until our resurrection from the dead to catch a glimpse of that infinite being “as He is”.

    God introduced Himself at creation and embellished upon it as the Law (ten commandments) was provided through the people whom He chose to be an example to all of us. Through the Hebrew nation, the world learns about God and what He has in store for us. Our growth, the development of our understanding, begins simply with Adam and Eve. It blooms in our acceptance of His Law. And, it culminates (at a time when reason is formally structured) in the solution which God provides to our problem of sin.

    We cannot, ourselves, solve the problem between us and God. The Law is the basis for His justice, and the penalty for transgressing the Law is death (bodily and spiritual). If you are under a death sentence for disobedience (through sin), what can a person offer that will meet the price and stop sentencing? He tells us this so, in the Bible. ***** People who do not accept as true what He says, at face value (because of our limitations), are running contrary to God. This preserves the sin-enabled adversarial condition, and it doesn’t relieve the problem. ***** The Law tells us how we should behave, but we find that we are inadequate to the task – incapable of ensuring 24-hours/day and 7-days/week consistency. Our first instant that we diverge from the Law (thought, word, or deed), we’ve transgressed.

    But, there’s hope… a solution that’s provided by God Himself. The only-begotten Son of
    God (with the same qualities as the Father) is holy – without blemish of sin. The Son volunteers to take upon Himself the penalty of sin, from all mankind (for sins past, present, and future), to reconcile mankind to God. ***** The only stipulations are that the person who would take advantage of this relief must (a) accept the sovereignty of the Son, (b) obey His instructions, and (c) serve Him. While the Son was incarnated as Jesus, He lived the perfect obedient life – fulfilling all that was necessary. He was a direct example of subordination, which the Father accepts. Because mankind cannot keep the Law perfectly, the Son of God’s perfect payment is offered in grace and mercy – the Father seeing us through His Son’s perfect obedience and welcoming those who trust in the Son. The Son INVITES us to permit Him to represent us (passage says, “stand at the door and knocks”, not “kicks in the door”). He does not compel us (lest we be no more than automatons). The passage that covers this, by inference, leads the reader to understand that if the knock-on-the-door is ignored (by the person failing to answer the knock) remains in their sin as Jesus passes them by. We have this life to respond. But, once life is complete and we die, then the judgment is complete over that life. *****

    Human beings cannot believe, of their own efforts, and must be assisted by the Holy Spirit to have faith in the Son of God’s salvation of mankind. The acceptance of the Holy Spirit’s entreaties permits the person to be protected by God from loss of their salvation. ***** However, this grace (not merit) requires that the person turn their back ion their original sinful behavior. There must, with the Baptism, be a rejection of the old. Those who do not change their behavior pattern have not accepted God the Father’s solution, and they remain in their sin – subject to damnation at the final judgment not only for the inherited sin but for one’s own self-indulgent infractions. *****

    Denominations which doctrinally contradict the divinity of Jesus, as the incarnate Son of God
    who died for our sins and was resurrected on the third day, are not Christian and in peril of damnation at the judgment.

    Denominations which contradict the Law of God (ten commandments) remain in sin.

    Denominations which remove or add to the writings (which have come to us from Moses and Jesus’ disciples/apostles) remain in sin.

    Denominations which encourage the person’s sinful life-style to remain, even after Baptism, are not Christian and remain in sin.

    Anyone finding themselves in these denominations should run out their doors as fast as they can exit. These denominations are not Christian and are a mortal danger to everyone who belongs to their membership.

    No matter how “devout” a person is, if the belief contradicts the Word of God, they will remain in sin and be liable for judgment. Other religions around the world stipulate actions that the adherent perform in order to have some expectation of their god’s acceptance. There are people who support false ideas, and no matter how intense their adherence to those ideas, they are still wrong.

    Most of the disagreements to which you allude between denomination are not as functionally lethal as those I enumerated. Predominantly, the contentions regard whether the “elect” (those chosen to be saved by God) are a number which is mandated by God. If you noted the passage I related about knock-at the door, God has apparently chosen His sovereignty to be guided by love and mercy (instead of that which earthly kingdoms have manifested – iron fist). A different paradigm from human behavior. Another contention is how a person is justified (saved). The Roman Catholic Church has stated that it’s a combination
    of faith, works, and tradition. Protestants have been unsuccessful in having the Roman Catholic Church adequately demonstrate that the Bible shows this. Still a third contention revolves around the Eucharist (Holy Communion) rite. Roman Catholics maintain that the bread and wine are materially transformed into the actual body and blood of Jesus – thereby crucifying Him again. Protestants maintain that His final words on the cross “It is finished” indicate that He only need die once to fulfill justification. And, one final contention concerns itself with the Roman Catholic notion of Purgatory (residence for the “saved” dead until all sinful inclination is – purged – from the soul entering heaven). Protestants maintain that faith alone is sufficient for justification, and no biblical support can be found for this Catholic construction.

    People, who feel that Christianity is a commodity that must be “forced”
    on others, contradict the example Jesus gave us. They are not following Him,
    though they claim the label. Jesus was meek (humble) and allowed Himself to be
    abused, mocked, tortured, and killed – for our sakes. Those who would be
    Christian (as He says, must) “take up your cross and follow Me.” The world at large will reject His message (the “many” on their path to destruction). Those who follow and persevere despite the treatment they receive (the “few”) will gain heaven.

    Finally, your assertion about two alternatives being solely assigned to the Holy Spirit
    is incorrectly formulated. Previously, I stated that mankind is fundamentally prone to sin (and minimally through inheritance alone is sinful). The sin is encouraged by Satan. The salvation message is encouraged by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not mislead. When God’s invitation is extended, an affirmative answer brings the Holy Spirit intimately involved in that person’s life (and according to God – “none can take them out of My hand”). We will still be tempted by Satan, because we still physically occupy corrupted world. But, the sin we would suffer is already paid for by Jesus (for those who believe). The faithful need not fear Satan again… However, those who think that they’ve accepted Jesus and continue in their original life-style show contempt for Jesus and fail to believe in their heart what He said. God reads the heart and knows *precisely* what we believe and feel. A believer will make every effort to live a life that reflects what Jesus taught.

  • Geoff Plumridge

    And the disunity, disorientation and distraction to the message of the Paraclete is all attributable to the deceiver. You can hear his voice everywhere these days. He loves technology.

  • Paul
  • bridgethegap

    This woman is clearly deceived. The sin of fornication is an abomination to God’s love pure and simple, what a man and woman join together is the fruit of His labor, not just their own. The bible is very clear when you view it with discerning eyes and heart.

  • yoda55

    “Devout Christians disagree STRONGLY about the Bible, all thinking they’ve been *led* (lead) by the Holy Spirit to the Truth.”
    You seem to have a very intense opinion about this… So I can better gauge your perspective, would you identify yourself as “Christian”? And if so, with what denomination do you identify? This is important because… You make grand linguistic gestures without identifying the source(s) which would substantiate your statements.
    I consider myself a ‘devout’ Christian, and I do not believe that Truth is debatable. Viewing the Bible as all-literal is an incorrect approach. Viewing the Bible as all-figurative is an incorrect approach. The Bible contains both treatments of information, and the correct interpretation thereof is totally dependent upon the Holy Spirit’s insight.
    Some people may consider themselves ‘devout Christians’ without having an ounce of justification to their name. Jesus provided a perfect example of social and spiritual deportment. When I see ‘Christians’ diverging from that model, I consider their problem stemming from one of two alternative causes:
    (a) They’re not strong in the faith, because the Adversary is leading their vocal and behavior (e.g., contrary to the Bible). Or,…
    (b) They were never saved from the beginning, and they wanted to claim the ‘label’ of Christian because it opened certain doors for them that they couldn’t achieve otherwise.
    The True Christian knows that, from the Bible, God (…includes Holy Spirit) does nothing ‘evil’. God is always and completely Righteous (e.g., ‘good’). It’s His nature. Because of this, He cannot lie.
    I think you overstate the case for the differences in Christian denominations. Fundamental precepts are shared by the major original leaders. They differ in some details (i.e., Holy Communion, or Eucharist, conveying the real presence of Christ to the communicant). Some believe that the bread/wine (Host) is just blessed for their consumption. While others believe that by partaking in the sacrament, they receive Christ (nourishing soul) in the Host (nourishing body) – thus treating the ‘whole human being’.
    The more liberally minded the denomination (and the further they first appear, dating from the source of their faith) the denomination is trying to interpret a state of God in context of their current world condition/culture instead of understanding what God said about Himself [Malachi 3:6; Job 23:13-14; Hebrews 6:13-18].
    In knowing that He is steadfast in His thoughts, words and deeds – the Bible reader can be sure that His character is immutable. He fulfills His promises… And, it is the human being imposing his/her own spin on the passage that is in error – not the faith.

  • yoda55

    “If you think other devout Christians have been deceived by Satan, clearly the difference between Satan’s message and the Holy Spirit’s *message* (massage) cannot be easy to tell apart.”
    I’m sure you’ve read the passages about “The Fall” [Genesis 3:1-8]. What’s contained in the very first verse?… A description of Satan’s abilities and character.
    He salts his statements with propositions which contradict what God, Himself, said. And then he tempts the listener further by performing a ‘magic act’ – distraction, by causing the listener’s attention to be fixed on other than the topic immediately at hand…. So he intersperses truth with lies (Satan knows very well, himself, what God has levied as command). Unfortunately for Eve, she’s an innocent on the scene. She’s never encountered deception before. I think she’d find it almost impossible to be able to distinguish… but, she does know enough to answer Satan with what God said (although she, too, embroiders upon it).