Protests as right-wing lunatic plans to teach ‘Catholic values’ in Italy

Protests as right-wing lunatic plans to teach ‘Catholic values’ in Italy December 31, 2018
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STEVE Bannon – the man credited with masterminding Trump’s election success – sparked anger when he recently announced plans to establish a Catholic ‘fundamentalist academy’ at an Italian monastery.

According to this report, around 300 protesters took to the streets near the 800-year-old Trisulti monastery near Rome at the weekend to voice their opposition to Bannon’s plans to teach “Catholic values” there.

Bannon – a “paranoid white supremacist” – says he wants to revitalise Europe’s Catholic roots but critics claim his links to far right movements will see him drag the continent back to the Middle Ages.

According to reports, his plans would see political parties from across Europe send recruits to the to the monastery for training.

Some believe it will be tantamount to a “fundamentalist academy”.

One local MP has suggested she’ll take her fight against the monastery to the country’s parliament.

France24 adds that he monastery is now leased to the Catholic institute Dignitatis Humanae (DHI), a group close to conservative US cardinal Leo Burke and Bannon.

Image via YouTube

Founder Benjamin Harnwell, above, told the Italian-language daily La Stampa that DHI plans to offer classes at the monastery:

To transmit Steve Bannon’s thoughts to the next generations.

He said the project had many financial backers, but cited only Bannon by name.

After Bannon was pushed out of the White House’s inner circle he began to focus on changing the dynamics of European politics, meeting with right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Italy’s anti-immigration Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

In July this year The Independent reported that Britain’s anti-European Union party, Ukip, was forging links with Bannon’s new European alt-right movement, called The Movement. This would be an “unholy alliance” to bring down the EU and fuel populism across the continent.

Layla Moran, a Liberal Democrat MP and supporter of the pro-EU “Best for Britain” campaign told The Independent that the eurosceptic party were “desperately trying to make themselves relevant again” by joining forces with Bannon. She said:

Ukip teaming up with fascist-in-chief Steve Bannon is an unholy alliance of racist charlatans across the Channel.

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  • Cozmo the Magician

    teach “Catholic values” there:
    Such as (i am guessing)
    A) how to rape children
    B) how to help sexual predators avoid prosecution
    C) how to launder money or the mafia
    D) how to support the nazis (we know bannon has that one down)
    E) how to dehumanize woman
    F) how to dehumanize ALL minorities
    G) how lie about EVERYTHING for many many centuries.

    Gee whiz, how long is this course of study going to take? I’ve seen masters programs with a smaller course load (;

  • ephemerol

    He said the project had many financial backers, but cited only Bannon by name…

    …but their names are:
    Robert and Rebecca Mercer
    Charles and David Koch
    Vladimir Putin (and/or his oligarch lackeys)

  • WallofSleep

    “Bannon – a “paranoid white supremacist” – says he wants to revitalise Europe’s Catholic roots…”

    I’ve heard this story before.

  • Broga

    Bannon is a genuine sicko. The problem for the civilised section of the population is that his Nazi inclinations are seen by politicians as a means of winning elections.

    Yesterday, for the first time I watched St Theresa, our PM, being grilled by a sub-committee. This was an extraordinary event. Looking scared, often quivering in her replies, she shuffled, squirmed and refused to agree time and again to what was proven. One example, of many, she sent some minister to negotiate in Brussels when he said later that he only knew what he was expected to do the day before.

    May, white faced and looking scared, in a desperate attempt to deny this, said he knew by some kind of osmosis by being a member of the government. She had changed the deal that was already agreed and without legal advice. Those around showed a mixture of contempt, incredulity and, I thought, stony faced pity. She shuffled off at the end in what looked near collapse. No policies, no direction, no concern from a self serving rabble.

  • Broga

    Hitler: a sexual pervert, a narcissist who, having reached the rank of corporal thought he was a military genius, and in good company with that Pope.

  • Barry Duke

    It’s no surprise that Bannon would align himself with anyone who shared his twisted worldview, whatever their sexuality. And Milo Yiannopoulus is notorious for his ultra-right-wing views, which is why he is so despised by the gay community. It’s also possible that Bannon himself has homosexual tendencies, just as Hitler did:

  • I wonder if any of the protestors were Italian rightists, who could quite reasonably argue Bannon would be taking a job that should go to one of them. They have enough of their own right wing creeps, they don’t need a drunken American telling them what to do.

  • Nemo

    In 1930s Germany, there was a certain political party that preached against the evils of “sexual perversion”, yet they allowed Ernst Rohm to join because he had military experience and was somewhat useful to them. In the same way, Milo’s exaggerated flamboyant behavior allows his fans (most of whom are either outright secular conservatives or don’t believe in their religion except as a way of promoting their particular brand of nationalism) to say “lol, you libtards are stoopid, we can’t be homophobic cuz we have a gay guy!”

  • Nemo

    Objective falsehood. There is no evidence that Hitler was gay. I mentioned Rohm because he was the exception, not the rule. I suppose you’re getting your evidence from the Pink Triangle, written by the pseudohistorian who openly wants people put to death?

    As for Trump, his Justice Department is attempting outlaw nondiscrimination initiatives which prevent people from being fired or evicted for being gay. He tried to ban trans people from the military, and may yet succeed. Obviously he can’t ban gays from the military, as they’ve been serving for too long, and there would be too much pushback. He also can’t ban gay marriage, but he has promised to appoint judges who are favorable to the Religious Right, and when it comes to social issues, conservative judges have been shown to be less honest during their confirmation hearings about how they would rule than liberal judges. If you watch tapes of Supreme Court justice confirmation hearings, when asked about abortion (technically a different issue, but a good predictor of where people stand on other social issues), conservative justices tend to be a bit more evasive.