Scottish politician vows to give his son a Jesus-centred education

Scottish politician vows to give his son a Jesus-centred education November 24, 2018

A century ago Scotland snuggled up to the Catholic Church, and agreed – under the Education (Scotland) Act 1918 – that Catholic schools would be brought into the state system. Taxpayers, of course, would foot the bill.

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In a grand celebration to mark the centenary Scotland’s Deputy First Minster John Swinney, above, banged on at length about how good Catholic education was for the country. So good that he plans to send his son to a Catholic school.

Catholic schools I feel are an essential part of our education system. They deliver education, anchored within values …. and my wife and I have made the choice that our son will be educated within that tradition.

And that matters to us because we believe he will have an education based on the teaching of Jesus, and we think that will equip him with the goodness, the resilience and the strength he needs for his life.

If I were John Swinney I’d think very carefully in future before praising a church which has a deplorable record of child abuse spanning decades within its some of its institutions.

When asked what the message he had for to secularists who criticise state funding of faith schools in Scotland, Mr Swinney played the slippery eel with this non-answer:

I think we’ve got all the evidence that demonstrates that there is strength and quality in the Catholic education system. From the Scottish Government’s perspective we feel that it’s important that parents have the opportunity to send their children to Catholic schools. We’ll continue that tradition and it’s a vital part of the quality of the education system.

The Nuncio of Great Britain, Archbishop Edward Adams, was among the great and the good at the centenary shindig and asserted:

Catholic education seems to nourish each generation not only by cultural and technical notions but also and above all by love and we can say by the love that is the message within the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.

It is precisely this type of education which takes to heart and addresses every type of poverty among young people; moral, physical and above all spiritual, that spiritual poverty, which is the root of every serious human problem.

So with these sentiments and as the representative of Pope Francis in this country I offer to all who are celebrating the centenary of the Education Act of 1918, congratulations, greetings and the blessing of the Pope.

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Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, above, of Glasgow added:

The 1918 Education Act was an incredibly visionary settlement and it was based on social justice for community. We are delighted that the Scottish Government sees that this settlement is important, not just for Catholic community, which has thrived, but also for Scotland. Catholic schools are good for Scotland, and we’re grateful to the government for their assurance of support.

This is the same archbishop who, in 2015 , offered a “profound” apology to victims of “criminal and sinful” abuse within the Catholic Church in Scotland.

Tartaglia also said the Church is “pained and shamed” by incidents of abuse that have taken place within it. He said:

As the president of the Bishops’ Conference, and on behalf of all the Bishops of Scotland, I want to offer a profound apology to all those who have been harmed and who have suffered in any way as a result of actions by anyone within the Catholic Church. Child abuse is a horrific crime. That this abuse should have been carried out within the Church, and by priests and religious, takes that abuse to another level. Such actions are inexcusable and intolerable. The harm the perpetrators of abuse have caused is first and foremost to their victims, but it extends far beyond them, to their families and friends, as well as to the Church and wider society.

The archbishop added:

I would like to assure the survivors of abuse that the Catholic Bishops of Scotland are shamed and pained by what you have suffered. We say sorry. We ask forgiveness. We apologise to those who have found the Church’s response slow, unsympathetic or uncaring and reach out to them as we take up the recommendations of the McLellan Commission.”

The apology came after the McLellan Commission delivered a very unsatisfactory report about clerical abuse within the Catholic Church in Scotland. The report, written by Andrew McLellan was widely condemned as:

A whitewash” … So soft and fluffy … that it should have been delivered with a big pink ribbon tied around it and pictures of Walt Disney characters on its cover.

The report failed to name any guilty individuals or analyse the church’s denial of wrongdoing. It simply repeated known facts: that historical sex abuse occurred within the Church, and that there was a culture of denial and lack of support for victims. The report did not make recommendations on future safeguarding.

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  • Broga

    Tartaglia seems to live high on the hog. The rolls of fat under his chops indicate he needs some advice on diet before he starts his advising anyone on anything. He is sweating even when sitting still. As for Swinney: why does he have to tell anybody if he wants to indoctrinate his son. Twat!!

  • John Thunderer

    Swinney forgets that religious conflict among Christians in Europe during the 30 Years War (1618 to 1648) led to an estimated eight million fatalities.

    It also led eventually to a pan-Germanic ideology that led to the systematic murder of 6 million Jews and many other millions too.


    Will the church school be teaching that to his son? Will they also teach him about the dangers of extreme nationalism?

  • Jim Jones

    “We all know that any emotional bias — irrespective of truth or falsity — can be implanted by suggestion in the emotions of the young, hence the inherited traditions of an orthodox community are absolutely without evidential value…. If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences. With such an honest and inflexible openness to evidence, they could not fail to receive any real truth which might be manifesting itself around them. The fact that religionists do not follow this honourable course, but cheat at their game by invoking juvenile quasi-hypnosis, is enough to destroy their pretensions in my eyes even if their absurdity were not manifest in every other direction.”

    ― H.P. Lovecraft

  • barriejohn

    He’s talking bollocks, but it’s no real surprise that a “Deputy First Minster” should be in favour of religious education! (A drop more water or an eye test, Barry?).

  • barriejohn

    I couldn’t believe that BBC News had cleared the decks for wall-to-wall coverage of the DUP Conference this afternoon. All the bigots were on full display (Foster, Dodds, Paisley, et al), and they’ve even picked up some new seats (one a defector, evidently), but to my utter amazement there was Boris Johnson, centre-stage, being cheered to the rafters (will he, too, end up as a NI politician?). The future’s orange, all right, and Cameron’s referendum plan looks an even greater disaster as the months go by.

  • rreer

    H.P. Lovecraft
    Some retard who created imaginary worlds and lived alone with his stupid cats hating on people that are unlike him, whose life was hell and died early. Good role model!
    “I am not very proud of
    being an human being; in fact, I distinctly dislike the species in many
    ways. I can readily conceive of beings vastly superior in every respect.”

  • Jim Jones

    He was right of course.

    Australia’s worst paedophile priest ‘molested every boy’ at school in Victoria (Link)

    Australia’s royal commission into child sex abuse told that senior Church leaders were aware of the crimes of Father Gerald Ridsdale and an “evil” paedophile ring that he operated for decades

    The commission heard that, in 1971, each of the male teachers and the chaplain at the St Alipius primary school was molesting children.

    Philip Nagle, who was abused at the school, held up a photograph of his fourth grade class and said that twelve of the 33 boys had since committed suicide.

    Australia sexual abuse ‘a national tragedy’ (Link)
    Catholic Church ‘abused 4,400 children’ (Link)
    Messages from child abuse survivors (Link)
    Voices From the Grave: Suicide Victims of the Roman Catholic Church (Link)
    The Hidden Devastation of Priestly Pedophilia: Suicide (Link)

  • barriejohn

    He died of cancer of the small intestine. I guess that makes him REALLY objectionable. And as for “stupid cats” – show me one!

    Lovecraft was a brilliant writer, not appreciated until after his death (same old story).

  • TrickyDicky

    I detect a whiff of incense maybe potpourri?

  • Aard

    I would like to list all the lies I was fed through eight years of a Catholic grade-school education and four years of Catholic high school, but I don’t have enough time and there isn’t enough space here for all the falsehoods they tried to cram into my head. I ceased believing the Catholic bullshit when I was in third grade, but had to put up with their crap until I was an adult and could legitimately walk away from all of that. There are times I think that being sexually abused would have been better than the intellectual and physical abuse I was forced to endure.