Pray to God to help UK Prime Minister out of her Brexit black hole

Pray to God to help UK Prime Minister out of her Brexit black hole December 8, 2018

On Tuesday, amidst the sound and fury engulfing the UK as it prepares to scuttle away from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May will be putting her exit strategy to parliament. 

Her plan is widely expected to be rejected by MPs of all parties , opening the door to further chaos, division and uncertainty, which is why the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, thinks that God alone can sort out unholy mess that is Brexit.

John Sentamu and Theresa May. Images via YouTube

So he’s written a prayer:

God of eternal love and power,
Save our Parliamentary Democracy;
Protect our High Court of Parliament and all its members
From partiality and prejudice;
That they may walk the path of kindness, justice and mercy.

Give them wisdom, insight and a concern for the common good.
The weight of their calling is too much to bear in their own strength,
Therefore we pray earnestly, Father,
send them help from your Holy Place, and be their tower of strength.
Lord, graciously hear us. Amen.

He’s not the only religious leader to call on God’s help the beleaguered Mrs May. The Dean of Southwark, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn has also written a special prayer – and the Chair of the Association of English Cathedrals and the Dean of Lichfield, the Very Revd Adrian Dorber, today urged people to remember their cathedrals were always open for prayer or just to take a moment of stillness and quiet reflection.

Image via YouTube

Many right-wing Christians were beside themselves with glee when the UK voted to leave the UK, and one zealot – David Hathaway, above, founder and President of Eurovision Mission to Europe and the editorial director of Prophetic Vision magazine – wrote in 2016:

Just as the preaching of John and Charles Wesley saved us from the French Revolution and our National Days of Prayer called by King George VI during the darkest days of the last war saved us from Hitler, I believe that the prayers of so many of God’s people in recent days has set us free from an ungodly yoke which has marginalised Christian faith, made it almost impossible to teach our children the truth of the Word of God regarding marriage between one man and one woman and teach the acceptability of sex change to very young children. Under the guise of ‘human rights’ legislation, the EU has also sought to prevent us from openly testifying of our faith in Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation.

I believe the EU is the fractured fulfillment of the final empire of Daniel’s vision (the feet in Daniel 2:33). We must return to our Judeo/Christian heritage and resist the encroachment of secularism and false religion. One could ask whether the sudden resignation of our Prime Minister [David Cameron] who supported ungodly laws, such as the legalisation of same sex marriage upon our nation, was indeed God’s judgement and a challenge to restore true biblical values not only in politics but also the Church.

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  • barriejohn

    These are dark days for rational thinkers. Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and his fascist mob are taking to the streets tomorrow to protest over the so-called “Brexit Betrayal”, and violence is expected. I don’t see prayer being of much use there! And Donald Trump has sarcastically remarked that the Paris Accord hasn’t been very good for Paris, two days after rolling back more of President Obama’s environmental protections. What is happening to the world?

    “A newly energised, well-funded network of hate is emerging, from Steve Bannon in the US to the former EDL leader Tommy Robinson at home, and it threatens the very fabric of our nation.” (John McDonnell)

  • Michael Neville

    Under the guise of ‘human rights’ legislation, the EU has also sought to prevent us from openly testifying of our faith in Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation.

    Just one more example of a Christian crying persecution when his privilege is threatened. No, Hathaway, you could still openly “testify” your faith, you just couldn’t force others to listen to your testimony.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    All the more reason for reasonable people to be steadfast and not allow roused rabble to attempt to make the world burn.

  • persephone

    I think church attendance in the UK is down to 2% of the population, despite religious training being part of most schools’ curricula. Thinking that Brexit will push people back into religion is absolutely delusional. But, I guess, you have to be delusional to buy into religion.

  • persephone

    Where’s Vidal Sassoon when you need him?

  • Jennny

    Less than 10% of brits will be in church tomorrow and those who are, I think, will find it hard to believe that prayer can do anything at all to sort out the political crisis and huge mess that is Brexit. Sentamu is ugandan, and may be the 2nd highest primate after the Archbishop of Canterbury but he’s a controversial man. I’m sure some respect him for his advocacy for the poor, but folk I know can’t respect him for his opposition to marriage equality. Hathaway’s a right wing outlier, so it’s small news here that someone’s written a prayer….secular Uk, and that’s most of us, will be totally underwhelmed by the fact!

  • Jim Jones

    > Sentamu … may be the 2nd highest primate

    Somehow that conjured up a very unfortunate image in my mind.

  • barriejohn

    Or Gore Vidal, even!

  • Raging Bee

    Couldn’t they have prayed for the Remain faction to win that referendum? Or, better yet, for Labour to win so the Tories wouldn’t have been able to put this lunacy on the ballot in the first place?

  • barriejohn

    Stop attacking them with logic. It’s not fair!

  • Kit Hadley-Day

    prayer. when actually doing something is too much like hard work.

  • Broga

    The Observer to-day reckons May will suffer a colossal defeat on the 11th. The vicar’s daughter refuses to listen to reason and her own government ministers are resigning daily. In what passes for democracy in the UK many others are ready to jump ship but are waiting to see which decision would most be to their personal advantage. The Chief Whip has told her that they have “tried everything” and they cannot get her enough support on the 11th.
    Readers from less democratic, enlightened and class infested countries than the UK might like to know what “tried everything” means. The government has a group of MPs knows as the whips – possibly because of the well known sexual peculiarities of the privately educated upper classes.

    These charmers collect information on MPs which they can “discuss” with them when they want to “persuade” them the best way to vote. Shagging is a useful subject for discussion: paedophilia very helpful as it seems popular amongst the privately educated. Affairs with secretaries ( known to wives as “working late”) also readily available in discussing policy issues.

    The voters were lied to in persuading them to vote to leave the E.U. and money was provided from USA billionaires to fool them. They know better now. My wife has just told me that in a vote for the person you would least want to share a lift with is the egregious fop Nigel Rees-Mogg. Moggy has six sprogs and says he has never changed a nappy as that is the maid’s job. Nigel Farage was second. Farage had hopes of being UK ambassador to the USA after being suggested by the seriously weird Trump.

    Any suggestions what we should do? They will need to be imaginative. I am stuck on having the revolution we should have had centuries ago. I nurture my anti- authority feelings with listening to Johnny Cash’s recording of “San Quentin” although with the present rabble governing me Johnny is needed rather less frequently now.

    In view of May’s religious enthusiasm and readiness to take our taxes to pay for religious schools I can see why “people of faith” support her. Are they praying? Is God listening? Is it all bollocks? I’m off to enjoy some honest company: with my Labrador.

  • Broga

    Prayer: Asking an omniscient God to change its mind.

  • Barry Duke

    Broga, heartening to see that the fascist pro-Brexit march in London today was hugely outnumbered by Remain supporters. From the Guardian: “About 15,000 people have turned up to oppose Tommy Robinson’s march, claiming it ‘vastly’ outnumbered those on the Brexit Betrayal march by nearly five to one.”

  • Jesus Smith

    Also, put a word in with any Leprechauns you know.

  • Broga

    I heard St Theresa lying through her false teeth saying the first vote was the people’s choice and to have another would not be “democratic.” Last I heard was that because she is going to loose the vote on Tuesday she has decided not to have one.
    May’s Democracy, I suppose. She went to church yesterday.

    Growing and informed opinion in the USA that impeachment beckons for “a criminal in the White House” and that is a quote from a Texan Democrat as in “Do we want a criminal in the White House?”

  • Lurker111

    God is apparently the European Union’s high court, which just a day or two ago ruled that a country can backtrack on its intention to exit.

  • Eoin Robertson

    Its Jacob Rees-Mogg(Hes still an Onanist of the first order!)