Winnipeg penis butcher suspended after botched circumcisions

Winnipeg penis butcher suspended after botched circumcisions December 23, 2018
Global Winnipeg screenshot

Winnipeg doctor Ejaz Ahmad, above, has been suspended for five months by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for performing circumcisions ‘on young and vulnerable’ boys who later suffered severe complications; in one instance the head of a child’s penis had to be amputated and two boys almost bled to death.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba reported that Pakistan-born Ejaz Ahmad performed 18 circumcisions at his private clinic between June 2016 and July 2017, using out-of-date surgical techniques associated with a higher risk of complication. The report said:

Dr Ahmad behaved in an unprofessional and unethical manner.

The college decision said at least six of the procedures resulted in the patients being taken to the emergency room. In two cases, Ahmad also asked the parents of the child to lie to emergency room doctors and told them not to say who performed the procedure.

The college reported that he told doctors in one instance the procedure had been performed by a “traditional man” and not himself.

However, it was one of those doctors at the Children’s Hospital who alerted authorities after multiple patients came in with complications from circumcisions within a 30-day period.

The college said all of the patient’s were recent immigrants who had been referred to Ahmad by community members, an indication that the genital mutilations were carried out for purely for religious reasons.

Its report added:

All of the patients involved were young and vulnerable. Many of the family members of the patients were also vulnerable. Furthermore, Dr. Ahmad’s actions caused many of the patients and their families serious upset and anxiety.

The circumcisions were performed at his private clinic on Portage Avenue in the West End. He also failed to provide appropriate anaesthetic, and used only alcohol swabs to sterilise the surgical site.

Dr Anna Ziomek, of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba said:

That is a terrible thing to do to a patient, to not properly anaesthetise them for any procedure. Our goal is to help patients, never to inflict any kind of pain or suffering.

This, to my mind,  gives greater strength to the argument that all circumcision should be outlawed except when a medical condition makes it imperative.

Ahmad pleaded guilty in October to professional misconduct, contravening two college bylaws and displaying a lack of knowledge, skill and judgement in the practice of medicine.

The butcher completed medical school in Pakistan in 1985 and trained in family medicine in Canada in 2003. He was licenced as a Manitoba family practitioner in 2004.

Ahmad admitted to the College that he had not performed the procedure for 19 years and had no additional training prior to resuming the practice in 2016.

Apart from the suspension, he was was ordered to pay more than $24,400 for the cost of the investigation and inquiry.

Ahmad will need to complete an ethics course and has been barred from performing circumcisions until he receives proper training.

Ziomek said.

All of those on the panel were horrified by some of what happened here.

In a spurious explanation of why Muslim boys need to be genitally mutilated, Idris Elbakri, a former President of the Manitoba Islamic Association, said in this report:

This just comes from Islam’s emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene.

That’s what’s soap and water is for, you imbecile!

Normally the circumcision is carried out in the first few weeks after birth, he said, and for many people it’s not necessary for the circumcision to be carried out by a Muslim doctor or imam, although it can be done by kuffars.

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  • Broga

    A start to stopping this well paid, human butchery would be to educate the parents and expose the incredible nonsense that leads to this wrecking of young lives. Instead, no attempt is made to open up secular discussion on TV while in the UK we are saturated with whining flattery to the tyrant, imaginary God, described as praise, for much of Sunday.

    While much of the population over Christmas will watch junk TV, quarrel and get drunk I suppose we will have the Queen doing her prissy speech. A tsunami of religious singing and preaching unloaded at licence payers expense while the minority who watch it certainly don’t consider what they are being told
    PS. I never watch the Queen’s speech to her people (Yuk!) and I won’t be watching much else. Maybe a couple of films. A channel has opened up showing films from the past which do not figure non stop car crashes and impossible heroes and actually have so narrative.

  • Noah Tahl

    What a putz!

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    All genital mutilation should be illegal and anyone involved, from the parents to the practitioners should be imprisoned.

  • noah_tahl 5+