Trump scores big with his caring Christian performance in Missouri

Trump scores big with his caring Christian performance in Missouri November 8, 2018

Almost as if he were acting out billboard messages that suggested he was God incarnate, Donald Trump revealed his compassionate Christian nature at a pre-election Missouri rally.

His “Jesus” moment came courtesy of a woman who fainted at the Cape Girardeau event.

Trump stepped away from his microphone and remained silent.

After a voice from the crowd recommended praying for the woman, Trump said:

That’s right, say a little prayer.

Many of those in attendance at the rally could be seen raising their hands in collective prayer then begun singing “Amazing Grace”.

After emergency responders lifted the woman from the ground on a stretcher and removed her from the rally, Trump said:.

Power is really something. I wanted to just thank everybody for the way you behaved. That was beautiful. At the end was beautiful. ‘Amazing Grace.’ That was beautiful. Hopefully she’ll be OK.

And how the crowd loved his response.

One supporter later tweeted:

These are the beautiful Trump supporters media labels ‘Racist’! Listen to my fellow Trump supporters sing Amazing Grace as a supporter is tended to after collapsing at Missouri rally I am so proud to cast my vote on #ElectionDay for Conservatives who love God, America & Trump.

Another said:

Very special moment. Donald Trump stopped in the middle of his Rally, to allow medics to assist someone in need of medical attention. As the person received attention, the crowd sang Amazing Grace. Moments like these restore our faith in humanity.

Back to those billboards – one in St. Louis, Missouri and another outside Waco, Texas (there may of been others).

Labeling them as “wildly offensive” Sarah Fenske of Riverfront Times proposed a “fix”.

Photo illustration by Danny Wicentowski/Riverfront Times

And she wrote:

Basically, this billboard is saying Donald Trump is Jesus. And if that’s not bad enough, it suggests we should ‘Make the Gospel great again’.


We are fortunate that Christians are instructed to take even the nastiest insults by turning the other cheek, because this one is wildly offensive — and not just because Jesus would have never consorted with spray tanner or gold toilet seats or incendiary rhetoric about refugees. (Quite the contrary; please see Matthew 25: 31-46.)

That said, we couldn’t let the matter rest without setting the record straight. So, for those who are confused, a brief list of things that are definitely not Jesus:

1. Donald Trump
2. Rich people.
3. People who spurn the orphan, the widow and stranger.
4. Donald Fucking Trump.

The Friendly Atheist revealed that the outfit  responsible for the billboards (since removed) is called Make the Gospel Great Again. Its mission statement says:

MGGA exists to help spread the truth of God’s great champion on earth — President Donald Trump. The Lord anointed Mr. Trump to bless America, and we live out our faith by following him. Donald Trump has already won many victories for Jesus by stopping abortions, telling the truth, proving that the real racists are not white, and fighting against the liberal media and their War on Christians!

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  • adhoc

    War on Xmas? Santa is gonna be pissed when he hears about this.

  • Sastra

    So the rally crowd sung a hymn when one of their own fainted. Big deal. Let’s see what they do when a protester— or a reporter — passes out.

  • Broga

    Anything on evil turds who rip babies away from their screaming mothers? The nearest point to the Turdasylum from me is 3,000 miles. I hope plate techtonics is taking me in the right direction – away.

  • barriejohn

    Wow! A miracle: a woman who fainted restored to health again! And the most ominous thing here to me is their statement that “the real racists are not white”. That has very disturbing overtones.

  • Jim Jones

    > President Donald Trump. The Lord anointed Mr. Trump to bless America, and we live out our faith by following him.

    Are we really sure this isn’t a Poe?

  • 1859

    I thought rule by divine right had been discredited long ago since the French Revolution? Clearly not. Trump is not a god, he is a sewer spewing out the vilest stupidity that has ever marred enlightened humanity. He and his ilk are destroying the very ideals of the founding fathers of America – where America was seen by the rest of the world as a welcoming refuge from narrow-minded religious and social bigotry. I don’t think I have ever loathed a politician as much as this pathological narcissist.

  • barriejohn

    When you’re in the White House, this is a very sacred place to me. This is a very special place. You have to treat the White House with respect, you have to treat the presidency with respect.

    Read this:

    There’s so much wrong with all that that I don’t even know where to begin.

    It’s as if the Trump character from The Simpsons has actually been installed in the White House.

  • 1859

    Hi barriejohn – [glad to read you on the new site, I was very, very shocked at the switch]
    Just read something from the link you posted. Holy fuck! His responses are full of repetitious, incoherent, vacuous ramblings – almost what you might expect from someone suffering from premature dementia. Reminds me of some of those (in)famous ‘Bushisms’ – “I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully”.

  • barriejohn