Op-ed calls Franco and the Catholic Church a force for good for Spain

Op-ed calls Franco and the Catholic Church a force for good for Spain December 5, 2018

Elections in Andalusia – Spain’s most populous autonomous community – saw the Socialist Party (PSOE) suffer its first defeat since the modern constitutional era (1982) – and the result gave Catholic Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq, an opening to praise murderous Spanish dictator Fernando Franco.

In a Life Site op-ed, Jones took enormous joy from Sunday’s result, which he saw as an extension of “The Trump Effect” –  the “rise of an unapologetic God and Country counter-revolution to secular globalism” which has manifested itself in the US, Brazil, Hungary and now Andalusia.

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In pointing out that center-right parties, along with the far-right extremist Vox party, gained enough seats to oust the Socialist party, the happy little fascist seized on the opportunity to tell his readers that General Franco, above, after containing “the marxist threat … focused on creating a prosperous Spanish nation unified by Catholic traditions.”

As someone who visited Spain regularly for almost 30 years before finally making it my permanent home over eight years ago, I did a great deal of reading about the horrors of Franco era which, of course, was given enthusiastic support by the Catholic Church. The Vatican was totally supportive Franco’s atrocities, including those directed at women.

This from a review of Paul Preston’s The Spanish Holocaust:

Tens of thousands of women had their heads shaved and were force-fed castor oil (a powerful laxative), then jeered as they were paraded through the streets soiling themselves. Many had their breasts branded with the Falangist symbol of yoke and arrows.

But Jones’s assertion that “Franco succeeded in lifting his nation from poverty and creating a unified nation capable of transitioning to a democratic monarchy” comes as news to me.

This from Wikipedia:

The Civil War had ravaged the Spanish economy. Infrastructure had been damaged, workers killed and daily business severely hampered. For more than a decade after Franco’s victory, the economy improved little. Franco initially pursued a policy of autarky, cutting off almost all international trade.

The policy had devastating effects and the economy stagnated. Only black marketeers could enjoy an evident affluence … On the brink of bankruptcy, a combination of pressure from the United States, the IMF and technocrats from Opus Dei managed to “convince” the regime to adopt a free market economy in 1959 in what amounted to a mini coup d’état which removed the old guard in charge of the economy, despite the opposition of Franco.

However, this economic liberalisation was not accompanied by political reforms and oppression continued unabated.

Jones also used his op-ed to lament the passing of Spanish fascism:

Ultimately though, the traditional Spain of the 1950’s and 60’s would prove no match for the ravages of cultural marxism, which would claim Spain as one of its many Western European victims.

In celebrating this appalling lurch to the right in Spain, Jones conveniently omits to mention that when the Andalusian capital of Seville was captured in July 1936 by Franco’s forces, a reign of terror was launched against those suspected of Republican sympathies, and were summarily executed. At least 10,000 men and women were killed.

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