UK man who gave a Nazi salute at Jewish rally is jailed for six months

UK man who gave a Nazi salute at Jewish rally is jailed for six months November 16, 2018

 Joseph Brogan, inset, who gave a Nazi salute and accused Jews of being ‘child killer’ at Manchester rally staged to protest against anti-Semitism, was jailed this week for six months.

In sentencing Brogan, 27, for a racially aggravated public order offence, Judge Martin Rudland at Manchester Crown Court said a message needed to be sent that, especially in the current climate, behaviour like this wouldn’t be tolerated.

This was targeted specifically at members of the Jewish community at a rally which was lawfully convened in this city. Anti-Semitism is an issue currently for those in authority, not only those in charge of law and order but those in charge of political parties.

This country has a proud history of tolerance and harmony, and by and large we are good at it.

There have been difficult times for some minorities and these are difficult times for members of the Jewish community, who have a long and fine tradition of contributing to the fabric of this city.

What you did was express words which are highly offensive and which you must have known were highly offensive.

Resorting to the Nazi salute which is an extremely provocative gesture and which has no place in our society, to a community who were peacefully demonstrating, is something the courts must take extremely seriously. It was outrageous.

Brogan claimed he was “just expressing his views about Zionism” when he abused Jews at the September, 2018 gathering. He said he didn’t remember making the gesture and that if he did he must have done it “in the heat of the moment.”

Shirlie Duckworth, defending, said he now accepted that his freedom of speech “was not his absolute right” and that he had caused upset and offence.

His actions were not pre-planned, they were impulsive, and although significant were limited in effect as he was quickly dealt with by the police.

Brogan already has two other convictions for similar offences, the court was told.


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  • gedediah

    A 6 month sentence? The guy is a git for doing it but why is it even a criminal offence? Was he part of a threatening group who put rally goers in real fear for their safety? If so, he should have been prosecuted for threatening behaviour. What justification is there for criminalising an action just because it’s offensive? Freedom of expression is not a thing in the UK.

  • David Anderson

    “This country has a proud history of tolerance and harmony, and by and large we are good at it.”

    Yes, of course. That’s why the government has allowed a bunch of Muslim thugs to threaten the UK with violence if they give Asia Bibi asylum. These people should be in prison.

  • Freodin

    If you go to a Jewish rally and express your views about Israeli politics – even call them “child killers” – you might have a shred of justification. Not good manners, but justification.

    If you are the person who tends to give a Nazi Salute “in the heat of the moment”… you have simply revealed that you are just a racist.

  • TrickyDick
  • gedediah

    Absolutely. A world apart from what this loser did. I bet they get less, if any, gaol time

  • Raging Bee

    “Allowed” a bunch of Muslim thugs to threaten the UK with violence? Citation required.

  • Nick G

    Freedom of expression is not a thing in the UK.

    It is, but there are limits to it, just as there are everywhere. The report doesn’t say exactly what the charge was, but probably something like “Conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace”, i.e., not just because the conduct is offensive, but because it’s likely to lead to violence.

  • Nick G

    I look forward to seeing the evidence on which you base this bet.

  • Deplorable, but not what I think should be a crime.

  • Jim Jones

    > His actions were not pre-planned, they were impulsive. Brogan already has two other convictions for similar offences.

    So, slow learner?

  • Jim Jones

    It’s the UK. They banned the WBC.

  • Jim Jones

    You can’t shout ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater salute Nazis at a Jewish rally.

  • The who?

  • Jim Jones

    Westboro Baptist Church – Wikipedia

    Also banned from Canada.

  • Are they banned from visiting them or what?

  • Jim Jones

    Yes. Not welcome – cannot enter.

  • Jim Jones

    PS: The Who are OK. Rock is good.

  • I’m not surprised.

  • I walked right into that one.

  • TrickyDick

    Having watched a video of the event probably on the lack of any police presence.

  • Some guy

    And his actions were “limited” because the cops stopped him. How is that a point in his favor?

  • Robert Baden

    Some idiot shouted heil hitler and gave the Nazi salute at a performance at Fiddler on the Roof here in the US and there was a panic; People thought he might be a right wing terrorist shooter.

  • Nick G

    So what did you mean by saying you “await even harsher sentences to be imposed after this event”? The video could presumably be used as evidence, if any of the perpetrators could be identified from it. But if the police weren’t present, it’s not really a comparable situation.