No historical evidence for Jesus says Pakistan’s Prime Minister

No historical evidence for Jesus says Pakistan’s Prime Minister December 3, 2018

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In calling for international action to prevent any attempts at defaming the ‘prophet’ PM Mohammed, Imran Kahn, above, has claimed that history shows that Jesus never existed.

On the other hand:

The entire life of Muhammad, who was Allah’s last prophet, is part of history.

And being a genuine historical figure, Mo was instrumental in creating Western civilisation.

Khan also suggested that “blasphemy” in the West that targets Mohammed is designed to undermine Islam and make it appear violent.

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Every few years, in some Western country, our dear prophet is blasphemed against and dishonored. What is the consequence of this? Muslims become angry. We take to the streets in protest, [protesters] break things in our country. But what does it achieve? It enables the enemies of Muslims to tell people in the West: ‘See, Islam is a big religion that spreads violence.’

Khan said the West should learn to comprehend Muslims’ love for Muhammad and that freedom of speech is not a legitimate reason to criticize somebody’s religion.

Last month he confirmed that his government:

Is spearheading efforts to get countries to sign onto the ‘International Convention on Preventing the Defamation of Religions.’

That document states;

Freedom of speech is an insufficient pretext for hurting the world’s Muslims.

He added:

We raised this matter in the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference)  … all the Muslim countries should together tell the West… Their people do not understand. They can’t comprehend how much our prophet resides in our hearts. They can’t understand, so we should make them understand.

In October the European Court of Human Rights “set a dangerous precedent”  in a new judgment, declaring that free speech can be legitimately restricted if it causes “offence” to “at least one” religious adherent.

Humanists UK criticised the decision as fundamentally at odds with the spirit and tradition of free expression in Europe, saying  the case will bolster those seeking greater international restrictions on the right to criticise religion.

The organisation said it hoped the matter will be appealed to and overturned by the Grand Chamber of the European Court.

The ruling focused on the comments of a member of the Austrian Freedom Party who called the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, a paedophile, for marrying his third wife Aisha when she was six and consummating the marriage when she was nine. The Court concluded that the comments were primarily intended to disparage Islam and therefore could be legitimately deemed illegal in order to protect the freedoms of others.

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