Who’s that baby in the crib? Almost half of young Brits are clueless.

Who’s that baby in the crib? Almost half of young Brits are clueless. December 23, 2018

Jonathon Van Maren, writing for LifeSiteNews, expressed his dismay on Friday that a recent survey found that two out of five British millennials do not know that the infant shown in Nativity scenes is none other than the baby Jesus.

A black baby Jesus filmed in Italy last year. Image via YouTube.

The survey, carried out by research company OnePoll on behalf of Hotels.com, found that 39 percent of 2,000 Britons aged between 21 and 38 did not know the baby’s identity. A similar number, or 37 percent of respondents, also did not know about Joseph and Mary, Jesus’ earthly parents.

The poll, which examined a number of other questions regarding family and Christmas, found that fewer than 10 percent of young people were able to name the gifts by the three wise men in the story, namely gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Six percent said that they believed that Father Christmas, referred to by the Christian Post as “Santa Clause” was somehow linked with the Nativity.

Van Maren is appalled but not entirely surprised. He sorrowfully wrote:

This should not come as a complete surprise due to the fact that a minuscule 6% of Britons can be classified as practicing Christians, and with the exception of a small remnant, Christianity is nearly dead in England.

One of the greatest Christian empires in the history of the world is now populated by men and women who do not even know that the Christmas story is about the birth of Jesus, or that His parents were Mary and Joseph. This amnesia is simply staggering to consider.

He added:

Who would have believed, only a few decades ago, that it would be possible for the children of the West to be ignorant of the Christmas story? To not believe in the historical accuracy of the Bible, or the fundamentals of Christianity –that is one thing. But to be incapable of identifying the Child in the manger as Jesus? That is something else. That is not simply skepticism. That is fantastic ignorance.

No. Fantastic ignorance is exhibited when Christian missionaries try to impose Jesus on protected tribes and get themselves killed in the process.

Van Maren  concluded:

In only a few generations, everything that previous generations took for granted can be lost. Books can be set aside, stories forgotten, beliefs discarded, and in a few decades, the very faith that sent thousands of missionaries to brave unknown perils in pagan lands can be such a distant memory that their descendants cannot even explain what it was all about.

During this Advent season, we would do well to remember this, and to ensure that our families do not suffer this same fate.

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  • Broga

    I guess that must be regarded as some kind of progress.

  • Some guy

    I’m inclined to agree. As much as I deplore plummeting educational standards (albeit mainly in the USA) and increasing cultural ignorance in general, I have to love seeing the wind get knocked out of religious sails.

  • Jim Jones

    Doesn’t look like a baby.

  • Jim Jones

    Dramatic drop in church attendance in Scotland – BBC News

    A census of Scottish Christians found that there are around 390,000 regular churchgoers north of the border, down from 854,000 in 1984.

    The research also revealed that 42% of churchgoers were aged over 65.

    One leading cleric said the findings presented a “crisis and an opportunity” for Christians in Scotland.

    The statistics were revealed in the results of 2016 Scottish Church Census, which was recently published by Brierley Consultancy.

    Other key findings include:

    • 7.2% of Scotland’s population regularly attend church, down from 17% in 1984;
    • The number of congregations dropped from 4,100 in 1984 to 3,700 in 2016;
    • 40% of churchgoers are male;
    • Four-fifths of church leaders (79%) are male, with an average age of 57;
    • 43% of leaders are responsible for more than one church.

    Lead researcher Dr Peter Brierley said the figures indicated a crisis in Christianity across Scotland.



    Anglicans launch rescue bid as England’s finest cathedrals battle a financial crisis

    As Christians prepare for Easter, the Church of England is looking for ways to safeguard some of its most historic buildings


  • Treaclebeak

    I’m not surprised. Most people in the West celebrate the Roman Saturnalia at this time of the year, not that Christian nonsense.

    “Io Saturnalia!” to all my fellow infidels.

  • Vanity Unfair

    I still cannot gain access to post a comment. With your indulgence may I post here?

    One of the greatest Christian empires in the history of the world is now populated by men and women who do not even know that… His parents were Mary and Joseph.

    The parentage of Jesus is disputed even in the gospels.In some places Joseph is called the father of Jesus and in others that position is given to the Holy Ghost, a previously unknown entity. Perhaps some of the respondents were merely confused by discrepancies in the official story.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    In only a few generations, everything that previous generations took for granted can be lost

    It’s almost as though divine inspiration is absent and the truth of the gospels is not self-evident, and faith can only be propagated to the next generation through a sustained campaign of indoctrination, using the power of the state to preach to a captive audience of the naive.

  • 1859

    The only religion that’s celebrated at Xmas is gluttony. I’m all for an excuse to give presents but not when it’s all wrapped up in vomit-making, tinsellated, Santa Clause crap with jesus thrown in as a sideline in underwear. And just in case you’re in any doubt – I HATE XMAS!

  • disqus_MPzh9ctQIe gg

  • epeeist

    Dramatic drop in church attendance in Scotland – BBC News

    Is this just the Church of Scotland, or (hopefully) the Wee Frees as well?

  • Jim Jones

    Pretty sure all of them except the Muslims. It may take a generation or two for them before they realize it’s all bullshit and quit.

  • Kanawah

    Wonderful. The young Brits are moving to reality, and away from mythology.

  • bificommander

    But hey, points for not having a white, blond haired Jesus.

  • I am as atheist as they come, but I find this disturbing. People should know their cultural roots. They should learn mythology. I was taught Greek mythology in grade school in the 1960s. I am glad I learned it. No one told us Zeus was real, but you have to know these stories to understand many 18th and 19th century books, or Shakespeare. You should understand expressions such as “Pandora’s box.” You should know what Prometheus did, and how he was punished for doing it. That sort of thing happens all the time in modern life. You will understand the Garden of Eden myth better, knowing that in other cultures people also felt that knowledge is dangerous. They still feel that way.

    Children are appallingly ignorant of the past. 20% of British teenagers think Winston Churchill was mythological!


    People should be taught the difference between myth and reality.

    You have to know a lot about the Bible to make sense of novels and newspapers from the past. You don’t have to believe the Bible, but you should know what it says — and what it doesn’t say. Large numbers of citizens today know nothing about the past, so they cannot understand the present. They sometimes think everything is “fake news” and science is not meaningful. Left wing or right wing, such ignorance is a grave threat to the nation.

  • ^This.

  • Some guy

    Classical mythology is essential to classic art and literature, as well as modern language. But beyond that, for me at least, learning Greek mythology was one of the seeds of my own atheism — the revelation that the religion of even such intelligent thinkers as the ancient Greeks could be flat-out wrong. I may owe more than most to the legacy of our classical forebears.